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25. Good mood

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Before I can even read the text I'm rolling around on top of my bed giggling like a fucking school girl.

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What the fuck is that smell?

It smells like the inside of the boys locker room….gross.

I think to myself as the stench pulls me out of my wonderful dream land where it rains skittles and there was a ‘gummy bear’ swimming pool, ‘guitar hero’ and a very sexy Gerard Way wearing black swimming board shorts.

I smile fondly to myself, still in a dreamy state, at the thought of a bare chested Gerard in nothing but a pair of black board shorts.

“Mmmm…yummy.” I mumble sleepily as I hug a random item to my chest.

What is that?

Is what?

Whatever the fuck your hugging in your sleep.

Oh that?...well…you see, it’s a….it’s a…I have not fucking idea.

With my eyes still closed I fuse my eyebrows together in curiosity and effetely open my eyes very slowly. The bright light burns my irises and I hiss in discomfort. I carelessly rub away the dried sleep out of my eyes and blink a couple of times until I can focus on the object that I am currently clinging to.


I think as I stare at the item.

Well at least it explains what that smell was.

I was hugging my shoe…My left foot, black all-stars convers fucking shoe…A SHOE!

Maybe you should buy a teddy bear or something so then you don’t have to snuggle up to your shoe…or better yet sleep with Gee and snuggle up to him.

Why the fuck am I hugging a shoe in my sleep?

I don’t know, you’re the one that did it.

Hey! You’re me, so you were hugging the shoe too.

Look at that shoe…That is one fucking sexy shoe Frankie-boy. Who wouldn’t wanna hug that mother-fucking shoe?

Ahhhhhh? Normal people!

Yeah, but you’re not exactly ‘Normal’ are you? I mean look at yourself, your hugging a shoe.

No, I’m not ‘normal’, I’m Frank-fucking-Iero!

‘The night time shoe hugger’ and ‘Daytime Gerard lover.’


Oh no, wait. You’re too much of a pussy to be a ‘Daytime Gerard lover.’

Shut UP!!!

Make ME!!!

I fuckin’ can’t!

That’s right bitch, no one can silence Frank-fucking-Iero!

I’m Frank-fucking-Iero!

Whatever…your still hugging your shoe, just so you know.

I stare at my black shoe for a moment then realise that I am in fact still hugging my tatty old shoe tightly to my chest. I quickly fling it across my room in one swift movement and instantly wish I didn’t as it hits my desk and breaks something.

Oh shit.


I reluctantly sit up on my bed (remembering that I fell asleep on top of my unmade bed) and wince at the slight aching pain that bites away at my beaten body. I literally ‘roll’ out of my bed and face plant the floor with a surprisingly loud ‘thump’.


dick-head. You can never just get out of bed without hurting yourself…can you?

Obviously not!

After about five minutes of been real up, close and personal with my floor I come to the conclusion that I really need to vacuum my floor and rolling out of bed the day after nearly been murdered and beaten to a pulp is never a good idea. I freak myself out a little by worrying about that miner fracture the Doc said I had in my spine and hope to god or whoever the fuck that I didn’t make it worse.

My back feels ok and I can wiggle my toes.

That’s got to be a good sign.

As I wiggle my toe I remember that I was too lazy to take both my shoes off last night and conclude that the shoe that I left on came off at some point in the night while I was snoozing and I somehow manage to grab it and cling to it randomly in my sleep.

You’re a modern day fucking Sherlock Holmes.

Why thank you my dear Watson.

I was been sarcastic dip-shit.

I know.

I couldn’t be bothered to push myself up and walk over to my desk to investigate what it was I actually broke with my deadly, missile of a shoe. So I decide to crawl on my stomach all the way across my room through piles of washed and, unfortunately for my poor sensitive nose, un-washed laundry, stacks of CD’s and comic books.

When I reach my destination a.k.a. my desk, a.k.a. the scene of the crime, I discover the broken remains of an old, innocent, black coffee mug.

Was this an act of racism…what if that coffee mug wasn’t black but white!?

Ahhh? Are you ok Frankie-boy?

I’m doing better than this mug. Would it still have met the same fate if it was white?

I shake my head disapprovingly and tusk at the resent crime scene as I remain flat on my belly on my bedroom floor. While looking at the broken shards of the cup just a few inches away from my face I conclude the unfortunate events that had only played out a few moments ago.

This poor old coffee mug was just innocently sitting on my desk,


Minding its own business,

It’s just a cup…how can it mind its own business? It has no business!

It was probably enjoying the rising sun,

It’s… a… cup…

Waiting to be taken back down stairs to be washed and reunited with its family and friends in the wonderful land of the cupboard.


When out of nowhere!

I quickly look over my shoulders and around the room like I’m expecting something to come flying at me. I then turn back to the mangled body of the once strong and sturdy coffee holding devise that most people refer to as…a coffee mug.

Randomly for no real reason it’s viciously attack, this poor unprepared thing was attacked, with the dangerous shoe of death…..Why???? I’m so Sorry my poor little coffee holding friend.

O……K….. you have officiously lost you mind.

Oh well it not like it was useful or anything…my mind not the cup…that poor, poor, innocent, defenceless cup.

We’re gonna need a strait-jacket over here!

I was buzzed back to reality by my phone that was notifying me that I’ve been sent a new massage.

Oh! I bet it’s from Gee!

I somehow manage to jump up, with just a little bit of pain, and dive onto my bed looking for my little phone amongst the bed sheet. I finally find it, after throwing all my covers on the floor. I lay on my now nearly striped bed with my feet in the air as I keenly stare at the tiny glowing screen.

I was right, it’s from Gee. Before I can even read the text I roll around on my bed giggling like a fucking school girl. Sure the bruises made it painful to roll around but I was too happy to really pay much attention.

Ok, who gave you sugar?

No one, but Gee calls me sugar.

And with that thought running around in my head I burst out into another fit of giggles. I will eventually read the text once I stop giggling.

I’m in such a good mood!

A/N...Ok so this chapter I wrote after drinking waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much energy drink and it's also like 1:30am here in Australia...XDXDXD hope you like it...did you like it? plz say you liked it! let me know in a comment and let me know of any errors so I can fix them. XD Ok that's all for now. XD.XOXO.
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