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24. Aftermath

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The doctor said.

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Finally I’m home in my dark, untidy, bedroom. I’m lying on top of the covers diagonally with one foot swing off the edge of my unmade, soft, securer, comfortable, comforting, warm, safe and harmless bed…ok so it’s not really that great but at the moment it is. I still have one shoe on but the other one is off, I didn’t even bother to change out of my clothes, I got to wash my hands and face earlier when I was at the doctors.


I think to myself as I breathe in and out very deeply and slowly allowing my eyes to flutter open and shut.

All I want to do now is just sleep.

You’re still texting Gerard.

I drowsily lift my arm up to look at the phone in my hand. I smile stupidly at it (Because I think of Gee) then drop my arm back down beside me. My other arm is resting across my chest, rising and falling as I breathe.

I know, but I think he will understand if I fall asleep.

I finally full on relax and think of the day that is now finally over.

Thank fuck!

While the police took my statement the school called my mom. The look in her eyes made me feel even shittier. She looked so terrified, her golden honey eyes where teary and red so I knew she had been crying.

Well if you were told your only child was nearly murdered today in school wouldn't you cry too?

The first thing she did when she walked through the door and seen me on the nurses bed with my redden face and bruised neck sitting next to Gerard was practically bowl over anyone in her way(including A cop) and immediately wrapped her arms around me like I’d been missing for seven years. I love the fact that when she hugged me it didn't hurt.

She frantically kissed my forehead and cheeks repeating over and over between each caring motherly kiss she would say something like ‘Oh my baby boy. Thank god you’re ok. Where are you hurt? Who did this? Oh Frankie! I love you sweet heart. I don’t know what I would do if something happen to you.’

‘Mom, mom, mom, mom, I'm ok, really I'm fine.’ I whispered with my raspy voice but it didn’t hurt as much by then because Leticia had given me this sweet tasting cough syrup stuff and she also made me a honey and lemon tea, it wasn’t too bad.

After we were finally allowed to leave school my mom drove me straight to the doctors,

I so don’t like doctors. Their always too busy to actually pay attention to you, they cost a fortune and their always throwing these large medical type terms at you.

Gerard tagged along after he called his parents and told them what happen. While we were in the car driving to the hospital all I wanted to do was hold his hand, just to feel his skin on mine and to feel the connected. But I didn’t want my mom to find out we are dating just yet so the whole car trip I was fighting the urge to just attach myself to Gerard like a love-sick leach.

While the doctor was checking me over Gerard told my mom about the near death experience I had that morning with the bus. She hugged him tightly and thanked him for saving my life and said that she would invite him over for dinner and cook him his favourite meal sometime next week. He looked over at me and smiled softly, instantly I smile back.

If a hottie like Gerard smiles at you and you don’t smile back then there is something defiantly, seriously wrong with you.

It turns out that my shoulders were nearly dislocated so the mussels surrounding them are starches and sprained. I have a very minder fracture in my spine but it’s nothing to worry about as long as I don’t do any heavy lifting or extreme sports for a few weeks or so

So, YES! no PE.

PE doesn't involve extreme sports dick-head

Shut up. I’m still not doing it.

My Back and shoulders are covered in dark, black and purple bruises and I have a few on my stomach were Eric punched me. My face is relatively untouched, like I have a light bruises on my jaw but it’s mainly just red and a little swollen from been slapped around.

For the bruises the doctor said I could do this R.I.C.E. treatment thing. It involves rest (it will help prevent re-injury), ice (application of ice may prevent swelling by restricting blood flow to the area and preventing internal bleeding), compression (Reduces swelling but can delay healing and sometimes provide pain relief.) and elevation (tho the elevation part is just a bit difficult considering all the bruises are on my torso). He said I can take some painkillers if I want to and after a few days some light starching exercises will help speed up the recovery.

He gave me medicated cream, apparently it contains ‘mucopolysaccharide polysulfuric acid’…Whatever the fuck that is.

I hate it when doctor’s talk to you in medical terms…do I look like a fucking medical student? Ok so this doctor wasn’t too bad and spoke in normal people language.

He smelt nice too

Ok that’s creepy.

Gerard smells better tho.

Oh yeahhhhhhh.

Now whose been creepy?

Shut up! He’s my boyfriend, I’m allowed to be creepy when it comes to Gee.

The Doc said that ‘very gentle massage of the area and application of heat may encourage blood flow and relive pain. But if it causes additional pain that’s an indicator that the injury is exacerbating. But these techniques should not be applied until at least three days after obtaining the injury because although increasing blood flow will allow more healing factors into the area and encourage drainage, if the injury is still bleeding this will allow more blood to seep out of the wound and cause the bruise to become worse.’

Fuck I can’t believe I remembered all that word for word.

When the doctor mentioned massaging I just happen to look over at Gerard discreetly and he was looking at me with this look in his eyes that said ‘oh yeah’ and I couldn’t help but blush.

In my throat my Larynx (Voice box) was slightly damaged but should recover fully after a few days. The Larynx is involved in breathing, sound production, and protecting the trachea against food aspiration. It manipulates pitch and volume.

I don’t know why I know that I just do.

Just adding in a little bit of facts are we?

Why not? might be useful in PE theory one day.

The inside of my throat is torn up a bit but should heal relatively quickly. He gave me some throat syrup and also suggested drinking lemon and honey tea night and day until it feels better. He said if anything gets worse or we just have any questions to just give him a call.

He was actually a pretty nice guy.

On the way home we dropped Gee at his house. He opened the car door and slipped out with the elegance of a black cat. He closed the door and leaned in through the open window to say ‘Thank you’ to my mom for the lift. She smiled warmly and gushed ‘ Any-time Gerard.’ He then turned his hazel eyes on me and smiled softly ‘I’ll text you later. See ya Frankie.’

I so desperately wanted to kiss him goodbye…but I didn’t, instead I said ‘Bye Gee.’ And with that he turned around and walked away from the car, up the path to his front door and disappeared inside. I don’t know why but I was kind of expecting him to turn around for one final goodbye, but he didn’t.

I sigh sadly and slump down in the back seat of the car. Then my phone buzzed in my pocket as my mom pulled out onto the road.

From:Gee ~ I lov U. I wanted2 kiss U goodbye so badly but I know U want2 keep quiet ‘bout us.xoxo.~

I feel my cheeks blush and I smile happily to myself as a warm fuzzy feeling dominates my beaten body. I quickly reply back.

From: Frankie ~ I so wanted2 kiss U2. I lov U Gee I really do! XXX.~

And since then I’ve been texting Gee. We talked about how much we love each other like pathetic love-sick teenagers we are. The conversation eventually moved onto ‘How I was feeling’ then we talked about ‘what happen’ and now he wants to talk about Eric.

Oh boy.

From:Gee~I know it was Eric that did it. Y R U covering4 him???~

I look at the little screen on my phone while still lying down and think of my answer.

From:Frankie~Gee…IDK Y. I just feel like there is somethin wrong with him.~

Hmmm that didn’t sound like how I wanted it to sound.

I lay in the darkness of my room waiting for his reply, it only took a minute before my phone buzzed in my hand.

From:Gee~Yeah, he’s fuckin crazy :P.~

I sigh out loud because I feel like he’s not understand me.

From:Frankie~No I mean like…Gee he was crying and he said sorry.~

I don’t even bother to drop my arm back down beside me because he’s replying fast.

From:Gee~Well as long as he said sorry everythin is just fine! Frankie this wasn’t some accident! He could have killed U babe.~

From:Frankie~I know but…he really did mean it N he said something else…~


I look sadly at the phone in my hands unsure whether I should tell Gee or not.

From:Frankie~He said that his ‘life is so fucked up’. I felt bad4 him N I just thought that getting him in trouble with the cops would just make things worse4 him…plus I feel bad4 fighting in the 1st place. I’m a lover baby not a fighter.~

I wait silently for his response.

From:Gee~Oh Frankie, UR just2 cute. U have such a big heart N don’t feel bad bout fighting, U saved Vic and Eric had it coming2 him.~

From:Frankie~:) what do U think Eric meant by his life been fucked up???~

From:Gee~ Hmmm, IDK. Was he really crying???~

From:Frankie~Tears N all.~

From:Gee~Wow I can’t picture Eric crying.~

From:Frankie~I know it was kind of bizarre, I didn’t know what2 do.~

From:Gee~Hmmm, maybe something is up with Eric.~

From:Frankie~Can we stop talking about it now??? I’m2 sleepy2 think~

From:Gee~ Sure sugar. U goin 2 school 2morrow???~

From:Frankie~ Probable not, mom said I could stay home, I’m so tired.~


From:Frankie~Hehehe it looks like U went crazy with the ‘X’ button.~

From:Gee~No babe I’m just crazy bout U.~

From:Frankie~Awww that’s just a bit cute…N cheesy. Lov U2. Night Babe.~

From:Gee~:) night. XO.~


I drop the phone somewhere on my bed, close my eyes and crash.

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