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23. Safe and sound

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Oh when he calls me ‘sugar’ my heat skips and races, and I also think of skittles. Yum skittles.

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Our lips move together gently.

God I love this feeling.

Gerard softly moves one of his hands to delicately lift my head up by my chin so then he can better claim my lips that seem to be begging for his contact. I just keep repeating over and over in my head ‘I love you, oh God Gee how I love you’.

You sound like a love sick teenager.

I AM a love sick teenager.

My eyes have fallen shut again. The only thing I want is to feel the soft tender lips of Gerard touching and moving against mine. Gerard leans more into the kiss and accidently puts pressure on my aching body and I let out a squeak of pain.

“Shit, I’m sorry sugar. Did I hurt you?” He whispers with guilt and concern as he moves away to give me space to breathe. I just look at him still half asleep, I know if I talk it’ll hurt my torn throat so I just remain silent.

Oh when he calls me ‘sugar’ my heat skips and races, and I also think of skittles.

Yum, I could so go for some skittles right now.

Mmmm, me too.

Slowly he leans forward again and softly kisses my nose. I remember that earlier today he got my nose back from Bert who stole it from me in English and I can’t help but let a smile spread across my face and I swear that some of the pain is just simply melting away.

“I love you too Frankie.” He whispers to me and I rub our noses together like we were cute little rabbits or something then smile contently. Gerard delicately pecks my lips then covers my tender cheeks in featherlike kisses. I really could just stay here forever with Gee been so close to me and kissing me so lovingly, it feels like with each gently kiss the pain is been lifted away. But sadly we have to move because the school bell is going to go off soon and these now empty corridors are going to be drowned in a tsunami of students.

Carefully Gerard helps me to my feet. Once I’m standing my head spins and I feel faint but Gerard holds me close to his right side. I put my arm around his shoulders, I have no idea how I managed to do it because of my height and the pain in my shoulders and back but it somehow works. Gerard places an open hand over my hip and holds my hand.

I love been so close to him.

Gee cautiously helps me to walk towards the first aid office. I can walk on my own but god it’s painful and I keep getting dizzy spells. We reach the door of the nurses office as the bell signals the end of the school day, even if I hadn't ran into Eric I still couldn't have gone home because I have detention from Miss Jones.

Me and my big mouth. I hope I don’t get in too much trouble for not showing up for detention.

I think you have a pretty good excuse, you know the whole nearly been murdered.

Gerard opens the door to the nurse’s office and helps me in to sit down on the closest available chair.

“Oh my God! Frank what happen to you?” Was Leticia’s first response when she saw me. She quickly rushes over and ushers me onto the first aid bed, Gerard is one step behind keeping a close eye on me.

Lucky she wasn’t carrying anything, I bet she would have dropped it.

As soon as I lay down I closed my eyes.

So sleepy.

“Frank, honey you can’t go to sleep.” Leticia’s sweet voice slices through my planed snooze. I fuse my eyebrows together in irritation.

“Fraaaaaaaank.” Gerard drags out my name in an attempt to entice me to stay awake, it works. I open my eyes to see his sweet pale face looking at me. Leticia places a bundle of pillows behind my back so that I’m slightly sitting up. Gerard sits on the side of the bed and just watches me. I can’t help but smile when I look into his hazel eyes.

Leticia walks over to me holding a cup of water in one hand and in the other hand she is carrying a note pad and a pen. She hands me the cup of water and I down it in 5 seconds flat.

Anyone would think you haven’t had a drink in five years.

Shut up.

I’m just saying! I wasn’t been mean or anything

I don’t care. Shut up.

I’m you. Make me.

Leticia smiles kindly at me and takes the now empty cup out of my hands. “Ok,” she breathes in deeply “now, it looks like you have been strangled.” I nod my head slightly in silence without making eye contact.

“It’s best if you don’t talk,” She hands me the pen and paper “Just write instead of talking, ok?” I feel like one of those bobbly-head statues as I nod my head again this time looking up at her kind caring face.

Leticia sits in a chair beside the bed and starts asking questions “Are you hurting anywhere else?”

After I write down on the paper all my injuries and explain how I got them Leticia reads it then looks back at me and asks me “Who did it?” I just sit there and look down at my sore redden hands thinking. I don’t know what it is but I don’t want to rat Eric out.

WHAT!!! He nearly killed us!

“Frank?” Leticia asks concerned about my muteness.

“It was Eric, wasn’t it?” Gerard encourages me to answer. I lift my head and just look at him blankly with sad eyes. He raises his eyebrows at me questioningly, waiting. Hazily I shake my head and look back down at my shaking hands. I really want to wash them because they are covered in a very thin layer of slightly sticky, dried blood. I feel bad and it’s not just because of my injuries. I don’t like fighting. I’m a lover not a fighter yet I’ve been in two fight today.

God I feel so stupid!


Violence is never the answer, what was I thinking?

Hey! Eric is the one that pushed you to your limits.

No! I have more self-control than that.

“Frankie?” Gerard reaches his hand out to cover mine disrupting my inside battle. I clench my jaw and shut my eyes tight not wanting to cry.

“Frankie, who did this?” Gee asks me with a voice that sounds like he is about to cry too as he squeezes my hand reassuringly. I just shake my head side to side causing pain to fire up and down my spine. As I squeak out loud in discomfort Leticia gently places a soft hand on my back.

“It’s ok Frank. If the person threatened you to keep quiet we will make sure that you’re safe. You have to tell us, what if they attack someone else and their not so lucky?” She soothingly rubs my back as she speaks to me in her shy sweet voice. I breathe in a sharp breath and just shake my head again.

I’m not telling.

You know they are just going to keep on asking?

“Frankie, please. Who was it? You can’t let them get away with it.” Gerard pleads. I quickly grab the pen and paper. Both Gerard and Leticia watch me intently as I write. Once I’m finish I lay the pen and note pad back down on the bed next to me so they can both read it.

~I don’t know who it was. ~

Is all that is written on the clean white page in black messy handwriting. I look at Gerard after he finishes reading my lie. The look that he gives me tells me that he knows that I’m not telling the truth but he keeps quiet.

He’s so going to interrogate me later about it.

“What do you mean you don’t know? Have you never seen them before or did they attack you from behind?”

Shit think fast!

I’m trying! You know it would be a lot easier if you just told them it was Eric.

I’m not doing that.

I pick up the pen and paper again.

~I hit my head when they slammed me against the lockers and I can’t really remember who it was. I didn’t really see their face. Sorry. ~

I even add a little ‘Sad face’.

~ :( ~

“It’s ok Frank don’t be sorry it’s not your fault.” Leticia comforts me then stands up and starts to walk towards the door.

“I’m going to have to call the police.” She says as she reaches for the door handle.

What! NO!

I sit up and stare at Leticia with panicked widen eyes. “NO” I squeak out in a dry raspy whisper.

Ouch! Fuck I regret that!

She turns to face me with sympathetic eyes.

“Frank I have to, this is more than just a push or shove. This is a full on deadly assault. The police must to be notified.” And with that she opened the door and left before I could argue anymore. As soon as the door shuts behind her I turn to Gerard and am met with a stern stare.

“Why are you protecting Eric?” he asks me bluntly. I just softly shake my head side to side in reply.

“Frank, don’t lie to me.” He looks me dead in the eyes with his that are starting to burn with irritation and I just feel shitty.

I don’t want Gee to be angry at me.

“Gee please.” I whisper in sorrow and lean forward to wrap my aching arms around his shoulder, tucking my head underneath his chin and pressing the side of my face against his chest. Instantly he re-separates the embrace and holds me close. “I’m sorry.” I whisper painfully into the fabric of his shirt.

“It’s ok Frankie. I’m sorry.” He whispers and gently rubs my back. I feel him kiss the top of my head and holds me even closer.

“I love you.” He whispers. He feels warm and comfortable. I allow the scent of cigarettes and the slights hint of coffee fill my nose as I breathe in deep.

I feel so safe and sound in his arms.

“I love you Gee.”

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