Review for Our Lips Touch

Our Lips Touch

(#) jessloui 2012-10-24

So I was going back looking at all the comments that have been posted and I realised you've been replying to evey comment!! Which is totally awesome. I love when author's reply to their readers.

So anyway, in answer to your question from like 6 chapters ago, I'm from NSW as well :)

Also, if you don't mind, I'd love to share the link for this story on twitter so other people could come read it. If you don't want me to that's totally ok, but if you do let me know coz I think that everyone should read this fic.

Author's response

yeah I reply to every single comment no matter what. It's like one of my personal rules, I mean you guys take time out of your lives just to write a comment about my story (and those comments always means so much to me, they give me motivation and I know that people actually like my writing) and the least I can do is like respond.

wow were like in the same state..O_o that's pretty cool XD

AND WOW you like my story that much you want to share it on twitter? wow thank you! yeah you can totally do that if you want XD ~does retarded bird thingy~

what's your twitter? you can totally link this on twitter if you want to XD