Review for Auditions!


(#) DanFrancisco 2012-10-25

CAN I AUDITION AS JUST MYSELF?! I really like doing that.

Part (include back-up, if you like): Record Producer's Assistant (I could try being a mom if you want, but I have one too many dicks...)
Full name: Daniel Harthan
Nickname(s)/preferred name: Danny, Dan, Dannyboy or Hartyboy.
Age: 21
Birthday (just day and month): January 8th
Appearance: This is so much easier than explaining it all xD but, my eyes change color. Like between blue and brown, but not quickly they change over a week and I have no idea why. Sometimes go green, but not that often. (Also, Taylor Momsen at the top, that's not me.)
Personality: Uh, guess from what you see on FB and how I'm auditioning ;) I'm pretty awesome though.
Clothing style: I tend to wear just jeans and t-shirt. I like band tee's. They're cool. Usually skinny jeans, but sometimes baggy too.
Anything else: I have a mixed accent. I'm half Chicagoan and half Yorkshire-ian, in that I live in both places a lot. It's fun. But if it's easier to explain - UK/US mixed accent xD