Review for Mistaken


(#) RockMusic 2012-10-28

The drama! The suspense! This story is everything a good book needs (so consider writing that book, yeah?). I love it, my heart flew away somewhere while reading that. Got overwhelmed with all the feels. Franks so brave, even though he's at the mistake center, he's still himself, showing them that they don't own him. Hunger games reference. Gerards imagination/flashback/dream type thing was so upsetting. Poor Gerard, hard life for no good reason. Lot of bad luck too.

Author's response

aww thank you so much really. I don't know if this is book worthy but thanks none the less.I'm glad liked Gerard's flashblack, well you didn't like it, but you know what I mean. I felt like you all needed a better insight at what his life had been like so yea and that also kinda explained the akwardness they had earlier.thanks again for reviewing! :D