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Chapter hashtag 12

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Before I knew it I was on the ground he was on top of me unzipping my jeans. Reality came crashing into my senses and I placed my hand on his stopping him.

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A/N: Wow, just wow. I feel like I haven't apologized enough. So, again, I'm so very sorry this update took so long. It really shouldn't have and I've feel terrible that it did. You know what though It's here now! and I really hope it was worth it. I worked on hard on this update which was a bit of a challenge because I manged to get grounded which includes computer rights but because i am such a 'badass' I got it typed anyway. So here's to you all. A million thanks to whoever's read this far and even more so to anyone's who has bothered reviewing or rating.


“AHHH!” an excruciating scream echoed down the Mistake filled hallway. I dared a glance down the blindingly white hallway and saw a girl only three people away from me. She was down on her knees. Her white shirt flung by her feet now splattered in blood from the fresh crimson gashes on her back covering the dull scars already there. Only minutes ago she had assembled into line with the rest of us for the beginning of the Routine. A sturdy looking guard had commanded every Mistake to remove their shirts upon reaching their position in line then began to ask each individual a question. A wrong answer got you three strikes with his bullwhip across your back.
He faced the next man, “Why are you here? What has this center got to offer you?”
The man facing the guard had grey eyes so thickly surrounded by dark circles no amount of sleep could ever restore them. His hair was streaked with grey far too early in his life. He gave a deep sigh and recited a memorized line, learned long ago, to escape punishment, “I am here for I am the scum that walks this Earth. This glorious Mistake center will successfully show me my wrong doings however, I will never be able to even compare myself to great men like you, but with your gracious help I will come as close as I can to doing so.”
The guard smirked, “For once in your pitiful life you are correct”
“Thank you sir your praise is the highlight of my day.”
The guard moved on to the boy to my left. You could visibly see his whole body shake with fear. He could be no older than fourteen, but this appeared not be his first day here for he stood his ground and answered the question as best as he could.
Copying much from the old-timer next to him stated, “I am here because I’m the scum of the Earth. This Mistake center…”
“This WHAT?”
“Thi-is this…” His breath sped up incredibly fast, “this um GLORIOUS Mistake will try to uh try to show me my wrong doings.”
“WRONG!” The guard shouted. He spun the boy around pinning him against the wall behind him. He swiped the whip across his back, “We will SUCCEED at showing you your wrong doings”. The boy showed miraculous strength by not screaming out. He bit his bottom lip to the point of causing it to bleed as two more slashes were made against his back. In the two seconds it took for the guard to leave the boy and face me my heart was pounding against my unprepared chest at an alarming speed, possibly more in preparation for my answer than out of fear.
The guard repeated his question to me, “Why are you here? What has this Mistake center got to offer you?”
I paused in a moment of hesitation, was this really a proper time to be a smartass? Then again isn’t always a proper time to be a smartass, “Well……..” I said, ‘”I do suppose you could say I’m here because some of your homophobic goons dragged me against my free will and I’d say that you all won’t give me anything but scars on my back.” On that final word I spun myself around and stood up tall. The agonizing pain that shocked my back was one of the sharpest I would feel in my life, but as I cried out I still held a smile across my face.


Our quest, if it could be classified as one, had begun to take a quiet turn. We easily found a place to crash for the night last night and woke up early this morning. I had located some breakfast in the waste bin outside of a fast-food place and then scouted the outskirts of the town for local HMOs. Although most couldn't give us any helpful information on the Mistake Center sometime before noon we hit the jackpot. We found a girl who was in her late twenties that was willing to give information.
“Look usually I don’t talk about it but you boys look desperate”. She tugged at a chunk of choppy blond hair.
“Well thank you for telling us”. I said trying to politely edge her on.
“Right, okay. So, I had just come into this neighborhood one town over from here and let’s just say that it didn't go as I had expected. I got hit by a girl hoverbike (fingers cross that’s a thing in the future). She start apologizing, she was running late to work, wanted to make sure I was okay, etcetera. Long story short: she discovers my HMO mark and instead of flipping her shit she acted like it was nothing, and what can I say she literally knocked me off of my feet.” She gave a feeble smile, “I was stupid I stayed there too long. People began to recognize me and recognized that we spent a great deal of time together, and well, we were caught kissing one day….and she was dragged away from me. I tried following the group that took her off, had a crazy idea I could get her back”. She paused and took a few seconds to start again, “Well It’s not exactly like they have a big neon glowing sign that screams “ALL YOUR FUCKING MISTAKES HERE” but just two miles in that direction…”She pointed west, “There’s a big ass building on a hill surrounded by wire fencing. That’s it”.
Mikey piped up after a moment of silence had passed, “You never got her?”
“What was I supposed to do kid? She was inside I was outside. And see here, I’m not stupid I can see what you boys are planning and I’d wish you all luck, but that’s just not something we possess huh?” She tapped Gerard’s shoulder once before turning away. I’m not sure whether the other two just didn’t know what to say or didn’t want to say whatever they were thinking, but either way we all turned west and began walking down sidewalk in silence. Depending on how one looked at things this could be a good or bad for it gave me a chance to escape to my thoughts, and they didn’t start out in the warmest region.

“Hey Gerard” A sly voice whispered in my ear and warm arms wrapped around my waist. I smiled at the touch and turned my head around to face him.
“Hey Danny” I placed a soft kiss on his cheek.
“Where you’ve been lately doll?” He asked pecking at my neck. His teeth ticked and I giggled softly “Around. You know I don’t like sticking to one place long, but I missed seeing you.”
“Aww, that’s sweet. I missed seeing you too.” His hand slipped down my back messing around the waist of my pants, “I missed seeing you a lot”.
I giggled uncomfortably, “Oh yeah?”
“You know it babe. Here.” He grabbed a hold of my hand and dragged me into a back alley way. He pinned me against the wall and started kissing me all over. I moaned slightly under his aggressive touch and he continued to pull my shirt off. Before I knew it I was on the ground he was on top of me unzipping my jeans. Reality came crashing into my senses and I placed my hand on his stopping him “Whoa hold, I don’t think I’m ready”
“Sure you are .It’s no big deal”
“But I was trying to save myself.”
He laughed at me rolling his eyes and I remember a feeling like my heart sinking to my feet, “Save yourself?” He snorted, “For what marriage?”
My face turned an awful shade of red, “Well no, but still we’re only fifteen”.
“No sweetie” He laughed again, “You’re only fifteen. I’m nineteen remember? Come on you can trust me, I know about this kind of stuff”.
“Well…” he sounded so reassuring, but I kept my stand, “No. I’m sorry, but not now”.
“Well, I’m sorry but YES now”.
“You heard me. You’re my bitch Gee-ard”
My eyes widened in terror and pinned me down and yanked my pants off.
“NO!” I screeched.
He punched me across the face, “Shut up bitch do you want the cops to hear”
“I’d rather see them than you!” I spit in his face which only backfired and dribbled back down my face. Still I continued hollering and carrying until lo and behold the police did show up three of them. Three very pissed off police officers.
“Oh good God”, The middle one said, “That’s just disgusting. Hugh, get the queers off each other and arrest them both—”
“But wait—” I tried to explain what Danny had tried to do to me, but none of them were interested.
“No, you have no right to speak HMO” The middle one silenced me, “Probee check for fag” He shuttered, “…residue. Clean up any you see”.
“I think I’d rather kill myself” He said but obeyed his commanding officer after putting on two layers of Latex gloves.
I don’t remember much else besides the cold rustic feel of the handcuffs against my bare skin and the sick feeling that never left my stomach as I was thrown into the same cell as Danny.
“Oh Gerard” He purred, “You bad boy. Look where you’ve landed us. Oh well, I guess I can just pick off where I started”.

My eyes snapped open. Mikey was tugging at my sleeve, “Gerard?”
“Yeah, what”
“Uhm we’re here” He directed my attention to a building resting on a low hill in the distance.
“Yeah” Ray piped in, “So what’s the plan?”
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