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Chapter hashtag 11

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“FUCKING RUN!” I commanded

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A/N: Holy crap it's been way too long and I am so sorry guys really I am the laptop's even been fixed for a while now and i just have not gotten a chance to update at all. I've felt terrible about it but I've been up to my neck in homework lately, acrobat classes on mondays and tuesdays and I'm part of a Relay for Life team at my school so I've been real involved with that lately an fact we're having a benifit garage sale this weekend and it's just yeah nevermind you probably don't care about my excuses. So here it is and I will try to update more frequently, but I can't really promise anything sorry guys :(. Also to anyone who's bothered reading this far much less rating and reviewing o god love you guys so much. I mean it truly form the bottom of my heart and the sides and top and everywhere in between. So thanks, and read on below!

Ch #11

At Yr Conve. The remains of the At Your Convenience sign flickered off and on in dull green colors. The building was painted bright red but it was peeling down the sides. The broken windows and boarded up door gave it an eerie look in a cheesy ghost movie sort of way. We walked up the gravel pathway that led to its front door and Ray knocked on the door lightly, “Umm Mr. Jon? Mr. Ron? Are you there?” We were met with silence and I rolled my eyes.
“We’re here to trade!” I hollered, “That is if you’ve got anything worth our while!”
An eye poked through the space between the boards, “Worth your while?! Boy, we’re the best in town!”
“Well I guess I can always go out of town then, because if the best can’t even show costumer s inside then they can’t be very good can they?
From the other side of the door I heard a hushed argument before the same guy growled, “The entrance is around back.”
We made our way around the back of the building. Mikey knocked on a rusting door and it was opened to two men of the same 6’3’’ stocky frame who had brown rustic hair.
The one on our left spoke and I identified him as the man who had spoken to us through the door, “And what can we do for you?”
“Well firstly you can invite us inside for coffee” I said snippily, “ And then you can get me out of these” I gestured to my cuffs, “And finally we need supplies for breaking someone out of a Mistake center”
The one on the one laughed haughtily, “Are you crazy? You can’t break out someone whose Mistaken”.
“That’s not really you’re decision is it?” I snapped, “Now you can help us or we can take our business elsewhere”.
The one to the left said, “Jon, let ‘em in”. He’s brother moved aside and we shuffled past them inside. As soon as we stepped inside we we were met by loud vicious barking that mad Ray jump out of his skin. In the corner of the room the biggest dog I had ever seen was growling at us and barking every few seconds as if asking its owners when it could pounce on us. Ron said sharply, “Quiet Mitsy!” and tossed a handful of dog treats at her. This seemed enough to satisfy her because she stopped growling, but her eyes didn’t leave us.
You could tell that the room we were in used to be a decent convenience store before it got shut down and Jon and Ron had rearranged it. The two light bulbs that hung from the ceiling with string barely lit the store. The tile floor was chipping and dirt and grime disguised the once white color. Most of the shelves had been pushed aside to the south end of the store and lay in a crumpled state mixed with shatter merchandise never to be sold. Closest to me there were two shelves still standing. One held a variety of canned foods, bags of chips, way passed their expiration date, and bottles of water. The other was stocked full knives, can openers, metal filers, scissors, crowbars and even a couple of pistols. A counter opposite of it had a rusty cash register on it and a foggy coffee pot. Behind it there was a door to a back room.
Ron gestured me over to him and worked on my cuffs while Jon spoke, “Now out of the sheer goodness of our hearts we’re uncuffing you however the rest will cost you. So what have you got for us?”
“We’ll start talking when you start o pot of coffee. My boys and I have been traveling for a long time now”.
“Your boys?” Mikey protested raising an eyebrow.
I rolled my eyes, “So coffee or—Eeey!” Some sharp piece of metal jabbed my wrist. I gritted my teeth, “Coffee or not?”
Ron smirked, “They’re off”. He whipped them off none too pleasantly. “I suppose I can start of pot of coffee for our poor deprived customers”.
While he started a pot Jon faced me, “Well boy, what have you got for payment?”
“Don’t get ahead of yourself” I said snidely, “Let’s see what you have to offer us first”.
Jon answered, “Alright smart-ass. Breaking in a Mistake Center?” He said skeptically.
“Yes”. I responded.
“And I suppose you’d like to come out alive as well?” Ron asked shoving cups of bitter coffee into my, and the other’s hands.
“That’s the plan” Ray said drowning his cup.
Jon continued, “Fine then. Three men….I’d say one crowbar, two Bowie’s, and a jackknife at let’s say 10.”
“You’re out of your mind!” I snapped, “That’s shit!”
“Gerard ten dollars, that sounds cheap to me”, Mikey said. Ron and Jon actually laughed at him. I glanced at Ray for support but he looked as confused as Mikey did. I felt my face flush. The hetie amateurs. “Not ten dollars, “I growled, “10 hundred dollars!”
Mikey’s face fell, “Oh.”
I turned my attention back to the brothers, “the best I can offer you is 5”
‘You can?” Ray said.
“Yes.” I glared at him, “I can.”
“No fucking way kid”. Ron said, “That’d be robbing us blind”.
“The money and then….maybe there’s something else I can give you in return?”
Jon smirked, “Oh yeah?”
“Yeah…” I smiled seductively, “Anything”.
“Gerard … Wh-what are you getting at?” Mikey stuttered. He and Ray exchanged a nervous glance which I ignored.
“Ron” Jon snapped, “Take the merchandise and this boy’s friends outside”.
“No way!” Ray protested.
“Yes. Do what he says” I commanded.
“Don’t get to use to being in command” Jon snarled in my ear then addressing his brother who was halfway out the door with Ray and Mikey, “but Ron…leave the handcuffs”.
“No Gee!” Mikey protested trying to push past Ron.
“For once listen to me!” I said, “Go outside now and don’t let go of our stuff”.
I turned back around to face Jon and refused to turn back around even after the door slammed shut and Mikey and ray’s voices were tuned out. Jon wasted little time and advanced towards me. He grabbed the hair at the back of my head pulling me towards him and meshing his lips to mine. Without even bothering to ask permission to enter, his tongue shoved its way down my throat. I willed myself not to gag. He seemed to feel very different than I did and soon slammed me against the wall. My body hit the brick with a loud crunch, ignoring this he vigorously pulled my shirt over my head and threw it to the ground. He pinned my arms above my head and sucked down my neck. His lips were slugs leaving a nasty slime wherever the touched. I felt their cold touch traveling down my chest, but before he could reach my waistline I used almost all my strength to flip over so he was against the wall instead of myself. His head snapped up expectantly but he grinned wickedly, “Feisty. I like that.”
“You bet baby” I purred. I ran my hand down his left thigh and fingered around his cock. I smiled to myself and an evil flash glistened in my eyes for just a moment. I pulled my arms back.
“Come back babe” He whined.
“If you insist” I said. I brought my arm forward with as much power as I could muster and nailed him so hard in the junk he crumpled to the ground. Not bothering to look back at his I scooped myshirt off the ground and raced towards the front. I burst through just as I heard him staggering to his feat throwing a mouthful of curse words at me. Ron tried to grab me as I left but Ray grabbed him from behind and slammed him into the door.
“RUN!” I shouted to them. They didn’t seem to need a reason because they sprinted down the street with me right at their heels. I heard Ron and Jon’s pounding feet somewhere in the distance, “FUCKING RUN!” I commanded, “KEEP GOING!” I sped up my own pace and soon caught up to Ray and Mikey. Mikey still had the crowbar and knives in his hands. He appeared to have cut himself because his hand was turning scarlet. I risked a glance behind my shoulder. The bigger men were losing distance. I knew we could make it.
“Into that alley!” I told them as we came up to one between two large run-down buildings. The listened and veered towards it. I skidded to a stop inside the cover of dark. I dropped my knees panting. Ray had his hands thrown on his knees and was breathing fiercely. Mikey was on the ground facing upward. His face was snow pale his skinny chest rising up sharply and pulling down in great gasps. He still had a overly tight grip on the weapons and blood was trickling from his hand.
“Oh Mikes” I muttered falling to his side, “You gotta let go kid.” I loosened his grip around the knives and crowbar and sure enough a Bowie knife had got flipped around. The blade must have dug into Mikey’s flesh when we started running. I set them to the side and wrapped My shirt around his hand. His breathing was still coming in at a scary looking rate. I sat at his head and tried my best to comfort him, “It’s okay kid it’ll be fine. You’ve got to calm down”.
“Mikey” Ray said suddenly coming up and facing him, “Open your eyes you’ve got to see me”.
Mikey did and Ray continued, “Does your chest hurt too?”
Mikey weakly shook his head yes. This motion seemed to through him into a ft of coughs and his breathing only worsened.
“It’s okay Mikey” Ray said, “Now do you have your inhaler? Did you bring it with you?”
Mikey gave a brief quivering head shake no.
“It’s okay I’ve got your spare in my pocket.” He handed it to him and Mikey grabbed at it for dear life and breathed in quick breaths. After a few minutes he pulled it away and sat up.
“Careful” Ray warned, “Don’t hurt your hand”.
Mikey nodded and embraced Ray tightly, “Thanks man” He mumbled. For half a second I felt jealous. I was jealous that Ray got that hug. It should’ve have been me. I should’ve been able to save Mikey. He was my brother for crying out loud and I hadn’t even known he was asthmatic. I felt terrible.
“Oh god Mikes I’m so sorry”. I said, “I had no idea…I fell like shit.. .I—”
HE cut me off h=with a hug, “ Don’t you dare. You had no way of knowing. I never told you. They haven’t been as frequent…I’m sorry”.
“Oh shut up” I griped, “ It’s fine you had no reason to tell me. It’s fine.”
He nodded pulling away. We all sat in silence for a little while. Minutes passed we just sat there looking at each other. I think we were all trying to take in what we had gotten ourselves into. Mikey was the first to speak up.
“My hand kinda hurts” he muttered.

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