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Chapter hashtag 10

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“Get back Gerard!” He shouted raising up a bat. I widened my eyes.

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A/N: Sorry it's taken me a little longer to update guys it's been a little hectic because school just started and honestly I haven't been in a huge writing mood lately. HOWEVER, I told myself I'd make sure to get this out by this weekend and even though I guess "technically" it's Monday morning I still did so here it is for my lovely readers. Thank you so much to all of you who have decided to read this far and sorry if updates come slower than the did before again with school here I may not have us much writing time. Anyho, thanks again for reading. As you were. xox HHalo


Have you ever been so tired that you can’t even keep your head up? So it keeps snapping forward and kind of rolling around? Now has that ever happened to you will you’re hanging upside down fifteen feet in the air? If you have you’d have a good idea of what my head felt like right then. Because I was hanging upside down fifteen in the air. The pounding in my head was probably more from injury than lack of sleep, but hurt just as much if not more. Back to being suspended in the air though. Why I was chained to the ceiling by my feet I had no idea. I supposed it was some sort of punishment for telling that guy he got less pussy than the girls here. I snickered inside my head for a second. That was pretty funny.
“Good one Frank”, I told myself proudly.
“Yeah Frank you’re brilliant”, I responded, “but you may want to focus on the matter that you’re hanging upside down in the air.”
“Oh yeah that”
I swerved myself from side to side trying to spin around and get a good look at my surroundings. I swerved around enough to get a glance of a girl hanging behind me. Her grey eyes flashed with anger.
“You!” She hissed. I recognized her voice as Shelby right away. From behind me she began screeching, “You! This is all your fault!”
“My fault?” I protested, “How is this MY fault?”
“You had to go and open your big mouth in front of him didn’t you?”
“What was I supposed to do? Just stand there while he gave me crap?”
“Yes!” She hollered, “This is all your fault! I had gotten the nurse’s position and now I’m the damn punishment room!”
“What so great about the nurse’s position?”
“I got to stay in the sick ward all day and look after people! Now when the punishment’s over I’ll have to go back to the Routine. And it’s all. your.falt!”
“Whoa whoa whoa. One thing at a time now. How long’s this “punishment” supposed to last and what the hell is the Routine?”
Shelby sighed, “This punishment works like this: With all the blood rushing to your head you’re going to start to lose consciousness. Every time you pass out the chain lowers a foot and then three inches for every hour you’re out. Once you reach the bottom the chains unlatch and a guard will come in and assemble you back into the Routine.”
“But what is the---”
”The Routine” she said, “Is what every Mistake here does every day with a few exceptions: People who have died, people in the punishment rooms, patients in the sick ward or the nurse. Who used to be me.”
“But if he was mad at me? Why are you being punished?”
“For fucking letting you mouth off to him”.
“Oh, umm sorry” I told her.
“No. Don’t apologize. Just forget it.”
I snapped my mouth closed and shut my eyes. At the first the room seemed completely silent, but after a while I truly began to listen. When you really listen to the world around you nothing is ever completely silent. You can always hear something. I started hearing my shallow intakes of breath and the whoosh when I exhaled. I felt a slight pounding in my head which perfectly matched the sound of my heart thumping. As I strained to hear more I head the faint sound of Shelby’s breath from behind me. It was rough like my own, but soon it began slowing down. She let out soft gasp and a few moments later I heard the sound of metal clanking together. I knew she must have passed out because she was being lowered. I wondered how long she must have been here and how she must have worked to get the nurse’s position. I felt guilty for getting into trouble. It wasn’t her fault I had to always put in my two cents. Now she’d have to go back to the Routine. Whatever that was. She hadn’t really specified so I still didn’t know what it consisted of. She had seemed so relieved that she had gotten out of it, it must be awful. I began to panic then. I didn’t know how long I’d be trapped in here. It could be forever and I had no way of escaping. I was hanging from the ceiling, upside down by my feet, in a secret government Mistake center. I let out a pained laugh. I felt helpless. What was I supposed to do? I couldn’t get out of this. There was no way. The worst part was I was suddenly overcome with this feeling of complete and utter loneliness. Even knowing that Shelby was swinging behind me I felt as if I was the only person here. And I missed my friends and my family. I missed seeing my parents, as annoying as they were most of the time. I missed Mikey practically pushing me over trying to get to a cup of coffee and Ray hitting him upside the head for it. I miss sitting on my bed strumming my guitar letting the world around me melt away. I missed Gerard. I wanted to see him smile and say my name. I wanted to be near him and I wanted nothing more than to wrap my arms around him and be engulfed in the smell of peppermint and pencil lead. I let out a frustrated sigh. I would never again see him or Ray or Mikes. I wouldn’t ever trip over my dogs who insisted on scampering around my feet. Instead I would rot inside this place. Everything and everyone I cared about were back at home with no way of knowing where I was. They probably didn’t even care I was gone. I wasn’t going to see them ever again. All I had now was me, because now I was all by myself. Alone.

The cops were pushing me towards their squad car. Letting me go apparently hadn’t occurred to them. They yanked open the door and shoved me inside. I slammed into the hard seat and glared at them, “Ever thought of arrested someone whose, oh I don’t know, done a crime?”
In rebuttal one of the cops slapped me across the face, “Being a queer bastard is criminal enough”. His partner slammed the door to the car and they sat down in the front seats. As we sped off down the street I found myself staring out the window. The ugly grey and brown colors of the buildings blurred past as we flew down the pavement. I could tell we were getting closer to the city because the sky was becoming darker in all the pollution. Suddenly the officer driving slammed down on his breaks and the whole vehicle slammed forward. I fell forward and hit my head on the seat in front of me before lurching backwards. The cops were saying something about almost hitting a little girl and they both got out of the car making sure to shut the doors behind themselves. Through the windshield I saw a familiar curly head small girl sobbing into her hands. I couldn’t make out quite what she was saying but it sounded something along the lines of being separated from her brother. She took one of the cop’s hands and dragged them to the sidewalk and pointing further into the city. Just as they were out of sight Mikey popped up out of nowhere in front of the windshield. He grinned like a madman, “Get back Gerard!” He shouted raising up a bat. I widened my eyes. Was he serious? A bat? I wasn’t sure why I was surprised though, this was my brother. I scooted back in the seat and covered my head with my arms. I heard a loud crash and opened my eyes.
“Well hurry the hell up Gerard” Mikey said, “Get out of there we’ve got to go”.
I didn’t even attempt to respond and climbed through the windshield. I hopped off the hood of the car and stood next to Mikey, “C’mon”. He instructed, “This way we’ve got to meet Steevie and Ray in the city.”
We sped off towards the city and Mikey quickly explained what their plan had been. Apparently Steevie kept a bat behind her warehouse for “protection”. The fact that she was hardly strong enough to swing the wood bat I guess hadn’t crossed her mind. Steevie knew that they’d head for the police station in the middle of town so she brought Ray and Mikey down a short cut where they got the plan for Steevie to go for the police because she’d lost her older brother (Ray) and needed help finding him. Steevie would magically find her brother once they got to town where they’d wait for us. Once the cops left me alone in the car Mikey was to break me out. The thought of checking to see if the doors were unlocked, he claimed, never occurred to him, but I had this itching feeling that he just wanted to smash a police car. Now we were supposed to meet Ray and Steevie outside of some movie theater.
“Okay I think this is it” Mikey said stopping and looking up at the building in front of us.
“What gave you that idea? The movie posters hanging on the walls, the people walking out with popcorn, or the giant “CINEMA” sign?” I said sarcastically.
Mikey shoved me, “Come on let’s just find them”.
A few moments later we find the standing to the side of one of the entrances.
“Perfect! You’re back!” Steevie said, “I should get going then”.
“Are you sure?” Mikey asked.
“Yeah” She answered, “I don’t want anyone to steal my books or anything”.
I didn’t point out how I doubted anyone would want to steal her books but said, “Are you sure you can get back okay?”
“Please I had to show these two how to get here. I’m fine.”
“If you’re sure” Ray said.
“I am” she responded and began to leave, “Oh and uh good luck with your Mistake”.
I gave a feeble smile, “Thanks Steevie”.
She returned the smile before turning back around and leaving.
“What do we do now?” Mikey asked.
“Try not to get arrested” Ray said, “Uhmm speaking of, what are you going to do about those?” he pointed to my handcuffs.
I shrugged, “I don’t know. We just need a hair pin or something.”
“Damn. I think I left all mine at home”. Ray said.
“Whatever”. I said, “I guess I’ll just have to figure it out later”.
“Well, well, well” a voice sounded from behind us, “If it isn’t Gerard Way”. I tuned around to face a lanky greasy haired guy. I groaned when I recognized him, “Hello Danny”.
He smirked at me, “Hello Gerard. I see you’ve managed to get yourself arrested again.”
“No thanks to you this time”.
“Feisty as always I see”. He grinned wickedly.
“What do you want?” I snapped.
“Gerard, where are your manners? You haven’t even introduced me to your friends.”
I growled, “Ray and Mikey this is Danny.”
“Nice to meet you”. Ray and Mikey said in unison.
“And you” Danny said taking a step closer to Mikey, “You know glasses really turn me on” he said bluntly placing a hand on Mikey’s shoulder. Mikey laughed nervously and took a step back.
“Oh fuck off Danny” I said.
“Mikey doesn’t mind does he?” he purred not taking his eyes off my brother.
“Mikey minds a little” Mikey whimpered.
Danny laughed, “That’s cute”.
I grabbed him by the back of his shirt collar and pulled him back, “I said fuck off”.
“Fine.” Danny said whipping around, “Then I guess I won’t tell you where you can go to get the cuffs off”. He began to stalk away.
“Wait.” I stopped him hating myself a little, “Where?”
He turned around smirking down at me, “I’m sorry, I’ve been told to ‘fuck off’ ”.
I said almost inaudibly, “I take it back. Just help us.”
“What I’m sorry I didn’t hear you. “ He grinned obviously pleased with himself.
“I said that I take it back. Can you just help us…” He motioned for me to go on, “Please?” I hissed.
“Well since you said please….I suppose I could. There are two guys who live in a rundown convenience store right outside of town. Jon and Ron. Twin brothers. They’ve got picks and knives and the likes for trade. They’re sure to have something to get you out of those.”
“How do we get there?” I asked.
“Just go down that way out of town”. He said pointing south, “The store’s called At Your Convenience, it’s bright red, can’t miss it”.
“Okay fine.” I began to turn to leave, but he cleared his throat to stop me.
“Forgetting your manners again?”
“Thank you” I snapped.
He smiled triumphantly, “See you around then hon”. He sneered and walked away from us.
“Only in your dreams”. I muttered under my breath. I looked at the other two and saw Ray close to tears.
“What is it” I asked worriedly.
“Not even a gay guy will hit on me” He moaned.

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