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Chapter hashtag 9

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“Care about what?” I asked. “About Frank. You really care about finding him, I can tell. Why?”

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A/N: okay so sorry for the slower update but I had lots of trouble with this chapter. It took a lot of revising and rewriting but here it is. It is 5:14a however so i just hope my sleep deprived mind isn't posting rubbish. Anyway to the amazing people who are reading this please R&R thank you so much! xoxHHalo


His bare skin pressed against mine. Hot and sweaty and intense. His raven hair fell over his eyes and he pulled our bodies closer. His glistening hazel eyes sparked with passion and his lips pressed against mine. His were soft and moist and tasted like peppermint and coffee. Our lips meshed together over and over sparking me with endless waves of fiery passion for him. His hands traveled down my body and he began nibbling softly at my pale skin. I bit my lip to keep from screaming his name. His tongue made its way down my stomach and then to my thigh and I could feel his kind breath. Warm and desirable and I could hardly stand it anymore.

“Gerard” I gasped sitting up suddenly. I rubbed my eyes trying to make out the blurry images around me. I was in a brightly lit white room. I was lying in an equally as white bed that perfectly matched my white clothes. My head felt as if someone was pounding it with hammers. I blinked a couple of times trying recall what had happened and where I was.
I suddenly remembered the amazingly small room I had been locked in. I remember feeling trapped and lost. And then I had stopped breathing hadn’t I? So that meant I had to be….
“Is this heaven?” I said out loud.
“Far from it,” said a female voice from behind. A girl in a white nurses’ outfit walked past my bed and sat down on its edge, “You’re in the sick ward darling”. The girl’s hair was chopped off like mine but well hidden by her nurses’ hat. She had sad looking grey eyes and appeared to be in her early twenties, “My name’s Shelby by the way”.
“Fr-frank” I stuttered.
“Is Gerard your boyfriend then?” she asked me.
“What?!” I yelped perhaps a bit too loudly, “No!”
She smirked slightly, “Well whoever he is you got pretty excited over him.”
I looked down, “Oh fuck. Well what do you know?” I felt my whole face burning tomato red.
She gave a soft sad chuckle, “I like you Frank. It’s been a long time since someone’s made me laugh”.
“Yeah well, glad to be of service”. I replied bitterly my face still a little warm, “How the hell did I get here in the first place?”.
“To this ward or the Mistake center?”
“Well, I suppose you got turned in by someone because you were found out as a Mistake” She paused, “I don’t know for sure, because well, I don’t remember how I got here for sure either, but’s it’s believed that after the cops drag you away they drug you and your dragged to a center closest to you. You got in here because they found you in the Closet nearly dead.”
“The Closet?” I said angrily, “that’s what they call that evil room?! Its walls pushed me together so much I could hardly move! I couldn’t breathe!”
“Frank calm down. That room you were in is about the size of a walk-in closet and the walls do not move. You just suffered from a very severe claustrophobia related anxiety attack”.
The door to the room swung open and the guard from earlier marched in, “Oh delightful” he said his tone drowning in sarcasm, “The midget afraid of closets is awake”.
“So tell me,” he said yanking me up by the collar, “You’re alive aren’t you? So what makes you think you have the right to laze around?” He pulled me to my feet and spat in my face.
Standing up my eyes barley hit his chest. He laughed down at me, “Boy, we’ve got girls here taller than you”.
“And boy” I said stretching up as tall as I could. I sneered and looked into his cold eyes, “You’ve got girls here who get more pussy than you do”.
I remember seeing his large fist raised up but after that all I remembered was darkness. I seemed to have a knack for getting knocked out.
Mikey started, “Uhmm how exactly is this six—.”
“Seven!” she reminded him.
“Seven year old” He corrected himself, “Supposed to help us?”
“She’s a genius,” I said. I turned to looked at her, “Would you mind helping us doll?”
“As long as you don’t call me doll ever again”. She responded, “What is that you need”.
“Our really good friend was Mistaken. We’re trying to save him, but we need these guys to get trust from other HMO.”
“Why didn’t you just some on your own?” she asked me.
“I tried but they wouldn’t take “no” for an answer,” I said.
“Typical hetie” She said before turning to me, “Gerard your hetie friends stick out like a sore thumb and not just because the one’s got the Amazon Rainforest on his head”.
“Hey!” Ray protested, “That’s unfair!”
“Life’s unfair Hetie!” she responded, “We’re all born by the same doctors in the same hospitals but as soon as people like me are marked our life gets thrown away. You and your friend with the glasses get to live in a home with your family, you get to go to school and come home and eat dinner every night, you get to grow up and be whoever you want to be. Three letters determined my fate and you get everything that I can never have. That is what’s unfair”.

“Steevie you’re right it’s not fair”. Mikey said, “But we didn’t choose our lives any more than you chose yours and we really have to save our friend. If there’s some way you could help us we really need it”.
She looked between the three of us, her eyes landing on me, “Gerard I do not like getting involved in any Mistake problems”.
“Please Steevie. It’s really important. I know you still make those stamps and all I’m asking is that you stamp my guys so people think they’re HMO”.
Steevie looked at me warily, “I’m not sure….”
“Please” I added, “He’s really important”.
Ray spoke up, “Please he’s been my best friend for years. I’ve got to get him back”.
“It doesn’t bother you that his Mistaken?”
“God of course not” Ray said, “He’s my best friend not matter what. Please help”.
“Okay fine!” She said. Mikey squealed by my side and ran forward to give her a hug. She stiffened underneath him.
“Get off of me” She growled. He jumped back mumbling sorry. Steevie looked at the horizon. The sky was turning dark navy as the sun dipped below it.
“But you ought you stay here for the night” She said, “I can stamp the heties in the morning”.
“Thank you so much”. I said.
“Just be careful Gerard.”
“I will be” I told her.
“And I don’t just mean about your little trip. Be careful with that Mistake you can’t get your hopes up.”
“Don’t worry about it” Ray said confidently, “We don’t need hope to get him back.”
I nodded knowing Steevie was talking about something much different, “I haven’t”.
We all sat down against the wall of the warehouse. As we watched the day turn into a cool twilight I thought, as always, of Frank. I thought that if we didn’t save him he would never be able to see a sunset like this again. It was incredible really. How much someone had managed to impact my life. I knew I couldn’t possibly have caused anything like this in him, but despite Steevie’s warning, I was hoping he felt something towards me. I was hoping I could save him and he would be so grateful he’d wrap his skinny arms around my waist and tell me I was his savior. I wanted to be with him and I needed to find him.
Slowly everyone around me began to drift to sleep. Ray fell down flat on his back his hoodie zipped up to his chin. He began to snore softly. Steevie’s red curls mixed with his brown one’s as she lay her head on his hair using it as a sort of pillow. She had a tattered old woolen blanket pulled up over her face and was mumbling in her sleep. It sounded like advanced math equations.
Mikey kept stealing glances at me and finally said, “Why do you care so much?”
“Care about what?” I asked.
“About Frank. You really care about finding him, I can tell. Why?”
I shook my head, “I don’t know”.
He didn’t say anything for a couple minutes. Then he said, “He likes you too, I think”.
I gulped and looked down at my feet, “Mikey please don’t”.
“But I just thought…”
“Mikey forget it. Nothing can happen.”
“Gerard you’re on a mission to save a man you knew for a few days from a Mistake center. I think anything can happen”.
With that he shut his eyes and laid down on the ground. His breathing began to slow down as he drifted to sleep. A few minutes later he began to shiver in the cold. I pulled off my jacket and draped it over his shoulders. His body stopped moving and he subconsciously let out a content sigh. I took a deep breath and shut my eyes.
I awoke with a start to the sound of gunshots. My eyes flashed open. The others around me had all woken up to the sound too and were looking startled at each other. Then two dark figures came running towards us. They ran past us without even looking our way. They turned around the corner and kept sprinting. Mikey starred wide-eyed at me. Less than a second later a pair of police officers came pounding down the pavement. They stopped at us and waved flashlights in our faces making it impossible to see much of anything. Before I knew what was happening I was being shoved against a wall, and one seethed out, “HMO I should’ve known”.
The others beside me we’re standing there paralyzed in horror as I was slammed against the wall and cuffs snapped against my wrists.
“RUN!” I shouted snapping them out of their shock. The three pushed past the other officer. One of them began to open fire. I saw Steevie bend down and pick something off the ground.
“STEEVIE GO!”I commanded. She jumped back up and ran after Ray and Mikey. I heard a sharp bang and then saw her small form crumple to the ground.
“Gerard!” she yelled, “Help!”
I struggled against the policeman holding me back. I couldn’t get free and the other one was taking aim again. Suddenly I was Ray’s form sprinting back. He bent down scooped Steevie off the ground and ran back to where Mikey had paused. The cops continued to fire, but by now they were out of range, and I could only make out their Ray and Mikey’s running silhouettes in the distance. The man holding me told his partner to give it up and they shoved me back in the direction they had come from. Maybe they’d let me go now, because I mean really anything can happen.

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