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Chapter hashtag 8

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I made the mistake of looking up. By now I swear the walls were mere centimeters from crushing my body together.

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Michael James Way” I growled staring and Mikey and Ray angrily, and Ray..…”
“Manuel Toro” Mikey piped up. Ray smacked him glaring.
“and Ray Manuel Toro” I continued, “ I told you not to come!”
Ray leaned in and whispered something in Mikey’s ear snickering.
Mikey burst into giggles, “Ewww….Gerard! We’re brothers!”
I heaved a deep sigh and placed a hand over my face, “I’m surrounded by idiots”. I looked at them seriously, “Guys, I meant what I said though. I don’t want you guys on this trip. It could be seriously dangerous.”
“We don’t care!” Mikey insisted, “We want to come—shut up Ray---and we don’t about the risks. Frank’s our friend and we’re going to help you rescue him!”
Before I could put up further protest Ray spoke, “Gerard this isn’t up to you. Even if you say we can’t come we’ll just follow you the rest of the way. So you might as well use us to your advantage. We can be helpful.”
“Yes, but will you be?” I replied.
“Yes!” The both insisted in unison.
I heaved a great sigh, “Fine, okay. Yon come—”
They started cheering so I cut them off, “ BUT, You have to behave yourself and you have to do everything I say”.
Mikey nodded his head seriously, “Yeah of course Gerard.”
Ray eyed me suspiciously, “As long as that’s not homo slang to make me your sex slave then I’m in”
“Ray!” Mikey squealed in protest, “Gerard would never!”
Ray only shrugged, “Well he said we could come the and then he said everything he says so…...”
I closed my eyes, “Please Lord give me patience”.
I clapped my hands to get their attention, “I promise Ray I will not make you my slave sexual or otherwise. So deal?”
“Yeah sure” He agreed.
“Besides you’re not my type”.
“Wait”, He said, “What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Anyway,” I said, “Moving on. I hope you guys are ready because we’re going to be walking all day. And we’ve got to make a quick stop for you all, because you’ve got to blend in with the HMO”.
“Oh great” Ray grumbled, “So now I’m going to be some other HMO’s sex slave”.
I shook my head. Heties, I thought rolling my eyes, what could you do?
I pounded on the door of the small room, “Let me out!” I pleaded, “Let me out!” I pounded on the door even louder. I screamed, “Get me out of here!”
The room was incredibly small to the point where I didn’t even know how he’d managed to get me in here. I continued to scream until my voice grew hoarse and my fists were bleeding, because I had managed to wear through the skin hitting the door so hard. The back of my head was screaming in agony and again the room was way small. The walls, if it was even possible seemed to be moving even closer to my body. I tried to scream out again, but nothing escaped my dry throat except a tight squeak. Hot sweat plastered down my neck and back. My breathing was growing dangerously shallow and fast. I fell down to my knees and then forward with my head to the floor.
“Please,” I breathed, “Let me out”. I tasted salt as hot tears seeped through my eyes. I made the mistake of looking up. By now I swear the walls were mere centimeters from crushing my body together. I dragged myself to the door and clawed around its edges. I could see a dull light from the other side and every now and again feet shuffled past.
I longed to be out of this place. To just breathe fresh are. To stand up and stretch my legs. To just reach out of the room and escape. If I could only get one arm through. Just one arm. I tore at the bottom of the door. I needed to get out of here. I needed to escape. Just one arm.
I spent hours attacking the door trying to free myself. The results didn’t land in my favor. I had made a very little, seemingly no, hole in the door for my arm to reach out of. However my nails were sawed down to nothing but bloody nubs. I cursed and shrieked. Then I realized that I had my voice back, so I returned to screaming and pounding with my already pained fists. My headache only seemed to get worse and by now I could practically feel the walls and ceiling pressing against my body and crushing it in, “LET ME OUT!” I hollered with all my might, “GET ME OUT OF HERE!”
There was no response. No one even shouted at me to shut up. I was alone. As the walls and ceiling pushed into me I curled myself into the smallest ball I could manage. I was alone and hopeless. My arms were covered in goose bumps and my back in a now cold sweat. My breathing suddenly went from being extremely fast-paced to very, very, slow. My brain pounded against my skull. I breathed in. I breathed out. I breathed in. And I stopped. My eyes widened in shock. I wasn’t breathing. I couldn’t exhale. I felt like I was choking. I was choking on my own irrational fear and I hated myself for it. I tried grabbing my throat, but my arms refused to move. I commanded myself to exhale but nothing happened. My eyes began to flutter uncontrollably, and suddenly they rolled to the back of my head. That’s when I realized I was going to die. Then there was nothing.
“But why not?” Ray was pestering me, “Is it my hair? Does the afro turn you off?”
I groaned, “Ray I’m not taking this any further. There’s nothing about you that turns me off, but nothing that turns me on okay? You’re just not my type”.
“Oh my god, it’s totally my hair. I bet that’s why girls never want to date me…”
I let out a frustrated moan, “Mikey talk some sense to your friend, we’re almost there.”
“To the Mistake center?” Mikey looked at me eagerly.
“No. Steevie’s school. She can help us.”
“Who’s Steevie?” he asked.
“Just another girl to turn me down.” Ray muttered.
Ignoring him I said, “She’s the one who taught me read and write”.
“Oh okay.” Mikey said dropping the subject to try to comfort Ray, “Ray any girl would be lucky to have you….no, no it’s a beautiful afro.”
I sighed. My brother had the strangest friends. Well friend. Frank wasn’t all the strange. Or at least anything that someone might consider strange on someone else was just charming and adorable on him. He’s was such a great person, and so kind. That’s why he had to be saved. He had so much to live for. Once we rescued him, he could finish school and maybe do something with music. When he played guitar I felt like I had been sent to another world filled with no dread and only hope. He was easily the best musician I had ever heard. It just added to his wonderfully long list of amazing qualities.
Stop it! I commanded myself after catching myself zoning off, You’re going to miss the school!
Of course Steevie’s school wasn’t an actual school. In fact it wasn’t even inside a building. It was outside of one. Near an old warehouse that was hardly ever used a beyond brilliant HMO lived. She had something she called photographic memory. It basically meant she could look at something, even just glance, and could remember what it was for pretty much ever. She taught herself to read and write when she was only three. She was crazily obsessed with reading and stole books from libraries. She got everything from Advanced Engineering : Teacher’s Addition to dictionaries and encyclopedias to Charles Dickens to old series like Harry Potter or even books about the stars and planets . She was a legend with HMO in these parts because she also loved to teach. If you were ever around she was always happy to teach people reading, writing, math, science, and even some foreign languages. She knew a ton, but she was best at French, Japanese, Spanish, Latin and German. She was simply incredible and I was sure she’d be willing to help us.
We approached a small steel warehouse at which point I stopped the others.
“Okay here it is” I said. I knocked on the side of the building four times. The sound echoed and Steevie emerged from the other side. She was struggling to carry a stack of books so tall they blocked out here head, “One second!” She said to us and set the books on the ground. She stood back up her wild red locks curly in every direction. She grinned broadcasting her crooked smile, with a few teeth missing.
“Uhmm Gerard” Mikey muttered quietly, “Why am I looking at a six year old girl?”
“Well actually I’m seven”. She piped up.
“This guys” I said introducing her, “Is the brilliant little Miss Steevie”.

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