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Chapter hashtag 7

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“Excuse what’s all this ‘I’ nonsense? You don’t actually think you’re going alone do you?” Mikey stared at me.

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As I stood on Mikey’s front porch all I could think was, Why am I here? Why am I doing this? I was shifting from on foot to the other trying to find the nerve to lift my hand up and knock on the door. I tried very hard to reassure myself that my parents had no idea who I was. They had no way of knowing, because they hadn’t seen me since I got tested at the hospital after my mom gave birth. They didn’t know what I looked like and I’m sure they’re glad they didn’t. My shoulder was covered. No one could see my HMO. All I had to do is knock. I just had to reach my hand up. And knock.
I took a deep breath and raised my hand to knock on the door. After hitting it three times it swung open and I came face to face to my father. He was a tall man with broad shoulders, very capable of knocking me to the ground. He had my eyes, the bastard. He stood in the middle of the door frame, a lit cigarette down by his side. He looked me up and down and finally spit out, “What do you want?”
“I uhhm” I bite my lip nervously realizing I have no reason for being here, “I’m um here to see Mikey about a uhh science project”.
My father eyed me over again. He’s eyes met my own briefly and for a moment I thought he might be wondering why he had the same ones. He grunted and swung open the door, standing aside to let me inside. I lingered around the base of the stairs and my father bellowed up the stairs, “MICHAEL! Your friend is here for your science project!”
I heard Mikey’s feet pounding down the stairs and he said, “Dad, what are you talking about? I don’t…” Then he caught sight of me and his eyes widened in realization, “Oh, oh yeah right the uhm science project, come on Ray and I have already started.”
I followed Mikey up the stairs and into his room. Sitting on hid bed was, who I could only assume, his legendary friend Ray. Ray was taller than me, but then most people were, and looked to be right at 6 feet. He was sporting a seriously impressive ‘fro. He stood up when we came in and introduced himself, “Hey I’m Ray”.
I shook his hand, “Gerard. Nice to meet you.”
“You too” He replied sitting back down.
“Great.” Mikey said, “You guys get along, can we move onto the problem?”
“Erm right” I said, “Well see. I don’t know really where this place is, not for sure, no one does. I do have an idea though” I pulled a map of New Jersey out of my pocket I had brought with me, “So basically a Mistake center needs to be somewhere that no one would bother even coming to. Just coming to New Jersey is a good start. Now I think…and again I could be mistaken, but this is where I believe the center is.” I circled a small town on the outskirts of Belleville with my finger.
“Well that’s not too far” Ray said.
“About a three days walk” I respond, “I don’t have much of plan because no one knows much about them, but I should be able to figure out how to get him out when I get there. I’m sure the local HMO will know more about it, so I’ll be back in a week or so”.
“Excuse what’s all this ‘I’ nonsense? You don’t actually think you’re going alone do you?” Mikey stared at me.
“Uhmm yeah. I most certainly think I do. You’re sure as hell not going so you can forget that idea.”
“If I’m not going then why did you even come and tell us your plan?”
“So you wouldn’t worry Mikey. I can handle this on my own.”
“No Gerard. We can this. We want to help.”
I raised an eyebrow and turned to Ray, “We is it?”
“Hey Frank’s my best friend. I’ve known him longer than any of you so yes. I am going to help find him.”
“Stop being ridiculous guys, I’m not letting either of you come. You’ve never been out on the streets before. It’s dangerous.”
Mikey rolled his eyes, “We’re not little kids Gerard. We can come. Please”.
I sighed, “No. Mikey I’m sorry but no.”
Ray spoke up, “Gerard this is stupid. You barely know the guy. We deserve to go.”
“No, you guys” I said, “No, it’s final. I don’t want you guys to get hurt.”
Mikey opened his mouth to protest again, but I put my hand up to stop him, “No. I’ve got to go, but I promise you guys. I’ll get Frankie back safe.” With that I walked out of Mikey’s room closing the door behind me. I walked back down the stairs. Mom and Dad were sitting in the living room. The television was playing quietly, but neither seemed to be very involved in the show.
When I made my way towards the front door my mother looked up, “Leaving so soon dear?”
Dear? Oh Lord. “Uhmm, yeah…we got done quicker than we expected.”
“Oh well that’s good…I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name”.
“Uhh, it’s umm Gerard”.
“Oh how pretty. I’ve always loved the name Gerard.”
“Thanks.” I mumble blushing.
“Well maybe we’ll see you around here again sometime Gerard”.
“Uhhh, y-yeah maybe” I stuttered, “but I really should go…my brother’s err lost something and I’ve got to help him find it.”
“Oh well, good luck dear.”
“Mhmm” I mumbled in a reply leaving the house in a slight haze. I had tried to come out confident in Mikey’s room, but being honest with myself I was scared as fuck. Actually scared. I knew I was making the right decision telling Ray and Mikey they couldn’t come. I had no idea how dangerous these people could be and I wasn’t about to risk them getting hurt. I was worried enough about Frank, and I didn’t need to worry about them either.
I headed in towards the outside of town thinking of the insanity I had gotten myself into. Because it was insane. It was completely and utterly insane to go and attempt to save someone from a Mistake center.
But not just someone, Fraaaaaaankie, the nasty voice inside my head insisted upon reminding me. Yes, attempt to save Frankie. Quite the insane task. It seemed like something you’d watch on a poor TV drama. The worst part was though, I had no idea what I was doing. I knew, generally, where the Mistake center was, but I had no idea how I would get in. I’d surely need supplies to break in, because it’s not like they’d just let me walk in. I would need to figure out what I need, how to get it, who to get it from. On top of everything else I only had a general idea of where it COULD be. I’d still have to pinpoint its exact location and even if I did that, it could end up being the completely wrong place. I had no idea what I was doing. I was just a stupid undeserving fag who had, let’s face it, fallen for someone he’d never get, and was attempting to save him from a secret government facility. I had hardly any hope in coming out of this alive, much less saving Frankie.
I kicked a nearby tree in frustration, immediately regretting this decision as pain shut through my big toe, “Dammit!” I yelped shaking my foot madly as if it would reduce the pain, “Fuck ball shit ass—.” My line of curse words was halted when I heard shrew snickering sound from behind me. I whipped around a groaned inwardly at the sight before me.

“HELP!” I shouted my fingers clawing at the ground. My ankles were being held onto by the man from last night and he was dragging me down a white hallway, “Let go!” I heaved and squirmed around as much as I could. He continued to drag me down the hallway a broad smirk stretched across his ugly face. As he dragged me to what I presumed was my ultimate doom I noticed dozens of white shirted Mistakes walking down the hallway, a guard for every three of them. Some stared at me with worried-filled expression, although most didn’t even seem to notice my hollering form strung across the dirty hallway floor. It must be a common occurrence for people to be drug across the floor way flailing and screaming.
We finally entered a dark room with what appeared to be a large conveyer belt in the middle of it. He sat me down on it and tied me down with rope that no amount of struggle would loosen. I could make out four shadowy figures in a line in front of me. My oh so lovely captor vanished from sight and a second later the belt rumbled to a start. At first all I heard was the sound of the machine but then something from the ceiling swooped over the first one’s head and they let out a pained yelp which resulted in the rest of us squirming fearfully. The conveyer belt slowly edged me towards its end and the people in front me began to leave my sight. Soon there was only one person in front of me and with a terrifying swish a very large blade swooped over their head and they cried out in pain. All the hair on their head fell down their backs and landed in front of me. Before I could ask if they were okay they swerved around a corner and out of view. I couldn’t believe this is how they cut hair. Were we so Goddamn awful that touching us with a razor would kill them? As I mused it over I heard a loud whoosh from overhead and sharp jets of pain hit my scalp. I gulped at the sudden cold feeling around my head and thought to myself, Beeeeeeeeeeep. Yep. All your pride has just flat lined.
I rounded the corner and something cold and metal pushed me down on my back. With slight difficulty I craned my neck up to see the people in front of me lying flat on their backs as well. The further down you traveled the closer you got to a series of female workers all wearing latex gloves and surgical masks. They wear using pliers and scissors to remove the clothes of the other victims without removing their bonds. Then further up they were violently throwing on the standard white shirt and pants. This place was too surreal. It seemed impossible that it could even be happening but as I edged closer and closer to the women I knew not even a mind as fucked up as mine could come up with this.
Panic rose in me and when I was mere inches away from the first woman to remove my clothes. My mind flashed to Gerard’s drawing in my pocket and I wiggled my hand trying to reach for it. If only I could get it out before they could get me. I had my fingertips around the edge of my jean’s pocket when the first woman tied a gag in my mouth and another woman cut through my shirt and pulled it off with her pliers. The fact that she nicked my chest with her unusually sharp scissors, causing me to bleed, didn’t seem to faze her in the slightest. Next she snipped off my pants and a cut through my left pocket most defiantly cutting Gerard’s drawing in half. My heart sank and I growled deep in my throat. My black skinnies came off in pieces, but when she made to cut my boxers adrenaline shot through me and my whole body jumped up in protest. My restraints loosened and by struggling around more I was able to pull myself up and to a sitting position and I attempted to stand up.
On my attempt one of the undressers shoved my down with such brute force that I heard the conveyer belt heave under my weight in protest. The women shouted muffled orders to each other and I was quickly bond back down, much tighter this time, and to my utter disgust, with a very lacking of boxers. As I continued to move up front another crisp white pair was shoved, none too kindly, up my legs. Followed by the white linin pants and matching white t-shirt. As I reached the end of the line I was greeted by my favorite guard who threw me, actually threw me, over his back like a ragdoll and started carrying me out of the room.
As we re-enter the lighter hallway I began protesting again as best I could under the circumstances. I managed to squirm my arms out of the ropes and pulled the gag out of my mouth. My mouth free I began to wail an scream. I curled my hands into fists and pounded on his back and I started nipping at his back trying to draw blood. I don’t think I crossed the line until I accidentally bit his ass. He gave a small startled jump and ran backwards slamming me into a wall. I screamed out as the back of my head collided with the stone wall.
“I’ve got a special place for pervert faggots like you”. He sneered forcefully.
I barely registered his words as a warm wash of blood fell down my throbbing head. As he continued to carry me down the hall I watched it trickled down and leave a scarlet trail behind us. My eyes were beginning to flutter shut and I realized I was probably losing much too much blood than what was safe. I felt very lightheaded and the floor began to blur and not just because we were moving so fast. My eyes rolled in the back of my head and I moaned painfully.
I don’t remember falling asleep, but when I awoke I was in a very small room, painted pitch black with not windows and the only door locked.

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