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Chapter hashtag 6

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His voice quavered, “They’ve taken him away”.

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I was leaning against the outside wall of the Central Perk a coffee across the street from Central Park. From inside I could hear a woman’s voice singing that went along perfectly with her guitar playing. She played here once a week, and although her lyrics didn’t make much sense, she was currently singing about a cat with a bad stench, I liked listening anyway. (A/N: anyone who can tell me what TV show I got that from I will give 50 brownie points and I will seriously love you forever)
I let out a deep sigh gazing at the sea of white around me. I pulled my black jacket tighter across myself. My friend Bryar had managed to get it for me. I was really glad to have a friend like Bob Bryar. He is one of the only heties I could ever trust. He’s strongly against all the HMO laws and is part of the few people who protest against it. He tries his best to help out all the HMO around here, but the guy doesn’t make much, so amazing all he’s done for us. For me. He’s not a Mistake either, although a lot of people think so. He’s got a girlfriend, a follow HMO law protester.
Thinking of Mistakes made my mind wander, yet again, to Mister Frank Iero. You would’ve thought he’d get sick of being in there all the time. I swore he had to be the only thing I thought of any more. It’s really irritating. I hardly knew they guy. Why did he have to wear those skinny jeans and perfectly fitting shirts? Why did he have to have the most angelic face ever? With his perfect angles and his button nose. With his single lip ring that perfectly complimented his plush pink lips. With those damn drop dead gorgeous eyes.
I tried to force my mind to think of anything besides Frank. It was beyond pointless to think of him like that since there would be no way of anything happening between us. He was a freaking hetie for crying out loud. Part of me knew he must be a Mistake, but even knowing that he wouldn’t go for me. Plus he was also miles away. The fact that I hadn’t felt this way towards anyone before was completely beyond the point. This was about how he could never see me the same way I saw him, so it was pointless to think otherwise.
“Gerard” I husky voice sounded from behind me said. I stood up to turn around and face Bryar. His scruffy beard he started growing out this winter was just starting to come along, but it suited his oval face, blue eyes, and short blond hair, “Hey” I said to him.
“Hey” he said. He was holding out his cell phone, “Do you anyone by the name of Mikey?”
“Yeah, is everything okay?” I asked panic already beginning to rise up in my chest.
Bryar shrugged, “I don’t know, but he sounded kind of frantic. He handed me the phone.
Taking it from him I spoke into it, “Hey Mikes is everything okay?”
“Gerard! You’ve got to get down here! Now!” His voice urgent and shaky.
“Mikey you know perfectly well I can’t come down there”
“That was a month ago Gerard they aren’t looking for you anymore. The posters aren’t even up anymore. Please! It’s important!”
I sighed, “Mikey…”
He cut me off, “It’s about Frank”
My heart sped up and my hand grew clammy around the phone, “What about him?”
“He’s been found out as a Mistake Gerard.” His voice quavered, “They’ve taken him away”.
Shit. I thought. What was going to happen to him? I’ve heard of the things they do to Mistakes, but they can’t possibly be true. Not even our government would do that. Would they?
I took a shaky breath, “What do you expect me to do about it?” I asked him.
“Save him?” it came out as more of hope than a statement.
“Save him? How from who?”
“I don’t know, don’t you?”
Yes. “…well…”
“Gerard please! I know you hardly know him so you can’t be as worried as Ray and are down here….but they do such terrible things to the Mistakes”
I had a feeling that I was more worried than Mikey and Ray combined. It was crazy to think something like that because Mikey was right, I hardly knew him, but I was worried. I have heard such gruesome things about the Mistake facilities. I was so worried I was dizzy and the whole city was spinning around me. My stomach was churning uneasily, “Okay.” I managed to get out, “talk to Bryar for a bit kid I’ve gotta---.”
I tossed the phone to Bryar and clasped a hand over my mouth and ran around the corner of the Central Perk. I feel down to my knees and retched up the few contents inside my stomach, and didn’t stop until I felt stomach acid burning in my throat. I whipped my mouth with the back of my hand and stood back up and slowly walked back around to where Bryar was standing talking on the phone to my brother.
When he saw me come back around Bryar clamped a hand over the phone’s speaker and asked. “You okay man?”
I nodded my head slightly.
He spoke into the phone, “Okay kid here’s Gerard I’m going to pull my car around”.
I looked at him questionily, but he was already walking away, “Hey” I said into the receiver.
“Hey” Mikey’s voice was still shaky, but he seemed a little cheerier, “Bob said he can drive down here now so you can get here faster”
“He what? No that’s crazy Bryar doesn’t need to do that for me…”
“Fine. Then he’s doing it for me. Look I’ve got to go Ray keeps asking if you can bring him back the Statue of Liberty and I’ve got to knock the stupid out of him so it may be a while” There was the sound of muffled protests from the other end of the phone, presumably from Ray., “Okay, but I’ll see you soon come to the house!”
Before I got the chance to protest further the line clicked off. I shut my eyes in frustration. This could not be happening.

I woke up in a pitch black room soggy and confused no idea where I was. Whatever I was laying wasn’t comfortable by any standards. It could possibly be a bed without the mattress, because it felt like springs were pressing into my back. I tried to stand up but a sharp pain in my ankles pulled me back down. I leaned forward and felt around my legs. It took me a second to realize I had been chained down.
“What the fuck is this!?” I growled.
“Please don’t talk” The hardly audible pled came from somewhere below me, “They’ll hear you.”
Before I could even muse over who “They” were a door slammed open and light flooded into the room. AS my eyes began to readjusted I saw I was in a very long hallway filled with dozens upon dozens of bunk beds, each nailed into a wall. Every single one was taken by other boys and girls who were chained to them by their ankles much like myself. Unlike myself however, they were all wearing white t-shirts and matching white pairs of pants. They all had shaved down hair, although whoever had cut it had done a very poor job because on most of them still had clumps of hair in a variety of different places on their heads and almost everyone had red spots were the razor must have nicked them.
I felt the top of my head, and reassurance washed through me as my fingers glided through my black locks. I’ll be damned if they cut of my hair. The reassurance vanished in an instant as a loud harsh voice echoed through the room, “Who talked?”
I looked up wide-eyed at the man huge man standing at the doorway of the room. He had to be at least seven feet tall and his muscles bulged under his black wife-beater, his light brown hair was chopped into a buzz-cut and his eyes were black with a lack of any feeling beside hatred.
“I said who talked!” He slammed a menacing fist into the door frame and the walls around us shook. Everybody’s frighten eyes turned to look at me. Some looked sorry for me, while others looked as though I got what was coming to me. The man approached my bed and yanked me by my hair forward, “Fist thing tomorrow we’ll take care of this queer rat’s nest” he hissed in my ear. I stared into his dead cold eyes.
He yanked even harder and I yelped in pain. He smirked at me, “You will respond when I talk to you”
“Fuck you” I spat.
A series of shocked gasps echoed through the room. He pulled me over the edge of the bed letting me fall and hit the metal poles on the way down. I came inches from hitting the hard wood floor. I’m sure this had been his intent, so I suppose my small size had for once come in handy. He squatted down beside me and shoved a damp gag inside my mouth. I hacked only partly from the pain it caused me, but mostly because it reeked of urine and I had a very sickening feeling of why it was wet.
“If you can’t use that mouth to talk with respect to those above you won’t be talking at all." I tried to say some sort of comeback, but the rag in my mouth made it impossible and the foul liquid dripped down my throat making me gag even more.
The man stood up and laughed a cruel laugh, “Fucked Mistake. You’re such a waste of time”. With that he left the room and swung the door shut with a loud bang.
By now hanging upside was making the cuffs to dig into my ankles and I felt a small amount of blood begin to trickle down my pained legs. I could hardly breathe properly with the gag stuffed down my throat and to top it all off my eyes were burning as a mixture of sweat and tears pooled into them.
After a few moments of just hanging there I heard footsteps from a few feet away. They came creaking towards me. A hand pulled the gag out of my mouth and with a disgusted grunt they flung it to the floor. A girl's voice leaned in and whispered into my ear to pull myself up. Less than a second after I had managed a grip on the edge of my bunk she was pushing my back up and I landed with a thud on my bed.
“Thanks” I whispered.
She stood on her tiptoes and spoke, “Just do what they say and let the days roll by. It’s easier that way.” Her voice was sweet with just the right amount of edge to it that you instantly believed what she said. Her footsteps retreated and I heard her creak back to her bed. And I did believer her, it would be easier. But taking the easy way out was hardly something I did.

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