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Chapter hashtag 5

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“Shut the fuck up you sick bastard” The largest of the cops said and yanked my hands behind my back.

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Ch #5:

Someone was pounding at my front door so loud it made me jump. I peeled my eyes from Gerard’s drawing and set it back down on my desk. I looked at the clock on my wall: 3:49. Who the hell could be stopping by? I just got back from school nine minutes ago. I headed down the stairs. Whoever was there were banging on the door so hard that the walls around it were actually shaking, and soon my doorbell started chiming along with it.
“Holy shit! I’m coming! Calm down!” I said it loud enough for whoever to hear as I fumbled with the lock. I only opened it to be ran into by a royally pissed off looking Mikey Way.
“Uhh…Mikey what are---?”
He stopped me short shoving a piece of paper in my face, “How the hell do you know my brother?”
“What? I uhh, I don’t know really….we just---“
“We’ll you obviously know him enough to let him in your room! Why the hell was my brother in your room?!”
“I just, you’ve got to understand” I said trying to keep my voice calm, “I only let him inside because---“
“Read it Frank, Read the note I found by your little friend Gerard.”
I stuttered a couple times trying to come up with a response, but ended with just scanning over the note, “He’s left?” I asked.
“Ya-huh” Mikey said starring me down.
“Mikey you’ve got to understand” I tried to keep my voice calm but felt it shaking slightly. Who would’ve guessed the skinny coffeehouse kid could be intimidating? “I have no idea why Gerard left. I’m sorry”
“But…but you’ve got to know” He no longer looked mad, he just looked scared and desperate for answers, “I’ve got to know” He mumbled the last part so softly I didn’t know if I was actually supposed to hear it.
“I’m really sorry, but he didn’t tell me anything. When I woke up this morning he was just gone”.
“Wait. Wait” He spent the NIGHT?”
I blushed shrugging my shoulders, trying to brush it off as nothing, “It wasn’t a big deal...”
Mikey took a couple of short breaths, “but why was here in the first place?”
“There were these cops after him… I don’t know. I dragged him inside because I was scared for him I guess, and I just uh, I wanted to make sure he was okay”. Just saying that out loud I suddenly realized how insane it had been. I could have been sent to prison for that. I don’t know why I had done it. Plus there could have been a really good reason that they were after him. What if he killed someone or something like that? But killers are that nice, or funny, or cu---
“Earth to Frank!” Mikey was waving his hand in front of my face, “Anyone home?”
I blinked a couple of times, “Sorry, what?”
“I asked why the police were after him”
“Oh um…I don’t know. I didn’t get a chance to ask. Maybe it had something to do with the CD. He wouldn’t have been able to afford would he?”
Mikey narrowed his eyes at me, “What are you suggesting?”
“Don’t get your panties in a twist. I just mean HMO can’t get jobs so they can’t get money right? So I don’t know…maybe he err stole it?”
If looks could kill I think besides myself everyone in this neighborhood would be dead by daggers Mikey shot me, “My brother wouldn’t steal anything! A mark on his shoulder does not define who his is!” With each word Mikey took a step closer to me, so he had me pinned against a wall. My breathing was shallow and quick. Mikey’s face began to blur, and I felt like I was about to collapse under my own weight.
“Mikey claustrophobic” I choked out.
Mikey snorted, “Yeah righ—Frank!” He grabbed my arm as I slipped to the ground. My eyes were shut and I tried to ease my breathing. I felt Mikey’s presence leave the space around me, but his eyes were still there.
“Fr-frank? Are you alright?”
I opened my eyes sighing, “I’m fine now thank you”
“Sorry” He nibbled the bottom of his lip.
I shook my head, “S’okay. You didn’t know”
We sat in silence for a second before I spoke up again, “You know I didn’t mean anything by what I said, I was only trying to think reasonably.”
Mikey shrugged, “No, it’s fine. I overreacted” He shook his head, “I guess it’s possible. How else would he have gotten it?” he briefly held up the CD in his hand. I hadn’t even noticed he had it before.
“Pumpkins are good” I stated.
His eyes lit up for a second and the smile that flashed across his face disappeared just as quickly as I came, “I didn’t know anyone else listened to this kind of stuff”
“Neither did I”
Mikey was staring at his CD and biting his lip hard enough that it began to bleed.
“Kid are you okay?”
“It’s just that… this is going to sound stupid, but I feel like I really know him and I don’t understand why he would leave without giving the CD in person. I know it probably sounds arrogant, because I’m sure he’s got better things to do than hand-deliver a present to his stupid baby brother….”
“Nah he really cares about you. Look at all the trouble he went through to get you a CD”
He looked up, “You think so?”
“Definitely, but uhh…”
“You’ve got blood running down your chin kid”
He giggled and licked it off, “Thanks”. He stood up and offered me a hand off the ground. I took it and stood up.
“I should probably be going” Mike said, “Uhmm thanks Frank. For talking to me and you know helping Gee and all”
“Forget about it. It was nothing.”
Before he could respond my phone began to ring in my back pocket. I held up a finger to Mikey and fished it out.
“Hey Torosaurus” I said through the phone.
“Must you call me that?” he asked.
“If I don’t who else will?”
“Never you mind.” He said, “That HMO you’re obsessed with? His name Gerard Way?”
“Uhh yeah. What about him?”
“You need to come into town. He is everywhere.”
Mikey and I rushed the coffeehouse where Ray had instructed we met him. We had already seen Gerard’s wanted posters, and the deeper you got into town the more abundant they became. I was afraid Mikey would pass out he was hyperventilating so much when we got there.
Ray caught my eye at the end of the coffeehouse and signaled us over, “This shit is crazy. What the hell did the homo do?”
Mikey’s eyes flashed with anger but he was still having trouble breathing so he couldn’t get anything out at Ray’s comment.
“We think he stole a CD”
“Holy crap” ray’s eye’s bugged out, “all this shit because a CD? They make you think he killed someone.”
Mikey finally got control of his breathing, “Gerard says that HMO can get in trouble with the law by walking, so when they actually do something illegal it really blows up”
“Am I the only one who isn’t on a first name basis with this guy?” Ray asked us.
I shrugged, “Well, he’s Mikey’s older brother”
“What?” Ray actually spit coffee out of his mouth. He groaned and wiped the table with a napkin. Then he looked up, “Mikey?”
Mikey blushed, “Uhm yeah … I didn’t want you to feel bad for me or judge me or anything which is why I never said anything about it…”
Ray’s face softened, “Look kid, I don’t hang out with you because of your family. I like you and I’m not going to change any opinions on you because you have a hom—err Gerard as a brother.”
Mikey smirked, “A homerGerard?”
Ray threw a soggy napkin at him, “Assface”
Mikey laughed, “Thanks”
“Welcome kid”
Mikey sighed, “You guys don’t think…Gerard’s not..?”
I patted him on the back, “He’ll be fine kid, that’s why he left right? He knew what to do and he got far away. They won’t get him”
“Right” Mikey responded, “Far away”.
I stirred my straw around my lukewarm coffee. Mikey and Ray were to meet me here at five, but I had gotten here early. The coffee house smelled like mint and cinnamon and had a very warm feel to it ever sense winter holidays started. It was decorated with silver tensile and mistletoe hanging above all the tables in preparation for Christmas which was just over a week away. I could hardly see outside my window do to all the frost fogging it up, not that it mattered because all you could see outside were miles of sheets of snow.
I sighed and starred at my untouched coffee. The pale brown color swirled around my cup chasing after my straw. My mind wandered to Gerard something more than a bad habit now-a-days. I missed him I physically missed him. I mean Mikey listened to that Smashing Pumpkins disk almost every day, but the amount I think about him just can’t be natural. Mikey’s got the excuse of Gerard being his brother. I knew him for what? Two days? And that’s practically all that runs through my head. It drives me crazy. Why? Why does he affect me so much? When I fall asleep his face is the only thing I see. When I wake up his voice floats through my mind. His drawing has grown very worn out from be folded up and moved from my different pairs of pants, depending on what pair I was wearing that day. Every time I saw it I thought of him sitting across from me that day. His dark figure bent over the desk. When our eyes met and I first really noticed how enchanting they were. They were so beautiful.
No. No no no. They were not. I wasn’t supposed to think this way about him. Or any guy. Things like that kept slipping into my thoughts. Calling his eyes beautiful and his laugh cute and thinking about his pale artist’s fingers and how I wished those perfect fingers would--- Ahh. I thought, No. Not there again. You will stop thinking about him like that.
Luckily at the moment Ray slid into the chair opposite me before my sick thoughts continued.
“Hey Frankenstein”
“Torosaurus” I mumble my head not in things yet. I thought about how Mikey had told us a few days after Gerard left a number he might be able to contact him with.
“Only if he goes to New York though” Mikey had said.
I remember a feeling like my heart fluttering then. Maybe’d I’d be able to talk to him again….
Ray eyed me. He keeps doing that lately. It’s really starting to bug me. What could he possibly be looking at, “What?” I huffed.
“You’ve just been acting weird sense Gerard left.”
I shrugged my shoulders. It wasn’t the first time he had brought it up. I know I’ve been acting differently, but I couldn’t help it. With him preoccupying most of my head all the time it was really difficult to concentrate or do anything else.
Ray just sighed and shook his head.
Mikey took that opportunity to walk up to our table and burst out laughing. Ray and I both transferred from looking at each other and starring at Mikey.
“Uhh Mikes” Ray spoke up first, “What the hell is so funny?” he asked in bewilderment.
Mikey’s laughter didn’t ease up but pointed a shaky finger above our table. We both looked up and saw the mistletoe hanging from the ceiling.
Ray wriggled his eyebrow at me and purred, “Gimme some sugar sweetcheecks”
I giggled and leaned forward to peck him on the cheek.
“Boo!” Mikey jeered sliding into the seat beside me, “That wasn’t a real kiss!”
“It’s not like he’s…uhmm nevermind”
Ray and Mikey were both staring at me now and my face burned. I took a sip out of my cup trying not to choke on its gross lukewarm temperature.
“Right Frankieboy there’s something we’ve wanted to discuss with you” Ray said.
I looked up, “What?”
Mikey spoke up next, “It’s probably smart to just say it right out so, here it is, we think you’re a Mistake”
I stared at him, “what like my parents didn’t plan on having me?”
“No.” Mikey said, “No Frank. Capital ‘M’-Mistake.”
“What?!” I sputtered, “Ray? You both think…what? Are ya’ll serious?”
Ray answered, “Yeah we’re serious. It’s just….It’s like this: 1) you’ve never had a girlfriend”
“Soooo?” I asked defensively, “There are tons of guys at school who have never had a girlfriend”
“Numero dos” Ray interrupted, “ A guy you’ve known for two days leaves and you’re fucking miserable”
“I’m not…Y-you think I have like a thing for Gerard?”
Mikey said, “Do you?’
“Oh crap! I am a Mistake!” I buried my head in my hands, “Oh god”
“It’s cool man” Mikey said, “We don’t care”
“Seriously Frankenstein it’s okay”. Ray said.
I looked up and felt the barista’s eyes on me. I turned to meet her eyes. She looked like she had swallowed a bug. Her face was pale, her mouth formed a small “O” and her eyes looked sickly. I whipped my head away from her gaze thinking, please oh please tell me she didn’t hear that.
She heard it. Less than five minutes later four cops came barging into the quiet coffeehouse. Everyone’s head popped up at the sound of them.
The barista shouted, “Officers! Officers! It’s him!” She pointed directly at me, “He’s the Mistake!” Suddenly every single person’s eyes were now on me. I gulped. The four policemen came stomping of to our table. One heaved Mikey out of his chair and pushed him to the ground.
“Mikey!” Ray and I shouted in unison. I stood up, “What the hell do you think you’re doing?!”
“Shut the fuck up you sick bastard” The largest of the cops said and yanked my hands behind my back. Ray made a grab for me only to be shoved into a wall by one of the men.
“Leave them alone!” I screeched. The cop with a hold on my wrists snapped handcuffs over them and tried to drag me away. I wriggled around and flailed my feet trying anything I could think of to keep them from taking me. Ray and Mikey were now being held back by two of the cops while the forth joined his friend and helped drag me away. It wasn’t until I was almost at the door when the two let go of my friends to join the others.
“Call Gerard!” I shouted to Mikey. At that second I was shoved through the door so I wasn’t sure, but I thought Mikey nodded his head, he understood.

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