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Chapter hashtag 4

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"But, what about the cops? Won’t they kill you?” “The only good is homo is a dead one right?”

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I took all of my strength to heave Gerard inside.
I pulled him to his feet and hissed, “Don’t make a sound.”
I glanced to the living room where my parents were watching television.
My mom called to me, “Dear did the dogs come inside?”
“Um, yeah, I’m uh going upstairs though…”
“Night honey”
I shoved Gerard up the stairs. I replayed the events from just moments before in my head, still not sure if they could have really happened. I was outside calling to Pea and Peppers. My dogs came scampering towards me. They were prancing around my feet nervously and yipping to be let inside. Only seconds later I heard what I thought were gunshots in the distance. I rushed the door open and scooted Pea and Peppers indoors. I had just stepped inside when I noticed, through our window, a dark figure sprinting towards our house. As he got closer I immediately recognized him as Gerard. I continued to look and he squatted behind the trashcan outside our side door. Less than a minute later three cops tromped down our yard and right in front of Gerard’s hiding spot. Panic shot through me and I realized I didn’t want him to be caught. I did not want this stranger, possible HMO, weird guy to get caught [by police. I didn’t even know him or what he did to get police shooting after him, but I wanted to save him.]
Adrenaline pushed through my blood and I swung open the door hardly thinking, grabbed him by his arm and yanked as hard as I possibly could. My eye caught sight of the HMO mark on his shoulder, but for some reason I really didn’t care.
“Uhmm Frankie was it?” Gerard’s voice cut me out of my thoughts.
I nodded, “Y-yeah…”
“Not that I mind being kidnapped by a Hetie, but I should probably go”
[“But, what about the cops? Won’t they kill you?”]
“The only good is homo is a dead one right?”
I stuttered, “ I uhmm I uh no…of course not…that’s uhh”
He stopped me, “Doesn’t matter. They’re gone now”
“But they could come and find you and what…what is that?” I asked suddenly noticed to a CD in his hand.
“it’s called a CD”
I rolled my eyes, “I meant what’s it for?”
“You listen to music with it”.
“Are you trying to be a smartass?”
“It just comes naturally…oh shit there it is again”
“FRANK!” My mom called, who on earth are you talking to?”
Gerard stiffened. I shoved him towards my bedroom door, “Inside” I whispered.
“I don’t know Ma, and imaginary friend!” I shouted down to her.
“Don’t get smart with me young man!”
“Jeez, Mom it’s Ray he’s on the phone, who’d you think?”
She didn’t answer me so I followed Gerard into my room and locked the door behind me.
He was staring at me.
“What?” I finally demanded after holding his gaze for a couple of minutes.
“Why the hell did you save me?”
“What kind of question is that?”
“One that ought to be answered. Why did you save me? You could have just left me out there to be found out by the cops.”
“I don’t know… I guess … I didn’t want you to die…” I answered awkwardly. It was the truth but it made me nervous to tell him that.
He squinted his eyes at me as if that was impossible to understand, “Most heties would have let me get caught most would have wanted it. Why do you care?”
I shrugged.
“What’s the name of your girlfriend Frankie?”
“What?” I sputtered not sure if I had even [*heard him correctly. That had to be the most random change of subjects I had ever heard.
“Don’t tell me you don’t have one” He actually looked startled when he said that.
“No, umm, no, I don’t have one”
He sighed, “ Ever had one? Ever had a crush?”
What the hell was he getting at? Was he just trying to prove I was a loser? “No, no I haven’t I just. No. Why on earth are you asking?”
He didn’t answer me, but instead shook his head, “Oh I should have known.” He brushed past me and when our shoulders collided a shiver ran down my spine and my heart began to race. Was that something that happened when HMO toughed you? Why hadn’t I noticed before?
Gerard was reaching for my door so I grabbed his hand and pulled him away, “You can’t leave. C’mon. Just stay one night! What harm is there?”
He [snorted, “You can’t be serious?”]
[“I am” I said holding my ground and releasing his hand, “At least you’ll know that it’s safe to leave in the morning.”]
[Gerard eyed me and let out a deep sigh, “Fine. I’ll stay.”]
I almost said thank you before I realized that I was the one doing him the favor, not the other way around. But why? He had a good point. He would probably be fine if I let him run off now, but something in my gut told me not to.
“So what’s the CD really for then?” I asked after a moment.
“It’s for Mikey. His birthday was back in September and I still hadn’t got him a present”
“Mikey? Like Mikey Way?”
“That’s the one. He’s my brother.”
“Oh…so he’s okay with the fact that you’re HMO then?” The second the words were out of my mouth I regretted saying them, especially when I saw the look on Gerard’s face.
“Some people” He said making sure to emphasize the word ‘some’, “Don’t judge us like others do”.
“Sorry” I mumbled looking down at my feet, “Uhm, do you want to sit down?” I gestured to the chair next to me desk.
He sat down, but stayed silent. I took this as a good cue to not say anything to him. I took my guitar out of its spot and sat down on my bed. My fingers floated over the strings and music flowed out as naturally as if I were talking, and the notes told more than my voice could. I usually play covers, but lately I’ve been working on an original piece, and I’m actually pretty proud of this one. Soon my mind got so involved in the music that I forgot Gerard was sitting only feet away. After a couple of minutes I looked up and saw him sketching. He glanced up having noticed the music had stopped and our eyes meet for a moment. His were a soft hazel green, with flecks of gold in them. The sort of took your breath away.
“That song was good” He said, “who’s it by?”
“Um, it’s actually an original piece I’m working on” He thought it was good? My heart began to race. I must have been excited someone liked my work. Mom and Dad usually just referred to it as “noise”.
“Really?” He asked, “Wow, You’re really talented”
My cheeks burned red, “Thanks”.
“You’re welcome” he said. It was silent for a few moments, but it wasn’t really awkward. It was just a chance for us soak up each other’s presence in the quiet. It was nice to be with someone besides Ray. Don’t get me wrong, Ray’s the best friend I could ask for, but I really liked hanging out with someone knew. Plus Gerard was cool, for a HMO of course.
“What are you drawing?”
He bent his head down, but I saw the tips of his ears go red, “Nothing” he mumbled.
“Oh come[ off let me see” I said standing up.]
“No way!” He said, “I’m, I’m not even done yet”
“Fine then” I said sitting back down and crossing my arms, “When you’re down then?”
“Maybe” He answered.
I smiled to myself.
Then I heard a knock on the door and Gerard stiffened again I stared at my locked door. My father said, “Frank lights out, you’ve got school tomorrow”
“Right” I said and flicked off the lights. Gerard let out a deep sigh as we heard my dad’s footsteps walk away.
“You don’t have to be scared of them” I told him.
He forced a laugh and yanked up his shirt, “Look at this Frank. Some hetie just like your dad did this to me when I was in Philadelphia.”
I had to stand an inch away from him to make out a nasty scar on his side. I shook my head, “That’s wrong they don’t have the right”
He just gave me this look, “That’s where you’re wrong. You, all heties, have all the rights to do anything to people like me. They have all the rights. They have everything I can’t even dream of. You’ve got everything”.
“That doesn’t matter he can’t just stab someone.”
He almost smiled, “it’s not just him kid, but it’d not a big deal. I’m alive aren’t I?”
Before I could argue further he changed the subject, “We should go to sleep. You’ve got school [tomorrow remember?”]
“Yeah” I said, “Uh, we can probably share the bed, it’s big enough.” He started walking towards it, like he considered it, but just shook his head, “No, that’s a bad idea. I’m fine on the floor.”
“Are you sure?”
“Uh yeah” He said matter-of-factly.
“Okay then” I said crawling into my bed, “g’night” I mumbled shutting my eyes.
“Night” he said.
I laid in silence for what seemed like hours. I remembered hearing a soft snoring come from down [on the floor. I was far from sleep myself though. My thoughts were clamoring around my head demanding to be listened to. Most of them were about Gerard. Every now and again I had to push one to my back of my head because it was too weird. I didn’t know what must be coming over me, I could have been getting the flu, because I knew I shouldn’t be thinking things like that. Especially not about Gerard.]
I swung my legs over the side of my bed and cracked my eyes open. It took a second for my eyes to stop blurring the images around me, and make out everything in my room. Something in my sleep deprived brain clicked quickly alerting me that Gerard was nowhere around.
“Gerard?” I asked. I stood up and looked around, but didn’t see him anywhere. My bedroom door was cracked open so he must have left my room. I jogged down the steps. I poked my head in the bathroom door, but he wasn’t there either. Did he leave? I headed back up to my room. I really wished he had at least told me he was leaving.
I went over to my closet and began to get dressed. After I looped my favorite pink studded belt through my black skinnies I laced up black sneakers. I scooped my back pack off my floor and grabbed a notebook off my desk and shoved it inside. Under the notebook on the desk was a Gerard’s drawing from last night. It was so amazing my hand loosened the grip on my bag and it hit my foot, “Shit!” I cried grabbing my foot and hoping around until the pain subsided. I scooped the drawing back off the desk, making sure to be careful with it.
He had drawn me while I was playing guitar. Which just added to its quality since he had to have sketched it under ten minutes. It was incredible none the less, and he had perfectly drawn my facial features and my position as my fingers glided over the neck of the guitar. I didn’t know how he had done it. I t took my breath away. The thought of him drawing me made my stomach do a flip. I must be hungry or something.

I felt bad for Frankie. I had left in such a hurry and without telling him. I figured leaving my drawing there might make up for my sudden departure. I just hope it didn’t creep him out. He probably couldn’t even tell it who it was. I had so little time to draw. I had a good reason to leave though. I started noticing things about him that were not good. At least for him. I‘ve heard such terrible horror stories about what they do to the Mistakes., and he hadn’t even realized it about himself yet. That’s why I had to ask about girlfriends, that was the only hope that I was wrong, but I should have known.
He’d figure out soon enough about himself, I was sure of that. I felt like he was in denial, so much so that he didn’t even know he had anything to be in denial about. The poor kid. Cute though. And funny. I shook my head. I could not go there.
I was very much in his gratitude though. He had been extremely kind. He had even offered to let me sleep in his bed! His bed of all things. It was incredible really, how kind he was. And God those eyes! No, I told myself firmly. I made myself stop thinking of him. There was no point in fantasizing.
I had been walking since I left Frankie’s house and I was now in the middle of town. I mostly blended in with the crowd of people bustling down the sidewalk, so as to not draw any attention to myself. I still clutch Mikey’s CD in my hand. I was planning on giving it to him later today. He had probably already caught his bus to school, so I’d have to wait for him to get back which pushed up my departure even more.
The nasty voice inside my head said, “You just want an excuse to “accidentally” bump into Frraaaaankie”
So I told the voice to go to hell and kept walking down the sidewalk. I was in no way staying for Frankie. I needed to get this to Mikey so I could leave. That was the only reason. I just hope I can get by without Mom or Dad noticing. They weren’t there the other day after school so they probably wouldn’t be today either.
A few seconds later I was running towards a store window, because I had seen something out of the corner of my eye. I yanked a piece of paper off of it starring in horror at my own face. It had to have been from a few years back when I got arrested in West Virginia because that’s the only way someone could have gotten a photograph of me. No one else takes photos of HMO either. I was lucky then because I was just trespassing in someone’s yard so I only got a couple years. (Which is a couple years longer than any hetie would get). Here it was again then though. My face. On a wanted ad. “HMO” in block red letters had been stamped on my forehead. Red didn’t suit me. And below it was my name, a description, a police number to call, and it said any one who could provide information on me would get five thousand dollars. I wondered briefly if I turned myself in if I would still get the money.
I tore off the page, but a quick glance down the street told me they were everywhere. I began to panic. I really, really, needed to get out of here and fast. People around me were already beginning to murmur, obviously unsure of how they recognized me. I turned around to where I had come from and started sprinting down the sidewalk. I couldn’t stop thinking, SCRAM! SCRAM! GET OUT OF HERE!
I hurried down to Mikey’s street. I still had his CD and I was determined to get to him. I raced into his driveway and up to the front door. I took a shaky breath and took a double take of the driveway to absolutely assure myself Mom and Dad weren’t home. Their cars were not there so I pulled the front mat off their porch and pulled their spare key off the ground. I put the key in the lock and turned so it clicked. I pushed open the door and cautiously stepped inside. All the lights were shut off, so I knew now for sure no one was home. Luckily light poured in from all the windows so I could see perfectly as I jogged up the stairs and walked into Mikey’s room.
I scrambled around his room for a piece of paper and pen. After I had located one I set the CD on his bed. I nibbled on the end of the pen. My mind shouted at me to hurry up as I thought of what to say. This genius HMO girl I met a year ago taught me how to read and write a bit, but it still was a bit of a challenge. I finally scribbled on the piece of paper:

Mikes—I got this from stor in town hope u like it its smashing pumpkins u menshund them befor sorry its so late and that I had to leeve Ill see you round (also I think Frankie mite like them to, saw a postr of them in his room) happy late birthday

I set the note on top of the CD player. As soon as I was out of his room and hurried out of the house being careful to put the key back where I had found it. Then leaving Mikey’s house behind, I ran. I ran with only one intention. To get away. I ran and I ran, and I didn’t stop until I was way beyond city limits. I fell to the ground to take a breath. My lungs were screaming inside my throat and I was covered in sweat. I looked both ways, not real sure what I was trying to see, but looking anyway.
I had to figure out where I could go now. I thought of many different places but my mind kept coming back to New York City. I had been there before, actually I continuously went there, which slightly went against my policy, but it was such a big city. You could live in New York your whole life and never notice someone else who only lived blocks away. I also had someone I could go to there. He was a good friend and always willing to help. I bet I could get with a jacket from him. I was getting tired of being cold all the time.
My mind was made up. NYC it was. It was perfect. I stood up still panting slightly and started walking.

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