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Chapter hashtag 3

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Gerard. Gerard is my new fascination.

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Gerard. Gerard is my new fascination. He hasn't left my mind since Mikey bailed from the coffee house for reasons still unknown. Why he was still on my mind? I do not know. I wish I did. I think that's what bothers me the most in the end. That I have no idea why I can't manage to think of anything but him. He was very strange, but not necessarily in a bad way. He just unlike any one I've ever met before and I don't think it as anything to do with the fact that he could be a homeless HMO either. I’m still really unsure about him being HMO. I guess I don’t have anything personal against HMO but they’re just supposed to be almost inhuman. Gerard is very very human. What was also bothering me was the fact that Mikey almost seemed to know who he was. He had perked up so much when I mentioned him that I swear his eyes actually got brighter. If he did know him though how did he? And why didn’t he say anything about it? Or at least explain why he left so fast and where he was going?
“Frank dear you’re mumbling.” My mother interrupted my thoughts. I looked up at her blankly.
“And you haven’t touched any of your food”
I had almost forgotten I was at dinner, but there it was on my plate. Just like my mom had pointed out it was also untouched and just like, I remembered, my lunch earlier today.
“Sorry” I mumbled shoveling some of it into my mouth.
“Is something bothering you dear?” My mom asked.
Before I could answer my father hushed her and said, “There will be if I can’t hear the TV”
I sighed. I was actually pretty glad Dad ad to watch the news otherwise I might have been forced to answer my mom and she can always tell if I’m lying. Of course I couldn’t tell her the truth either so in a way the television saved me. Even if I had wanted to tell Mom about what I was feeling I’d have no idea what to say. I still didn’t know what I was feeling and I knew I was being ridiculous about it too. Gerard was just another person. Why should he be so special? Suddenly, however, before any answers could have come, something on the news caught my intention.
The anchorwoman on the local news was saying, “HMO testing is actually much less accurate than we have previously thought. Medical professionals are saying now that the test have as low as a 76% accuracy rate as opposed to the 92% accuracy they were thought to have had. Now as shocking as that s wait until you hear about---”
Before she could continue the story however my dad switched off the television in disgust “Damn doctors.” He muttered, “Do you realize how many fags could be roaming around the streets without us even knowing? It’s absolutely sickening.”
My mom nodded in agreement, “And as if it’s not bad enough that they’re walking down our streets stealing our food”
He pounded the table with his fists. “This is ridiculous! The government hardly has any control of them anymore!”
I excused myself from the table mumbling something about not being very hungry, and walked up the stairs to my room. My bedroom was the only place that I felt I could really escape. The walls were dark grey, but you could hardly tell with all the band posters covering it. I had a CD player on my room because it was the only thing that could play the ancient music I’m into. Bands like the Misfits, Iron Maiden, and Black Flag beat any of the pop shit that exists now. I grabbed my guitar from its stand in the corner in my room and flopped down on my[ bed. Playing usually comes so easily to me, but tonight everything come with a struggle and still sounded jerky. I heaved a frustrated sigh and set my guitar down beside my bed. I laid down and shut my eyes.]
My mind again wandered to Gerard and what Ray said at lunch. There’s no way he could be HMO. He was nice and funny. I haven’t met one before, but my dad’s told me all about what they’re like. They’re dirty and ugly. They’re terrible creatures and act like vicious caged animals ready to burst at any moment. Gerard didn’t act like any HMO that my dad had ever described.
I was standing outside a shabby looking building. A crooked sign on it’d roof said, “Retro Music”. A hand drawn sign in the window stated that everything in the store was 50% off. Be that as it may I don’t think I could afford a mint from the bowl on their countertop much less anything else they ad inside. But Mikes had mentioned this place before. It was the only store around that you could get CDs. Mikey really liked this band from over half a century ago. Either Smashing Pumpkins or Mashing Pump-kicks, both names equally as stupid. I figured I probably would be able to slip in and out of the store with one of those CDs without anyone noticing.
I cautiously pushed open the door into the building, but luckily the clerk behind the counter didn’t even look up. I looked around and saw a large shelf in the back filled with CDs. After scanning through the racks I found noting called Mashing Pump-kicks. I started searching through the S-section for this “Smashing Pumpkins” group. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed an employee sweeping the floor edging his way towards me. My breath quickened and scanned through the CDs even faster. I finally found the band’s CD and stole a glance at the guy. He’s looking in the opposite direction so I quickly snatched the CD off the shelf and made to leave.
There was a tap on my shoulder and I jumped a foot in the air. The CD flew in front of me and the employee who had tapped my shoulder said, “Were you trying to steal that?”
I scooped the CD off the ground, “No sir…succeeding”
With that final word I pushed past the guy and ran as fast hell for the door, just barely catching the guy yell at the clerk, “The police! Call the cops!”
It’s not until I was a couple blocks away that I dared to glance behind my shoulder. There was the store clerk and the employee with the broom chasing after me leading a group of three policemen. Fanfuckingtastic. I picked up my speed into a sprint and headed towards the only place I could think of for cover. The forest near Baker Avenue was only 13 blocks from here. I could make it easy, and once I’m inside I could easily lose them. Another glance behind me told me the two Retro Music employees had already given up the chase. I let out a sigh. Two down. Three to go.
The cops were already starting to lose speed and the forest was in sight. My spirits began to rise. I could actually make it. I staggered into the forest when I felt a sharp pull on my sleeve. I looked back and saw a branch had grabbed at my shirt sleeve, “Fuck” I said. The cops were now starting to gain ground. I tugged on my sleeve but it refused to let go. I tore another glance at the officers who were now only meters away. I yanked on my sleeve as hard as I could and it ripped exposing my left shoulder.
“He’s HMO!” I heard one of the officers shout, “Open fire!” By now I was pretty deep in the forest but I heard the sound of gunshots going off around me. I continued running, swerving around trees, and doing anything I could to throw them off my trail. I finally reached the end of the forest and ran towards the first house I saw, a house I recognized. I heard gunshots in the distance but I was sure I had lost them. I ducked behind a trashcan on the house’s side. I heard footsteps run past my hiding spot and my breath stopped short. The police officers said something to each other then split up and headed in different directions. Just as I began to stand up the house’s door swung open and somebody grabbed me by my forearm and yanked me through the door. They drug me inside so fast all I saw were the black sneakers on their feet.

sorry it's a bit short but the next chapter should be out real soon!
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