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Chapter hashtag 13

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He slowly began to rise off his feet, and taking me with him, zoomed through the now open window.

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“The plan?” I repeated.

“Yeah,” he said, “You do have one right?”

“Yeah,” I said, “Yeah of course.” Inside my head I was screaming. I had come all this way. I had all this time and yet I couldn’t come up with a lousy plan? And what I spluttered it out to Ray and Mikey as it came to me was indeed lousy, but all I had. It was a simple enough idea and would work as long as there were no complications. The problem being just that, for there were sure to be complications, if not many. They didn’t seem to notice such flaws and agreed to it almost immediately. Even though I didn’t voice it to them I was consumed with t the dread of failure. We had so much at stake. Not just Frankie, who was of course important, more than important, vital. Amazingly vital to everything. To me. I shook my head, no, I wasn’t to think about that now. Plus on top of all that what if we got caught? What was to happen to Mikey and Ray? It was already my fault for getting Frankie mixed up in this shit. I didn’t think I could bear it if I got two more people in trouble as well. They didn’t realize how cruel it really was, and I could only pray Frankie didn’t know yet. However, Mikey and Ray seemed confidant and I had no desire to crush morale.

“You all ready?” I asked giving a feeble smile.

They both nodded and Mikey matched my smile, “Let’s get started”.


Hot sweat glistened on my face and stinging droplets traveled from hairline to my eyes causing them to burn and blur no matter how much I fluttered my eyelashes. I licked my lips bending back down to pick another white cement block to place on top of the dozens of others. The stain from lifting had caused excessive bolts of pain to shoot down my back. I grimaced and picked up another black to shove on top of the others. Glancing around the room all I could see were the other Mistake doing the same tedious task as I. The whole room we had been dragged into was all made of the same white cement were staking against its walls. Every five feet there was another person struggling to lift and shove the blocks into its place. As far as I could tell there was absolutely no purpose to this job than to make us strain our bodies and sweat buckets full. There was only one guard on duty and I had already witnessed him drag out three people who had passed out from the work. I was lucky, I suppose, that the room was so large but even so with that many people surrounding me I was fairly certain I would be the next to collapse.

It was taking much of my energy to not just simply stop and sit down on the ground. I had passed the exhausted mark hours ago and wasn’t sure how much longer I could keep it up. My stomach was curling over on itself and I knew this place wasn’t high one treating us humanly, but I thought surely they had to let us on a break here soon. Or at least give us some food, or even some water. We’d been at this since their little whipping session this morning which had been around seven in the morning and although there was no clock in the room a window near the ceiling proved that it was already growing dark. I also realized that we must be below ground because all that was visible through the window were yellow scraps of grass. I focused back to my work and tried my best to ignore the aching pulsing through my many muscles.

The only benefit, even though it wasn’t much, about stacking the blocks was it didn’t take much mental effort. So, I soon found myself day dreaming. I pictured escape and freedom. I imagined being rescued and when my rescuer took a particular form I could have smacked myself. You’ll never get over him will you? My subconscious thought. My thoughts only answered themselves as a vivid image of Gerard crashing thought the door piloted into my brain.

His hair was swept back so you could easily see his bright hazel eyes. I smiled so wide when I saw him approaching me I was afraid that my face would split in half. He proudly glided over to me. His broad smile let loose a rampage of butterflies through my stomach. A guard come up to him but in one swift motion Gerard had him falling to the ground. Every head in the room turned in his direction and mouths dropped. I felt pride in knowing his was here for me and no one else. I beamed as he easily wrapped an arm around my waist and said, “Let’s say we get out of here”. I nodded eagerly, and (as if this daydream hadn't been embarrassing enough) he slowly began to rise off his feet, and taking me with him, zoomed through the now open window. When we were high up in the air, far above the Mistake Center, he placed his lips on mine and I no longer had a care in the world.

I viciously shook my head pissed at myself for coming up with such a ridiculously outrageous dream. I quietly cursed my superhero movie obsession as well for only adding to my idiocity. The fact that I could even imagine Gerard would come to my rescue was just plain stupid. He only knew me for a couple of days. He had probably just forgotten about me. And Ray and Mikey? Who knew? Maybe they had gotten too disgusted with the knowledge that I was Mistaken that they didn’t even care that I was gone. And let’s say they did still care. I was hardly worth the bother to come and save. They all had their own lives to worry about. Why in the hell would they risk their skins to save me? I was far from worth it.
I paused briefly to wipe the sweat from my brow. I heaved yet another block into place with a distraught sigh. I closed my eyes for only the smallest moment. Only just a little longer than a blink and leaned against the cement stacks.

“And what exactly do you think you’re doing?”

“Fuck”. I mumbled to myself my eyes flashing open to see the guard standing in front of me.

He shot daggers at me, “Do you think this is nap time then boy?”

“No” I said, “I wasn’t asleep. I had only just shut my eyes.”

“Are you questioning me? Are you saying I’m crazy, boy? Don’t know what a sleeping fag looks like?”

“Of course not” I said biting my lip to keep my temper, “I just think you’re mistaken”.
In one quick move he grabbed me by my neck and all my breath escaped me.

“I am not the one who is Mistaken, you are” he hissed venomously and snapped my head back the cement with a thundering bang. Then the lights went out.

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