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Chapter hashtag 14

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If I had a Superman I was sure that this place would be his kryptonite. I had no one to save me and no way to escape.

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I sat crouched next to Ray hidden behind thorny bush at least ten meters to the left of the electric fence surrounding the Center. There were only two guards standing outside the fence, but their size well made up for their lack of men. They were each taller than Ray and me combined and almost just as wide. Hanging on the loop of one their belts was a large key to what was hopefully the barrier’s door. Mikey was at the base of the hill out of the view of the guards glancing nervously at them. He caught my eye and I nodded. He dashed up the hill. His untidy hair and wide eyes made him look completely deranged. He skidded to a stop in front of the guards. Their eyes had grown wide and were almost smirking like they couldn’t decide if they should frightened or amused by the maniac in front of them. I couldn’t hear what Mikey was saying but he appeared to be babbling aimlessly about God knows what. Whatever it was seemed to keep their attention however and he was flailing his arms about in the strangest hand gestures I had ever seen. Then through his jerking hand movements he snatched at the guard’s key and sprinted in our direction. He dropped the key into our same bush before the guards had even registered what had happened. Mikey continued to race down the other end of the hill, by now the men chasing after him. I stretched my arm into the bush a couple of the thorns cutting into my arm and hand, but I got it out and gave a relieved smile to Ray. We raced to the fence Ray checking to make sure they weren't already coming back. I stuck the key in and turned it to the right. It clicked open and I heaved the heavy gate open. I went through and turned to face Ray.

“Go get Mikey and make sure he’s okay. Tell them anything to get him away safely, even if it’s that he’s your mental brother. I don’t care just get him away from them. Here” I tossed him the keys through the iron bars, “Tell them he must have dropped them because you found them halfway down the hill.”

He nodded and said, “And you’ll meet us at the…”

“At the warehouse across the street right. Good luck”.

“You too” He said before turning around to dash down the hill.

I turned around and raced to the front door. I tested the doorknob just in case. To my utter bewilderment it was unlocked. I twisted the handle and pushed the door open.

No way. I thought to myself. It couldn’t be this simple.

The second I regained consciousness a blindfold was strapped over my eyes so I wasn’t even able to take in my surroundings. I tried to stand up only to be pushed back down on a stone hard floor. I heard the sound of at least three other men snickering around me. A set of hands shoved my shoulders down so I was flat on my back. I tried to shout out only to have a wet cloth shoved into my mouth. I heard their snickering grow louder. I could feel my heart pounding faster and faster against my chest which was only the opposite of my breath which was growing more and more shallow. Within seconds a pair of baseball glove-sized hands gripped each of my arms and another one took my feet pinning me down. I tried to wiggle and worm around, but under their grasps it fruitless. I couldn’t even seem to manage my thoughts enough to figure out anything, but a want to escape, and that was before the ice-cold water was poured my face. Suddenly my whole self, mind and body, tensed up. Then my brain went into a confused overdrive. I couldn’t think past the panic. I felt like I couldn’t breathe at all. All I wanted was air and all I was getting was the freezing water. My lungs felt like they were likely to burst at any moment making me gasp and squirm. The almost as suddenly as it started the water stopped pouring over my head. I was shaking. My entire body was extraordinarily cold. I wheezed gapping for any oxygen. Then more of the water was emptied over me. The second time was just as astonishingly terrifying as the first. The same helpless panicked feeling as the first. Only this time I was weaker and found it very difficult to struggle to fight. Then again they stopped only allowing to breathe in air for a few seconds before throwing the water over me again. This time it was even more difficult to fight for breath. My head was slamming against itself and for a moment the lights hut out. When my eyes flashed back open I was staring into darkness, but I could breathe. I was gasping; almost choking I was inhaling so much.

I heard a voice say, “Eh, I guess he’s still alive”.

Another voice this one like gravel said, “That’s a shame.” Then, “Did you tie him well enough?”

“Of course I did”. Yet another voice said, “Fag won’t be smarting off anytime soon.”

There was chuckling and then loud footsteps before a door clamored shut. It was only after they left all they said fully registered in my mind. I felt my arms pinned around a rough wooden beam. It felt like a tight rope was what bound my sore wrists together. I took a deep, cold breath. I had really screwed up this time. If I had a Superman I was sure that this place would be his kryptonite. I had no one to save me and no way to escape. I shut my eyes and leaned my head against the post. At least I finally had a chance to rest, but sleep didn’t come. My mind was too alert just waiting for them to burst back in the room and continue the torture.

I took a cautious step through the doorway and looked around the large spacious room, but there was nothing to look at. There was no one around, no guards, no Mistaken prisoners, nothing. No furniture, not even a single chair. The only other door was on the other side of the room. The building was completely and utterly empty. If there was no one here, where exactly was the Mistake center? And more importantly where was Frankie?

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