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Chapter hastag 15

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I didn’t want to escape because being right here was more than I could ever want

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Just as I was about to turn around and head back out the door an ear-piercing alarm sounded. Then red lights began flashing all around me. From below me I heard the pounding of what sounded like hundreds of seriously pissed off feet. My heart immediately started to beat increasingly faster in my chest. I could hear the footsteps growing louder and knew that at any moment the door across from me would burst open. I spun around on and grabbed for the other door’s handle only to find it locked. It must have automatically locked when I set the, still screeching, alarms off. My eyes flew over the vast room hoping that a place to hide had somehow appeared. There was nowhere to go and I was stuck, my knees wobbling and palms sweating, in fear of that door opening.

From far above my head I heard what sounded like an alarm going off. I could also hear guards thundering down the hallway passed the door. I heard some nonsense orders being shouted out. It all sounded extremely chaotic. Then again this place’s roots were built on chaos. From what I could muster out there had been a break in. The rumor was that some HMO had broken in here for a place to stay. My head fell forward, the poor sap. They had no idea what they had gotten themselves into. They’d be lucky to get shot down by a guard. Considering the alternative would be tortured to death or sent down here with us, I think anyone would prefer it. The pounding of feet had drained down to almost nothing although if I strained I could hear a little commotion above my head, but couldn’t make anything out.

“Who the hell are you?”

I was staring, petrified, into the eyes of a man double my size. He was pointing a gun straight at my head and with every breath he took his giant muscles look larger. He appeared to be the head of what, at a glance, had to be at least 50 guys equal to him in size. They all looked about ready to run me over and I felt myself shaking. I took a deep breath.

“Uhh” I started off unsteadily, “Well…my name’s uhh Ger—Jeremy West….I was playing hide and seek with my uhm kid brother…and I thought he came to hide in here…..which he obviously didn’t…” I trailed off shrinking under his stare.

“Kid brother eh?” he snarled then turning to one of his men said, “Check his shoulder”.


I didn’t even attempt to swat the guard’s hand away when he reached for my shirt sleeve and yanked up.

“HMO” He reported returning to his leader’s side. I gulped sinking further still.

“Didn’t really even have to check” he mused advancing towards me, “You can tell it’s a cockroach just by looking at its disgusting face”.

I took a small step back and said, “Right you are sir, so if you wouldn’t mind too terribly, sir, if you could unlock the door” I pointed behind me, “and then I could get out of your sight”.

“You’re not going anywhere” he spat at me, “We’re not done with you yet”.

Many of men snickered and one shouted out, “Look how much he’s shaking!”

The room erupted in laughter and the commander stepped next to me pressing the gun against my

forehead, “Am I scaring you?” he said in a sugar-coated growl.

I didn’t give any response but look down at my feet.

“Good!” He grinned maliciously and shoved me into the sea of men. Four of them quickly grabbed at my arms so tightly I felt my circulation being lost.

“We haven’t gotten an HMO in a long time, you'll be fun”. He gave a hand motion and everyone but himself and the four on my arms tromped back through the door and down the stairs. He had his men drag me down the steps pointing a gun against my back the whole way. The staircase was surrounded by white walls and spiraled down for who knows how long. My legs dragged across concrete steps and it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out I’d get some really rough bruises there by morning.
I thought back to a conversation I had had wit Mikes and Ray on the way here.

“And you realize that once we get there, that I’ll be the only one to go inside?” I asked them.
“What?” Ray asked.
“You can’t be serious.” Mikey said looking astonished.
I stopped in my tracks looking directly at both of them, “I’m dead serious. I don’t want either of you to get more involved than you have to. Hell, I didn’t want you all coming in the first place”.
“But—” Mikey started before I cut him off.
“No.” I softened my tone, “Mikes, I don’t want you to get hurt”. Ray cleared his throat, “Either of you”. I clarified, “You’ve got to let me go in alone and promise something else as well”.
“What?” Mikey asked me cautiously.
“You guys need to wait far away from the building once I’m inside. Frankie and I will find you.”
“There’s more. If…” I paused, “if I’m not back by tomorrow you both need to go back home and forget about this”.
Mikey’s jaw nearly dropped to the ground, “Are you crazy?! After we’ve come all this way? No way!”
Ray nodded, “Seriously, Gerard. We’re not just going to leave and pretend like nothing ever happened”.
“You have to!” I screeched. I turned away briefly, afraid I’d tear up, and then turned back to them.
“You have to” I repeated in an almost whisper this time. “Please. I need this from you.”
Ray and Mikey exchanged quick glances before, after several on seconds, Ray swallowed and said, “Alright. I promise”.
“Mikey?” I asked.
Mikey took a deep sigh a said, “I promise Gee”.
I smiled gratefully.

“Head up bitch” The man growled pulling my hair back. I was staring at a closed white door.

“Keep him in here for the night".

“Isn’t there a Mistake in there?” One at my right asked.

The leader shrugged, “He’s tied to a post he won’t be able to do anything, besides” he chuckled, “He’s still probably knocked out.”

The others chuckled as well and I hoped that Mikey and Ray would really keep their promises. They swung the door open and tossed me on the ground with a triumphant thud. Across from where I landed a man was slumped over, and indeed tied to a pole. When the door slammed and locked he looked up with his big eyes, and although they were shadowed by dark circles, they glistened in recognition at the sight of me. I smiled in disbelief, “Frankie?”

He had hardly gotten “Gee” out before I knelt down and set my hands against his face carefully pressing my lips against his. He froze startled for less than a second before returning my kiss and meshing his lips against my own. I could feel his muscles staining as he tried to move arms. Finding this impossible he resulting wrapping his legs against my waist. He felt so skinny pressed against me and I knew he must have eaten hardly anything since getting here. I wanted nothing more than to heal him and make everything all better. I had no clue how, but I did't want to worry. Not when I was with him.I meshed my lips against his faster and more passionately. He bit my bottom lip and ran his tongue against my lips begging for entrance, which I granted happily. After just a few seconds of exploring each other’s mouths I pulled back and held a finger up at his confused face. I reached for the knife I had strapped to my ankle and cut his ropes. Frank smiled graciously rolling his wrists. Then he thanked me by pouncing on me with more energy than I would think possible. He held me against the floor kissing me over and over. For a moment I didn’t want to escape because being right here was more than I could ever want and I had to remind myself several times that we would still have to try to get out.

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