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Chapter hashtag 16

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the homo and the Mistake had gay sex together?

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I woke up with a start to an obnoxiously loud door slam. I smiled to myself because the first thing I saw was Gerard lying next to me. He wasn't smiling however, and as I followed his gaze upwards my smile quickly vanished. Two guards were standing in front of us. The one to our left was slightly taller than his coworker and his hair was a darker brown. Both had shocked looks of complete horror stressed across their faces.

The one to the left spoke first, “Oh my God, that’s disgusting. That is gross, get up both of you!” he commanded.

“Come on stand up!” his partner yelled.
I pulled my arm out from under Gerard’ neck and struggled to my feet. I stole a glance at Gerard watching him do the same he caught my eye and smirked. I looked away unable to return any kind of smile. He had no idea what they could do.

"What the hell do we do with them?” the lighter-haired guard asked as if we weren't still in front of him.

“I don’t know, but I’ll tell you what we won’t do, and that’s tell Sarge”.

“Really don’t tell Sarge that the homo and the Mistake had gay sex together? I’d have never thought of that”

Gerard piped up, “If it helps we didn't actually go all the way. It was more just---”

“Shut the hell up. I don’t give a fuck what you call it. And put your goddamn shirt back on”.

I held back a smirk as Gerard confusedly looked down at his bare chest as if he had almost forgotten how it had gotten off. Gerard looked around the room and finally spotted his shirt lying next to the pole. He jogged over to it and bent down to put it on.

The taller guard turned towards me and motioned me to him, “How did you get untied from that post?”

“You know things got pretty wild last night…I can’t say I remember”.
The guard’s hand swiped viciously across my face hard enough to make my whole head spin around.

“You hit like a girl”. I spat tasting blood trickle down my chin.

Why did I have such crap word vomit habit? I thought to myself as he raised his hand again, this time punching me hard in the stomach making me keel over

“You better watch yourself”. He threatened me and pulled me back up by my shirt collar.

“Or what?” Great, more word vomit

“Grab a hold of him” He ordered the other guard who immediately pulled my arms back behind me. I imagined if I looked at myself through the guard’s eyes I’d look all too similar to a punching bag.

“When I’m done with you won’t be able to sit down without hurting”

“That what your boyfriend told you last night?” I jeered like a moron.

Right then Gerard appeared by my side calling my name out, “Frank!” I looked up at him along
with the guards.

“Why don’t you just cooperate?” He asked.

“What?” I sputtered. At that moment I’m not sure who was more surprised by his response me or the guards. I stared at Gerard who just winked and pulled at the corner of his T-shirt. I looked more closely and saw the faint outline of his Bowie stuck in the waistline of his pants, hidden under his shirt.

The hell is he going to do with that? I thought.

“Listen to your little boyfriend”. The guard holding me said, “And cooperate.”

“We’re supposed to take the fag to the Sarge and get the Mistake back in the routine.” The darker-haired one instructed.
I looked back at Gerard who just smirked again and shook his head.

The guard further from me said, “Come on let’s just get them out of here. We're wasting time with all this talking”.

“Right” His partner agreed tightening his grip on me and pulled me towards the door. The other went to restrain Gerard who obediently stuck his arms out. I had hardly began thinking what the hell kind of escape plan this was when my guard suddenly pulled his hands off me and screamed out in pain grabbing at his foot. The other guard startled, turned away from Gerard and stared at his coworker hopping around with a knife stuck in his foot.

Gerard turned towards me and commanded, “Get the damn rope Frankie!”

I wondered, What the hell? What damned rope? and looked around the room.

Time seemed to freeze as Gerard turned away and punched latter guard against the back of his head. The surprise attack sent the guard down to the ground. By now I had made sense of Gerard’s request and threw the rope that had had me tied up at Gerard. Gerard swiftly caught it and threw it around the guard h had only just knocked down.

“Frankie!” he called out for my help, only then making me realize I had just been standing there like useless doll. I quickly grabbed for the guard who still had Gerard’s knife through his foot. He was still stronger than I was, and I could barely keep ahold of his arms as Gerard wrapped the rope around him as well. Then with my meager help holding the two somewhat restrained guards Gerard tied the injured men together. Then before I knew what was happening Gerard had a hold of my hand, the door was slamming behind us, and we were flying towards the stairs. Time unfroze as alarms began blaring all around us and the sound of dozens of pounding footsteps slammed down somewhere behind us. As we passed Mistakes many stared with shock and others looked too sure that we were doomed to be captured. Still, too many more had a plain phrase etched across their faces.

“Why do you get to escape? Can't I come too?”

Those stares of envious sorrow would forever be carved into my memory, but as much as I wanted to haul every last one of them with us I just barreled forward too focused on Gerard’s and mine escape. I felt like I was going to be sick.

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