Review for Here's One From The Heart

Here's One From The Heart

(#) JessicaAlexandra 2012-11-04

Hello love. Wow. That was so hot and heavy, more please! I can not wait for the sequal it will be ao fantabulous I'm excited. I love them togetherin this story though, it's just perfect. Haha. And I think I need more Candace especially with Valerie's plan in mind. When you write the sequal can you put a link to it up here so it's easier to find it? Please please please. Anyway until then I'm off to read your other story. Much love and more valerieXcandace.

Author's response

Hahahahaha, more will be given! I'm kinda excited for the sequel too, and I will certainly put up the sequel to this here so you can find it. There will be plenty of ValerieXCandace don't you worry :D xx