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And Guess What... I Love You

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Everything, for that moment in time, was perfect.

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THE LAST CHAPTER IS HERE MY BEAUTIES. Thank you so much for reading this, and thanks to the people that have been here form the start. I can;t believe it; first time I tried to write this story I gave up by Chapter 8. I'm so glad I managed to finish it. So please read it and I hope you enjoy ^.^

Chapter 24; And Guess What... I Love You

As soon as we got back to my house, Frank ran right up the stairs, leaving the rucksack and acoustic guitar we’d collected from his house by the front door. I took two minutes explaining to Mum what had happened, then ran upstairs after Frank. I crashed into Mikey on the landing; he stood staring in bewilderment as I shoved my way past him and into my room.

Frank was curled up on my bed, knees drawn tightly to his chest, face buried in the pillow that he clenched with white-knuckled hands.

“Frank?” I asked quietly, sitting down next to him. There was no response. I reached out to squeeze his shoulder but as soon as my fingers brushed his shoulder he flinched and curled up tighter. I pulled away. “Frankie...”

“I don’t... just... I just... look, why...”


“Just go away!” he shouted, voice muffled by the pillow. I stood up, hurt coursing instantly through my chest.

“I...” I couldn’t say anything.

The half-sobs racked through the room, tiny whimpers shaking his entire figure. The sounds racking through his body were heart wrenching, my stomach flipping over and making me feel sick with hurt and worry for my angel. Each breath he took was halting and sounded like a struggle, like he was attempting to hold everything in.

“Frank?” I whispered tentatively, sitting down carefully on the edge of the mattress agin.

He turned over on his stomach and stopped trying to hold back the sobs and the tiny whimpers that shook his small figure turned into huge, bone-twisting convulsions, his entire body spasming with every soul-melting sob. He was crying out not from sadness but also pain, he wasn’t just crying, he was letting out everything through not just tears but through sobs and cries and complete helplessness, crying that sounded like he was tearing his heart out. Like he was crying his heart out and bringing mine with it.

A mere moment later, I couldn’t take it anymore. I knew he’d told me to leave him alone, but I sat right next to him and lay down too, wrapping my arms around his curled up figure. He whimpered again and pulled the pillow away from his face, using his arms to try push me away, but I didn’t move. It took another moment of him struggling to get me away before he gave up and let me pull him close to my body. He buried his face right in my chest and grabbed fistfuls of my shirts, holding on so tightly I thought the fabric would tear.

It felt like a few hours before Frank’s utterly heartbreaking sobs had subsided. The clenched fists balled up in the fabric of my shirt weren’t so tight now, resting flat against the crinkled fabric instead of scrunching it up. The collar of my shirt was damp from his tears and my heart still wrenched every time he sniffed or coughed, hurt because he’d spent so long simply crying his heart out. He was lying silently, curled back up into a ball but not longer clenching onto the pillow, or my hand like it was his lifeblood.

“G-gerard?” he mumbled, looking up at me with wide, red-rimmed eyes that swam with tears, glowing green with sorrow.

“Yes, Frankiebear?” I whispered, stroking his soft black fringe between my forefinger and thumb, brushing it down across his soft, tear-stained cheek.

“D-do you r-really think th-that... that, uh, things w-will be o-okay?”

“Yes, I do,” I said, though I wasn’t really sure but I couldn’t let him know. He continued to gaze up at me through spiky, dewy eyelashes, a tiny smile spreading heart-breakingly across his face, hopeful and sorrowful at the same time.

“I hope s-so.”

“Of course it will, Frankie. I love you.”

“I know,” he said, dragging himself gently up so his face was level with mine. His deep green eyes gazed into mine, his cheeks streaked with salty tear trails, and he leaned in hesitantly and rested the tip of his nose on mine. “Love you too.” And he kissed me, snaking his arms around my neck. I rolled more comfortably onto my side and rested my hand on the small curve of his curled-up waist, the other brought up to rest underneath his soft, ivory cheek.

We moved our lips slowly together, harmonizing with each other, careful and filled with hope and tenderness. Frank hiccuped again and I couldn’t help but smile kissing him and I felt a smile spread across his face too. I almost laughed considering the entire situation and soon filled with a chuckling that was bizarre but lovely, almost casual and friendly.

“Everything okay now?” I whispered, still giggling when we pulled apart. He smiled, a tiny, sad, ghost of a smile that was barely visible on his lips.

“No,” he said. “But it will be. I know it.”


I was quite excited for the next morning, believe it or not. Because it was a very special day. I mean, it was Friday now, and also something else incredibly special. But it seemed when I woke up that morning, Frank had totally forgotten about it. I was quite surprised, really, seeing as I’d spent half of the night before calling around all my friends and trying to sort it all out. Frank had even seen and overheard some of what I’d said, and was sleeping on my bed beside me for everything else, but he seemed completely unaware of what day it was.

He didn’t notice at breakfast either, sitting sleepily at the table with his hair ruffled and eyes dulled with tiredness. I kept glancing over tentatively at him as I packed my bag, wondering if he’d notice the extra weight it held. He didn’t seem to notice how I was wearing my favourite ragged black jeans or extra eyeliner.

He didn’t notice when Pete and Mikey shared that evil glance that I knew they would when we exited the house to make our way to school, our hands interwoven tightly. The conversation was light but he never once brought up the topic that I was sure he would, not today.

“What have we got today, Frank?” I asked deliberately, hoping that he would pick up. He just shrugged and reeled off his classes for the day; I shared an incredulous glance with Pete and we both shook our heads, but Frank didn’t seem to notice.

In fact, he didn’t even notice when I lead him away from the building and towards the back of the grounds when the bell rang. It was only when we started walking on the dewy October grass and our feet got damp that he snapped out of the trance and looked up at me.

“Gee, we gotta get to class,” he mewled, furrowing his brow. I smirked and shook my head.

“Said who?”


“Are you forgetting something, Frank?” I asked. He looked puzzled.


“Oh for crying out loud...” I shook my head and stopped walking. Frank continued for another meter, before he too stopped and turned to look at me in confusion. He opened his mouth to speak and I took the opportunity to grab his hips roughly and crash my mouth into his. He groaned audibly and kissed me back, mouths open and sloppy against each other, grabbing my hair in his fists roughly. I was more than too aware of the people staring at the two of us but I didn’t care, running my hands through the soft dulled red hair and along the skin of his pale neck.

“Gerard-” Frank mumbled, placing a hand on my chest and pushing me away roughly. “What’s going on?”

“You seriously don’t know?” I asked.

“No! Just tell me!” I giggled and kissed the pale skin of his neck, dragging my gaze up to meet his, resting my forehead against his.

“It’s Halloween,” I said, smiling. Frank’s eyes widened.


“Happy Birthday, idiot,” I said, kissing his forehead. Finally, a grin spread across his face, lighting up his saddened features in the way it had done those few days ago before the troubles with his parents arose. For the first time in a few days he looked happy.

“I... I completely forgot,” he admitted, ducking his head down with the grin still apparent on his face.

“I figured you did, you didn’t even ask why I was wearing corpse make-up today,” I said. He looked up and bit his lip guiltily.

“Yeah, I guess I was...” he shrugged.

“I understand,” I said, smiling and kissing him again. He sighed and brought his hands back around my neck.

“Get a room, faggots!” Someone shouted across the playground. In the kiss, Frank and I both just burst out laughing.

“Okay!” I shouted back at the group of kids who were just walking into school late. I grabbed Frank’s hand, sent a giant grin towards the kids and began to skip off towards the end of the grounds.

“So, what are we going to do now that we’re not in lesson for today?” he asked, trotting to keep up with me.

“I kinda... left my art homework till the last minute so I need to do that...” I admitted, smiling guiltily. Frank groaned and rolled his eyes.

“That’s like, the third time this month!”

“Yeah... sorry...”

After two hours of sitting in the treehouse, I’d finally completed the drawing that I’d had to do for my art homework. I’d had to do a drawing, not just a plain sketch but to draw a real-life person or figure. So of course I drew Frank. I had completely forgotten that I’d had to do it, so the time was perfect in the treehouse to draw him sleeping beside me.

I put my A3 drawing pad back on the floor and looked at him. It was different watching him in the light rather than the dark of nighttime in the bedroom. The light filtering through the trees dappled across his face casting odd shadows on his jaw line, making him seem almost child-like. I giggled to myself, just out of the adorableness that was my boyfriend.

“Wake up, Frankie,” I whispered, slumping further down on the floor to lie next to him. He whimpered slightly but adorably. I giggled and lay on my side and kissed his nose. He grumbled and lifted his hand up sleepily to bat me away. I sat up and leant against the tree, watching him wake up.

“Asshole for waking me up,” he grumbled.

“Yeah, I’m not sorry,” I said, smiling as he sat up. “It’s break in like, two minutes anyway. No, ten,” I said, checking the time on my phone. Frank sighed and shuffled up so he was crouching on his heels.

“Ugh. What did you have to do for Art, anyway?” he asked. Pushed my drawing pad towards him and opened it to the page of the drawing; his eyes widened in shock when he saw it. “Oh my God. Me?”

“Yeah, you.” I wrapped my arm around his shoulder and he flopped down so we were sitting next to each other.

“It’s... wow. It’s amazing, Gee,” he said quietly, stroking the graphite marks on the page. I smiled.

“Thank you, Frankie,” I said, turning my head to gently peck him on the lips. I made as if to pull away but his hands suddenly grabbed at my shoulders and he continued to kiss me. I sighed in content and closed my eyes, snaking my arms around his shoulders. Frank shifted so he was kneeling beside me.

“How long did you say we had until break?” he mumbled into my mouth.

“Ten minutes.” Frank pulled away and smirked at me.

“I can work with that,” he said. I raised my eyebrows and Frank leant forward again, pressing his mouth gently against mine, moving his body around with his arms around my neck so he was straddling my waist.

“Hope our friends don’t turn up any time soon,” I said. Frank’s smirk widened.

“Better hope we don’t disturb them if they do turn up, then,” he said, leaning forward and crashing his lips furiously to mine. I moaned quietly and grabbed a fistful of his black hair, biting down on his lower lip.

All thoughts of the imminent arrival of people wiped immediately from my mind. I tugged on his hair and pulled him closer to me, lips meshing quickly, frantically with other, a kiss like very few either. My breathing was getting heavier and I kissed him quicker, mouths open and moving sloppily against each other’s.

I could feel every single heavy thud of his heart between our crushed chests, a heartbeat matching my own, could hear nothing but the sounds of his panting and my panting and I bit down on his lip again, making him groan. I pushed him onto his back and he fell backwards still holding onto my back and my hair, mouths still moving fiercely together. I rested my weight on my hands and elbows, splayed either side of his hips. He shuddered a breath onto my lips when I did so, and tightened his group around my neck so I wobbled and fell on top of him with an ‘oof!’

“Ow!” he complained, wincing. I cringed and levered myself up again, hovering just over his body. He grabbed onto my shirt and squeezed his eyes closed, grinding his teeth.

“You okay?” I said, sliding my hand under his back he had crushed into the floor. He looked up at me and nodded.

“Hit my tailbone,” he said. “That really hurts.”

“Your fault for being rough,” I murmured into his ear, pressing a quick kiss to the skin on his neck. He squeaked as I began to nibble on the skin on his neck, and squealed again as I began to suck gently up his neck, across his jawbone and chin, lingering over his mouth. “Everything okay there?” I asked breathily, deliberately lingering over his lips, not leaning down to kiss him again. He scowled at me. I smirked, knowing exactly that I was annoying him. Everything my brain was telling me to do was to forget it, go crazy and undo his jeans zipper with my teeth... I just hung in there, watching Frank and his facial expressions.

“Gerard...” he whined, tugging at my hair again.

“Frankie,” I mimicked, grinning and leaning down to kiss his neck, one hand fiddling with his black tie.

“Can’t you... ugh, why don’t... so... eesmeef!” he squeaked, shivering when I threw away his tie and fiddled with his top button, kissing the crook of his down down to the collarbone.


“Oh fuck’s sake...” he muttered, unwittingly tilting his head back as I nipped at the skin there.

“You’re not making much sense there, Frankie,” I whispered, hovering over the dark bruise on his neck. He just made a little growling sound in his throat, shoved me backwards and got to his knees.

"I love you," he said, which was completely what I wasn't expecting. His eyes shone and all the lustful anger seemed to have disappeared.

"I love you too," I said. Frank grinned and wrapped his hand around my neck. I sat on my heels in surprise as Frank leaned forward and smashed his mouth into mine. Shock turned quickly into lust as I pushed him back onto his back, tangling my fingers again into his hair.

Frank let out a half-groan, half-purr sound and wrapped a leg round my waist, clenching onto my shirt and hem of my jeans so that I thought he was about to tear both. My hands slid under his shirt and grappled with the hem. I didn’t even try to thinking properly, snaking my tongue into his mouth, breathing heavily and wildly and running my hands over his smooth stomach.

“They’ll be here any moment...” I mumbled into Frank’s mouth, digging my nails into the bare skin of his sides. He just hooked his thumbs into my front belt loops, like he was trying to drag my jeans down; I batted his hand away weakly but he made a complaining noise in the back of his throat and pulled on my shirt instead.

“Do I care?” he said darkly, finally sitting back to throw his shirt off and I almost began drooling; I’d seen my beautiful boyfriend shirtless but damn, I went lightheaded every time I saw his perfect body. “Didn’t think so.” And our lips were crashing back together again like none other before, wild and frantic and full of lust and craziness, I couldn’t think, I couldn’t hear save the pounding of blood in my ears, couldn’t feel except for the sparks of my chest against Franks and his cool hands slightly tentative sliding under the waistband of my jeans...

I gasped into his mouth when I felt his fingers on my hipbones, making quick work of my button and zipper and belt buckle. He pulled away and smirked devilishly, giggling almost childishly when I moaned embarrassingly loudly as the cold air hit my my skin underneath my loose boxers...

“We’re coming up, guys!” We both jumped in shock at the loud voice. I immediately tried to sit up but to my immense (not) delight, I heard the snap of a camera.

“Valerie!” I shouted, not even having to look around. Only one person would actually do that, and sure enough, it was the pink-haired lunatic who held her phone towards us, a giant grin on her face.

“Well, that’s one for Facebook!”

“Can you not see we’re in the middle of something?” I said, propping my self up on my elbows and staring accusingly at her. Frank giggled darkly and hooked the hand that wasn’t inside the denim of my jeans on my undone belt buckle.

“I can see that, but I decided to come up and check if the coast was clear. Mikey’s feeling a bit squeamish about coming up,” she said.

“Yeah well... no, it’s not,” I said. “The coast is very much anything but clear.” Valerie nodded - she didn’t really seem bothered by the fact that she’d just walked in on two of her friends molesting each other. Violently.

“I noticed that. Frank, get your hand out of Gerard’s pants. Your shirt’s over there and god knows what happened to your tie. There’s foundation for those bruises-” she dumped her bag on the floor, “-in here.”

“I’m allowed to have my hands down his pants,” grumbled Frank. I laughed and kissed him lightly on the nose.

“Be that as it may, I don’t think your little brother will appreciate walking into the beginning of a porno scene,” said Valerie. “Gee, comb your hair, and put your jeans back on, they’re round your knees. Nice boxers by the way, and dude seriously, have you stuck a banana down there?” I sat up and looked down at my boxers, which were blue and covered in pancakes (I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought them). And she was also right, because it looked like I had inflated a banana to twice it’s usual size and left it in my boxers. I snuck a glance at Frank’s jeans and to my delight, they looked just as tight as mine and the prominent outline of his boner was casting a bulge in his crotchal area.

“Do you want me to tell the guys you need another twenty minutes?” asked Valerie, smirking. Frank looked at me with heavy-lidded eyes and shook his head slowly.

“No need.”

“You’re not gonna suck each other off here in front of me, are you?”

“No!” I shouted, feeling my cheeks flush.

“Oh. That’s a pity.”

“Job for another day, babe,” said Frank, gently squeezing my erection through the fabric of my boxers. I stifled a gasp and bit down on my lip hard, batting his hand away. Valerie grinned, her eyes bright.

“I’m so there. I’ll go tell the guys to come up in a minute, okay?” said Valerie, grinning. Frank and I nodded, and Valerie just skipped off.

“Need a hand with that?” asked Frank, kneeling and hooking his fingers back onto my belt. I smirked. Nothing wrong with your boyfriend wanting to lick all. But I frowned when all he did was zip up my jeans, not helping the fact that they were already too tight. He just smirked and did up the buckle swiftly with nimble fingers.

“Asshole,” I muttered, briefly kissing him again.

“No, just think of Mikey’s expression when he realizes we’re only halfway done,” he said, eyes filled with dark humour.

“Is it safe?” Speak of the devil. I turned and saw the side of Mikey’s head, carefully not looking at us.


“Yeah, it’s fine,” said Frank, though it full well was not. Mikey glanced and visibly blanched at the sight; our hair rumpled, shirts undone (and in Frank’s case, missing), swollen lips and too tight-jeans...

“Oh shit, I’m gonna be sick,” he groaned, turning away and covering his eyes. I giggled and retrieved Frank’s shirt, shrugged my jacket back on and told Mikey that it was okay to look around again. He looked and stared around, a squeamish look on his face.

“Oh god. I don’t even want to know, I don’t want to know... he said, walking gingerly over the floor like it would blow up and sitting down.

“It’s okay. Nothing completely X-rated,” I said, smirking at Frank.

“From what I saw, give them ten more minutes and it would have been,” said Valerie, reappearing, looking fondly at the screen of her phone. “You know, that’s a lovely picture. For a porno, maybe.”

“Let’s see?” asked Jenna. Valerie showed her. “Let me know next time? I wanna film.”

“Oh please...” said Mikey, his face visibly green.

“Guys, leave it alone,” I said, raising my eyebrow.

“And no, you can’t watch. Put that phone away,” said Frank, looking in a compact mirror. “Do you think I need to cover up here? I mean, on my collarbone, you can’t exactly see under my shirt...”

“You’re such a diva, Frank. Come here...” Jenna took the mirror off him and began to inspect his neck. “Jeez, Gerard, what have you done to his collarbone?"

“I... took off his shirt...”

“You guys, please, I don’t want to hear this!” Mikey put his hands over his ears.

“Sorry dude. Jenna did ask,” said Frank. Everyone laughed, save for Mikey, who’s face was getting paler and greener by the second. I noticed at this point that Bob and Ray were absent; possibly hiding away to get Mikey’s verdict on the situation.

“Well, we can sort things out later,” I said, crawling over on my knees and doing up the last button on Frank’s shirt for him.

“By ‘sort things out’, do you mean...”

“Guys!” Mikey shouted, standing up and running out of the tree hut. Again there was a small burst of laughter and I just giggled, shaking my head and staring into Frank’s hazel green eyes.

“Happy Birthday, love,” I said, leaning forward and kissing him gently and softly and he retaliated with a sigh and a gentle kiss back. Around me, I heard all four - or however many girls it was - 'awwwwwwww'ing. I chuckled.

“I sort things out in the weirdest way possible, don’t I?” Frank asked, resting his hands on my chest. I grinned and nodded.

“Maybe we should let Valerie film next time and we send it to your Dad,” I suggested. Frank chuckled as Valerie said 'yes please!' form behind us.

“I’m not too sure about that...”

“It’d be one way of sorting things out.”

“I thought they were already?” he asked.

“Glad to hear it,” I said, resting my forehead against his. “So there’s no need to film the next time?”

“I don’t know, but I do like the sound of a next time.” I smiled and pressed my lips to his.

Neither of us went back to lessons that day. Instead, I went into my art lesson and left my sketchbook on the desk with a note apologizing to my absence, then Frank and I both jumped over the gates to leave school for the rest of the day.

We passed his Mum on the streets. That could have been very awkward, but his father was noticeably absent; Mrs Iero, or ‘Please, Call Me Linda’ had had a few words and apparently Mr Iero was sitting in the corner of shame. If they even had a corner of shame, but the way she worded it, it sounded like Italian Mama struck over once again.

Frank and I were both on the sofa watching Die Hard and fangirling over Bruce Willis after a cheerful telling off from Mum who was working at home that day. I was lying down and Frank was sitting with his legs tucked up beside me. I was playing with his hair and everything, for that moment in time, was perfect.

WHAT DID YOU THINK? Please guys, I have no idea how this Chapter went. Just Rate and Review my loves! Credits will be up between a few hours and tomorrow, and I love you all very much. I'm kinda sad that this is over but I do still need that sequel however, it probably won't be up for a few weeks at least because I now have My Dirty Little Secret to work on. If you haven't read and rated and reviewed it, please go do so now ^.^

And if you're wondering what happened to Candace and the musical, that's the reason I'm writing a sequel. Little Shop Of Horrors will be next time around!

BleedingValentine xx
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