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And roll the credits!

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Thank you first of all to everyone who read and reviewed and rated this story, you are all incredible. Thank you especially to BellaJinxx/AshIsNotOnFire aka KITTY, because you have been, basically, an amazing friend. But nobody else on this planet is allowed to call her Kitty or I will find you and hurt you. She provided me with lots of the characters and I can’t thank her enough for them.

About The Author

Rachel has just started her last year of High School and lives in the middle of the sprawl of London, England. She has a wacky imagination and loves writing. MCR is one of her ultimate favourite things in life.


(In Order Of Appearance)

Gerard Way (as himself)

Mikey Way (as himself)

Jenna Jinxx (dancingdragon)

Frank Iero (as himself)

Miss James (MissAbbieHudson)

Penina Dayne (tmbfucks)

Ray Toro (as himself)

Bob Bryar (as himself)

Candace Kyrimoto (detonationmouse)

Sapphire Mitchells (bloodbunny15)


Sarah The Snack Lady (Extra)

Anna Carlisle (Mikeys_Glasses)

Jake The Jock (Extra)

Jaden Dayne (tmbfucks)

Ash Ruebeun Sirius (BellaJinxx)

Valerie Laura Mottborough (BellaJinxx)

Ria-Lize Mottborough (BellaJinxx)

Pete Wentz (as himself)

Author; BleedingValentine

Editor; BleedingValentine

Plotline Creator; BleedingValentine

Purveyor Of Epicness; BleedingValentine

Other Works By This Author; My Dirty Little Secret, Sometimes, You Can Repair What’s Hidden, From Secrets And A Scarlet Sky, various oneshots


Director; okay, Gerard, let go then run... Gerard... Gerard?!

Mikeys_Glasses; you’re not supposed to keep kissing, guys...

Gerard; Oh, we’re not?

Director; No!

Frank; But that’s not fair...

Director; You kiss for five seconds, then on my mark, Gerard, you walk off around the corner.

Gerard; But...

Director; You can take each other’s pants off later. Take two!

Here’s One From The Heart

First Published on 6th June 2012 . Finished 4th November 2012.

Thank you and goodnight
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