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I'm back bitches.

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I'M BACK GUYS. Well, sort of. The truth is, recently I've had no ambition whatsoever to write, but it's come back recently, and I think I am going to write the sequel! It's going to be based on the opening night of the show, and going to be a lot more drama based. However, I have sort of been thinking... I want to rewrite this story. I've developed as a writer and as a person since this was published over a year ago now, and I think I want to redo it. Who would want to read a re-write?

And bear in mind, it will be a billion times better, funnier, smoother writing and plot, and fuck it, I may even squish in "the sequel" into the rewrite, making the story longer and making it have a happier ending. How does that sound? I know there's probably like two of you that still read this but if you really want to, I'd really love you reading it.

However, a couple of notes. There won't be very frequent updates. I'm in my first year of sixth form (that's like a junior in American high school? I don't fucking know how it correlates) and have started my A-levels which basically means I have more free time but I need to use that free time studying. Okay? Just so you guys know it won't be as frequent as it could be. Maybe a chapter a week if you're lucky.

But that still means I'm back! So I'm going to need a vote for either; write a sequel or rewrite the whole thing and squish the original and sequel into one. I think I prefer the second option, yeah? Depending on the reactions to this post, I'll probably start posting in a couple of weeks.

Love you bitches.

~BV xo
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