Review for I'd Be So Lost Without You

I'd Be So Lost Without You

(#) Mirazal 2012-11-04

I don't really listen to FOB, and I don't usually read this stuff, but for some reason I was browsing the category and I found this and was all "oh okay I'll read this"

Well, it's certainly not very uplifting. But it was sweet and sad and really fluffy and nice (and omg Peterick is a ship???). And yeah, I really liked this. (Hey, didn't Patricl Stump get married though?)

(Caught the Ryan Ross reference. It made my day.)

Author's response

Well, I'm glad you read it and liked it. :3
What can I say? I like writing bittersweet things. And yes, it is a ship! I dunno if I ship it though. Pete will always belong with Mikey in my mind. xD
Yeeeaah, he did get married. I'm actually pretty happy for him too! I'm totally still gonna hardcore crush on him. I can't help it. He's Patrick Freakin' Stump. :D
I'm glad I made your day, my luvlah. c: