Review for The Other Side

The Other Side

(#) ReddyDevil 2012-11-08

Of course I'm still reading it! Why wouldn't I be?

Jon IS adorable like a puppy! Why the hell would you think otherwise, Dylan?! And I love their little banters. That just adds a comedic touch to the story, as well as shows how far their relationship has come.

And what the fuck... THREESOME?!?!?!? That's just... that's just... In all my scheming and thinking and plotting and theorising, I did NOT see that coming! Uhm, wow... okay.

And 'You dropped your pen?' What a lame excuse to use to talk to her. But oooh! One of Panic!! That means that wherever one is, the rest follow.... Right? PLease tell me yes!!! XD (Let me guess, the guy who talked to her was Ryan? Although you said average build, and he's a skinny little fucker, so maybe Brendon.... or possibly Spencer, too. Dammit! WHY DO THEY ALL HAVE TO HAVE BROWN HAIR! YES, I'M TALKING TO YOU TOO, JON! (Despite the fact that you are dead in this fic.)

Anyway, I'm just really curious and I really want the next part, like NOW! But, I will try and exercise some patience. 'Try' being the operative word there.... XD

Author's response

He is! I'm glad. :D I just don't want them to move too fast. It's a learning experience as I try to pace myself.

Yeah! I tried to come up with the most wtf dramatic issue and ... that came to mind, lol.

He is a skinny little fucker but my god, it's attractive as fuck on him.
I know! Hahaha. it makes it easy to leave everyone slightly clueless though.

I'll try to update really soon! Thank you! (: