Review for Honeysuckle Care Home

Honeysuckle Care Home

(#) Shayla_boo 2012-11-11

Yeah rascist homophobe grandmother haha! Aww that's cool your dating someone. What's her name? creeper mode activated I love it when kids call my friend a n*** and she's not even black haha! XD

I have to go to town today with my mom but I'll try to email you later okay? My laptop is currently in my mom's custody so I'm on my iPod.

Yes please update. :3

Yeah. . . I think I'm a lesbian too. It weirds me out but it's not that different from being bi. I dunno I'm all confused! For the longest time instead of thinking I need a boyfriend I've thought I need a girlfriend! O_o Welp. :D

Author's response

Haha! I don't actually have one. I just want to tell her that. Gahh! I need your e-mail soon for the smut scene. I need it in the next chapter. DUN DUN DUNNNN!!!!! Haha. I've been thinking a lot about it. I just can't choose sometimes. But then I realise I love Frank and he's the only one for me. XD xxx