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Super Secret Rumours

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A rumour believed to be true spreads through the home...

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Frank's P.O.V

It was finally morning break. It was only Mikey and I under the tree because the others were getting some things for their snack. We don’t bother with that. We don’t like apples or carrots and stuff. It’s horse food.

‘Okay dude, you need to tell me why you fucked Penina last night.’ Mikey said. I stared at him in confusion.

‘What the hell? We didn’t have sex.’ I argued.

‘Oh yeah? Then how come you two were spooning in the early hours of the morning?’ He interrogated.

‘We were?’ I asked. I had no clue about that, but I guess it could’ve been possible.

‘Oh come on man. I know you guys were sleeping in the same bed.’ He said.

‘Yeah, because she had a nightmare and I needed to calm her down. She couldn’t get back to sleep.’ I said. His eyes widened.

‘Wait, so you guys really aren’t sleeping together in that way?’ He asked. I nodded my head in certainty.

‘Yes. Really.’ I answered.

‘Crap. Okay, here’s what we’ll do; when people start asking you questions, just tell them you aren’t and then just stop talking.’ He said.

‘Why would people ask me questions?’ I asked getting in a panic.

‘You slept with Penina?’ Jen asked. Everyone eventually stared at me in anger.

‘No, I didn’t.’ I answered. Penina came out of the building with her schoolbag slumped over her shoulder.

‘Penina, did he hurt you? It’s okay, you can talk to us about it.’ Raven said. Penina just took her apple and took a bite out of it while staring at Raven.

‘What do you mean?’ She asked.

‘It’s okay. Mikey told us everything.’ Gerard said. Mikey groaned and pulled his hat over his head.

‘I honestly have no clue what you, or Mikey, are talking about. Can someone enlighten me?’ I asked.

‘They think we had sex.’ I answered. Penina spluttered out her apple in shock. She then began laughing.

‘That’s right. We’re having the kinkiest, animalistic sex ever.’ She said. Great. Now everyone’s going to hurt me.

‘We’re honestly not. Penina, stop it.’ I said.

‘What’s sex?’ Mia asked.

‘See? This is exactly what I didn’t want to happen.’ I said. ‘It’s nothing Mia.’ I said.

‘Oh. So if people ask me what I remember what I had for lunch yesterday, I can say that I had sex?’ She asked. Everyone laughed or gasped, but I just groaned.

‘No. You can’t. Not at all. Don’t say that word okay?’ I said. She nodded her head and hugged me. She then pulled back and started to try to climb the tree. She never could, not yet, but we’re all waiting for the day until she can.

‘Why do you guys think we did anyway?’ Penina asked.

‘Mikey saw you sleeping in the same bed.’ Summer answered.

‘And you were spooning.’ Callie said.

‘We were?’ She asked.

‘I was as surprised as you.’ I told her.

‘Look, we didn’t do it. We just slept in the same bed because I had a nightmare. Then Frank tried to help me. He also tried to help me with my fear of duvets.’ She answered.

‘You’re scared of duvets?’ Bob asked.

‘Yeah. Terrified. I had a foster sister ages ago, and she tried to strangle me to death every so often. I had a nightmare about it, and I couldn’t get back to sleep. Frank slept in the same bed so I’d feel safe, and it was really nice of him.’ Penina answered. I looked up at her and smiled. It’s when she’s like this that I feel like kissing her. I don’t know what it is with me. Why did I have to kiss her earlier on this morning? She probably hates me for it. But she kissed me back. Briefly, yes, but it was amazing all the same.

‘Mikey, stop spreading rumours around! Hozzie, Taylor, pin him to the floor.’ Gerard said. Mikey shook his head and fear. Hozzie and Taylor cheered though.

‘You know the rules Mikes.’ Ray said. Some of the group got up and started to tickle him. He couldn’t stop being tickled because he was being held down by two, freakishly, strong young girls. The rule was that if one of the group, even if it was by accident, got other people from the group to team up against one of the members, then they had to be punished by being forcefully tickled.

‘Well done Iero, you’ve got yourself the girl that looks most like a man. You’re such a faggot.’ Addie said walking up to us.

‘What do you want sexy?’ Penina asked, faking flirting with her.

‘Just to congratulate you on the sex. Oh, and that I’m going to tell on you. You’re going to get kicked out. You’ll never see your whingey brat of a sister again.’ She said.

‘Except we didn’t have sex. They can even take tests on us and nothing would show up. Except that my loins are aching with lust for you.’ She said.

‘No. Don’t leave me for that sex beast.’ I said. Penina and I then began going in fake sex positions and having fake orgasms. When we were face to face she grabbed the back of my neck and pushed my face closer to hers.

‘I made up my mind.’ She said.

‘What do you mean?’ I whispered.

‘That kiss wasn’t half bad.’ She answered. I smiled and kissed her passionately. I heard everyone gasp, but I didn’t care. Something that I didn’t even know I wanted to happen, happened.

‘Goodbye you slutty freaks.’ Addie mumbled before leaving. Penina and I eventually pulled back.

‘Guys, what the hell just happened?’ Mikey asked.

‘They made a happily ever after.’ Taylor answered.

‘What do you mean?’ Gerard asked.

‘When people kiss in movies or books, that means a happily ever after happens.’ Hozzie answered.

‘I hope so.’ Penina said. I smiled as I looked into her sparkling eyes. I kissed her cheek and cuddled her.

‘Does this mean I’m going to be on my own?’ Mia asked sucking her thumb.

‘No Mia, if anything it means you’ve got a new sister.’ Penina answered. Mia ran up to us and climbed in the middle so that we were all cuddling each other. I’ve never loved anyone more. Especially because she’s been so nice to Mia. That’s just the best thing I could ask for. I think we’re boyfriend and girlfriend now, so I’d better expect the unexpected.

Hey guys! I hope you liked this chapter. More importantly, I hope you like Franina, because I'm not going to stop it just because one or two of you are sick of it. I like Frerard, but that pops up everywhere. No one's getting angry that the same people are used there, and that Frank and Gerard aren't original characters... Just saying. So, The Sims 3 Supernatural is good so far. I've made myself as a fairy, and someone a ghost, and someone a witch. Frank was a human, and we were in a different family. We had twins by the time I quit the game last night. It was fun! I need to play as more different beings though! I also need Showtime so I can be a genie, but you know... whatever. Rate and review! XD xx
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