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Learn to Fly

(#) japulapu 2012-11-12

Was I the only one who totally saw the Danny Hazel thing coming from the moment Danny opened the door shirtless? I just knew they were going to end up having sex. They are kind of perfect for each other. In a non-sadistic way, I love how hopeless Gia and Lucas are in this chapter. They're miserable, messed up and perfect for each other. They should get back together. How I love Frank. This reminded me of that interview where the guy asked Gee and Frank whether they had matured as parents, to which Frank replied a definite no, almost as of it were obvious and almost at the same instant, Gerard said yes. It was classic. Yes, this is the same interview in which Gee says Frank and I have babies. But anyway, loved the chapter as usual. Can't wait for the next one.

Author's response

Ah, I was sure I'd made it a bit too obvious XD I guess I was right. Funny thing is, I hadn't thought of HazelXDanny until a few weeks ago. But there it is.

I'm glad you find so much joy in their misery.

I've never seen that interview, only some gifs about the baby thing... I should probably watch it.

Thanks for the review, again :)
Next chapter will be up before Christmas, I promise :D