Review for Cynical Skin

Cynical Skin

(#) Mirazal 2012-11-12

Noooo don't doooo this to meeeee
It's so sweet, but with that looming darkness to it to. And omg GERARD IS THE SWEETEST THING EVER. WHY ARE YOU TAKING MADELYN AWAY NOOOO (well, I guess you can't have a story without conflict, but... the cheesiness was quite enjoyable.) Wow, what an incoherent review.
arisugvjkef thank you for updating! Please update again soon!

Author's response

It is sad. =/ And the super sad parts come later on, where you'll get to see more insight in to her past life and the reason she landed in the mental hospital for protection. It's going to be difficult to write and she is a little crazy because of what happened to her.
He is! I love him in this! :D there will still be cheese, haha.

Well, thank you!