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6- The Clock Strikes Twelve

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Madelyn and Gerard's fairytale date ends, and their reality becomes clear.

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(Gerard’s POV)

I had finally reached the end of the list that Madelyn had given me, but just as I was about to head towards one of the check out stands I paused in distraction. In front of me were several different colored flowers.

Flowers… Hmm. Flowers would be a nice touch to dinner, right? It’d been forever since I’d been on a successful date and generally I went flowerless. Maybe flowers were a necessary touch I’d overlooked all these times.

So I ended up picking out the most colorful bouquet of flowers. Hopefully that would work. Or maybe she liked roses. Girls liked roses. They were rated top something, I’m sure of it- I just couldn’t remember what, or if it was even good.

Thankfully I made it away from the flowers before changing my mind, and it didn’t take long for the cashier to bag my items. She was friendly and noticed the flowers. “Planning a romantic evening?”

I nervously blushed, “Are those flowers popular with girls?”

“Well, I think they are lovely.” She responded. “I’m sure she’ll love them.”

I hoped so, because they had to counteract the awful news I had yet to tell her.

Her brother was taking her home tonight.


(Madelyn’s POV)

“They are beautiful.” I inhaled the flowery scent and smiled “Thank you.”

Gerard flashed a brilliant smile. “I heard somewhere that girls like flowers.”

“You heard right.” I replied, handing them back to him. “You’ll have to find a vase to put them in, and keep them alive for me.”

“That could be a problem.” Gerard admitted, with a blush. “I’m not so good at keeping things alive. In case you haven’t noticed I lack pets.”

“So long as you try I’ll forgive any death on your watch.” I giggled as Gerard suspiciously eyed the flowers.

I started unpacking the groceries from their bags as Gerard searched for a vase. It was silent for a few moments until he spoke up. “I have to tell you something.”

“Okay.” I stopped and gave him my full attention.

Gerard set the flowers in a vase that he had finally found and turned to look at me. “My father called.”

“Is it time for me to go back?”

“Well, er- soon.” Gerard went quiet.

“What’s wrong? We both knew I was going back so that’s not it.” I frowned as I waited.

“Your brother… He- there was nothing my dad could do- he expedited the paperwork for your release and-” Gerard licked his lips and looked anywhere but at me.

“And so now I’m being released in to his care?”

Gerard nodded. “He will be picking you up at 7 tonight.”

“We still have two hours.” I glanced at the clock, forcing my tone to remain light.

Gerard finally looked at me. “I’m so sorry. I don’t know what to do.”

“Well, you could help me cook.” I turned away from him, facing the food that was laid out on the counter. I really had no idea what I was doing.

“Aren’t you upset?”

“Yeah.” I wouldn’t lie about it, but I wouldn’t throw a temper tantrum over it either. “But I’m not really surprised. Safety can only last for so long.”

“We could… we could go to the police.” Gerard offered.

“It’s he said, she said Gerard… and seeing as how I’m a patient in a mental ward my word doesn’t count for much.”

“The bruises prove something happened to you.”

“You’d be surprised how little that matters.” I turned back towards him, running my fingers over his cheek. He had soft smooth skin, and caring eyes. “Do me a favor and stop worrying about things that you can’t change, okay?”

“I can’t promise that.” Gerard muttered.

When I kissed him he seemed to stop worrying though, as he kissed me back.

With a heart like his the world was bound to crush him but I didn’t want to be the reason. My problems were mine- and always would be. I had no intention of leaning on him.


(Gerard’s POV)

“I can barely move.” My entire kitchen still smelled delicious and Madelyn had put away all the left-over’s, meaning I’d eat well for the rest of the week. “That was so good. Are you sure you haven’t done that before?”

“The way it was all slightly burnt didn’t prove that?” Madelyn grinned.

“It was perfect.” I shook my head. “Sometimes things need to be just a little burnt. It gives it extra flavor.”

“It’s 620.” Madelyn softly commented, upon glancing up at the clock.

“Oh, well… er, we should get going, I guess.” I couldn’t make myself sound confident at all. In all honesty I didn’t want to take her anywhere. It was so unfair, and so wrong- and I was legitimately worried for her safety. “If I give you my number… do you think you could try to call me? Otherwise I’ll be worried the whole time.”

“Of course.” Madelyn smiled brightly, but I wasn’t fooled for a second.

She didn’t want this either.
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