Review for The Drugs Make Us Numb; They Don't Keep Us Sane

The Drugs Make Us Numb; They Don't Keep Us Sane

(#) XsadX 2012-11-17

I'm so glad I caught up on this story and that you kept writing! There's so many twists and turns. It's awesome. That whole dream thing was pretty sweet. At least I did live. Haha. Holy shizz! If Rian is pregnant I expect craziness! Especially since dumbass Gerard kidnapped her. He needs a good slap. That's not how you get the ladies, Gee. I love your story. You're doing a superb job. Update soon, my dear. :)

Author's response

It's nice to hear from you again! :D
I'm still going, and trying so freaking hard to kick-start everything. It kind of went dry and I have a lot of groundwork to do to build it back up but there's life left!
Haha, you did!
Yeah, total craziness. It's one fic where pregnancy would really truly fuck things up- cause you can't really kill people then come home and change a diaper.
He does!

Thank you so much!