Review for Scabbed X-Ray Blues

Scabbed X-Ray Blues

(#) CarcinoGeneticist 2012-11-18

...What the devil does 'Fosy' mean?
I'm reviewing this as a go along, so pardon me for any strange statements.

Personally, I don't like the way you've started off. It seems a bit cliched to me, what with the whole "Gerard is an angry/artsy kid who has no friends" diatribe. I mean, it's really overdone, isn't it?
Although, I must admit, you do this incredibly well.
Yes, Gerard is a Woobly sort of Hamlet figure in here, but you've got a good balance of Teen Angst and Pity to make it relatable.
Okay, he's been slitting his wrists. I like the fact that you don't go into Overdetail about it. You don't obsess over it for three essay-worthy paragraphs. That is a good thing.

OOOOHHHH MY GOD I GET IT NOW. He's always alone because he had a bad Break with Frankie and he doesn't really want to get out again.
Mad Props, yo. Well done, you.

There's an awful lot of Gerard-is-gay-and-lonely-until-he-finds-the-right-guy fics on here. However, this one, unlike a lot of them, is actually pretty good. It's actually Very Good.
This is the highest compliment another writer can give:
You, Miss, Can Write.
And you deserve it.

Author's response

It means...Ugh, I don't know how to explain! I'll go get a dictionary and type out the definition for you.

I kind of wanted it to be cliched, but original too, if that makes sense?

Thank you very much, I really appreciate getting such a detailed review- feedback like this is the best. I'm pretty flattered by your compliment, thank you so much!

I look forward to reading your fic- it might take me a little while, 'cause there are several chapters, but I'll review each one as I go along.

Thanks again!