Review for Stay With Me.

Stay With Me.

(#) CosmicZombie 2012-11-19

Oh man, I have goosebumps! That was so sad, but interesting too; I really like how it wasn't the typical suicide thing. I also think the way it was written was original; there was just something about it I really liked. I'd love to read more...will there be another chapter? Thanks for suggesting this, I'm so glad I read it! I'll try read the other story soon, :)

P.S. I reviewed your 'Reviews for Reviews' post before I realised you reviewed mine- please just ignore it :L I look forward to hearing your opinion on one of my stories :3

Author's response

aw thanks man! I really admire you're fics in secret you know :3 haha I will soon! ('cause I've been on my phone the entire weekend), about the next chapter, I've been thinking about it but aren't really inspired idek :L it's been hard specially because i'm concentrating on The Virgin Suicide more than anything, but as soon as I get something will do! :)