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Stay With Me.

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Epilepsy awareness. Sad :frerard:, blank faces, empty voice, I'm the reason, and it's your choice.

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A/N: Hi. This is Victoria and Julian's, about epilepsy awareness. And yup, it is serious. It's passed to be more than just a fic to us. Read, Rate, Review blah blah. Enjoy :3

Stay With Me.

"Well, research suggests that seizure activity in the brain may sometimes cause changes in the person's heartbeat or breathing. Very occasionally this may cause the person to stop breathing and not start again. Which fortunately, wasn't the case. Mr. Way here happened to suffer from various seizures at a determined time without seeming to recover consciousness in between any of them. Which is why I think you did right in calling an ambulance."

Gerard dazed his view around the room momentarily, not wanting to hear the obvious consequences. Truth was, the possibilities for him making it past 20 where out. He would be lucky if he made it to 21, and by that point, he wouldn't even move.

He was only 18.

Frank hadn't been back to visit him for a while... It was just as if he had just dropped him at the hospital and dissapeared from the map. Probably for what he feared to hear as much as Gerard did. Maybe not as much as Gerard because he had always know the moment was going to come, even more since he was diagnosed from epilepsy and informed from the possible risks. But to Gerard, dying, was just like if everyone around you died as well at the same time. He would never see his family again, he would never see Frank... So that was the death of everyone else, in Gerard's own.

He felt empty.
He went numb.

He had suffered 32 seizures over the past 4 hours, nearly cut his tongue off and earned a serious head injury on his temple.

Nothing new, although he still couldn't talk clearly or eat. Everything hurt, as always. And the pounding in his head increased by minute. Even Mikey had been distant from him, probably not wanting to get too attached.

But he already was. They all where, right?

For all those sleepless nights worrying about Gerard, looking after him, holding him while he trashed around violently and uncontrollably.

Random people in white coats came in and out all the time. Face blank. Voice empty.
Familiar faces filled with tears, talking words, their vocal cords closing up with the overflow of emotion. Blinking tears back, feeling sympathy.

Gerard hates it.

But at the end its just Frank and him in the silent hospital room. He's crying too. But hey, at least he came... Perhaps realizing they don't know how much time left there is.
Gerard's staring up at the sealing hearing Frank's sobs muffled against his tattooed hands.

"You're okay... but you're gonna be okay." Frank tries hopelessly to convince him now that they both know it could happen any minute. And no one could do anything about it. Gerard grips weakly at Frank's hand holding his, lacing his cold fingers carefully around. It hurts him to hear how Frank is still trying so hard not to look at reality.

"Will it be okay Frankie?" After all, apparently people have forgotten who really needs comfort. He'd been trying to be strong for people, but there's only so much a person can take.

"Yes of course it will, Gee." Frank blurts out immediately, he almost sounds convinced.

"Like before, when you said it would be okay Frankie? Just like those times..." Frank burst out in tears, crying loudly next to Gerard holding his hand even tightly.

Gerard didn't even look at him. He felt tired, he had to get this over with... All this crying made him tired. He only limited himself to a few tears falling on his smooth cheeks, burning. Of course it wasn't the first time Frank assured he would "be okay".
But he could do something back then...

Hold his head, put him on his side, stroke his hair, shush him, give him medicine, fall asleep with him.

Now, not him, not the doctors, not Mikey...

This also wasn't the first time Gerard was alone in a room full of people. No one was gonna die with him, and it wouldn't make a difference anyway.

Frank couldn't stay in there much longer, neither to watch him fit for the last time. But Gerard's fingers took what was left of his strength to concentrate in squeeze Frank's hand before he left. Frank listened a soft whisper come from his faint lips, a voice he loved, and a request he would not deny.

"Stay with me..."


This is Gerard Way's story.

Gerard was only 18 when he had a sudden death form an epileptic seizure surrounded bu his loved ones.

But this was the moment he had been waiting for since the very first day, after all, we are only born to die.

Would you like to hear the story from the begging? Alright.

Here it goes...


A/N: Enjoyed?. Review, Rate. This does happen people :c anyway, welcome to the first chapter of the story guys:)
-Julian, Victoria xoxxo.
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