Review for Auditions :)

Auditions :)

(#) ReturnFromTheAshes 2012-11-26

Name: Sara Becker


Gender: female

Part: Gerard gf please! ;D


Hair: extends to chest, black full fringe

Eyes(all grim reapers have yellow eyes so like put wide, big, etc): big, lined with black eyeliner

Glasses(grim reapers are very nearsited. Be as crazy as you like with the design): batman shaped!

Complexion: pale, no acne

Body type: skinny but has curves 109lbs

Height: 5'3

Death Scythe(traditional, chainsaw, basically any weapon can be a death scythe so be creative. My best friend said if she became a grim reaper hers would be a spork so ya): Freddy Kruger glove

Clothing: black and red striped long sleeve, black skinny jeans, converse

How they died: jumpped of a building

Personality: likes to joke around, finds alot of things funny, serious when needed to be, does give symbathy to those who deserve it.

Likes: batman, comics, star wars, horror movies, cheesy catch phrases




Anything else: