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Auditions :)

by CyanideSuicide 15 reviews

Who wants to be a Grim Reaper in my new story?

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Yello ficwadians, you may be wondering where I have been for the last 2 months? You aren't, too bad I'll tell you anyways :) I have been learning to play the flute, lame I know but I had four months of learning to get done on my own.

So, anywho I'm going to make a new story and I want you guys to be in it. Basically it's about a girl named Zelda who dies before she's supposed too so she has two options die and go to heaven or become a grim reaper (aka shinigami). Obviously she chooses to be a grim reaper and meets Mikey, Gerard, Ray, and Bob and their girlfriends and becomes friends with them. She gets a crazy transvestite for a mentor who thinks he's a girl and is always crushing on a demon. So naturally she gets a lot of leeway with what she does and meets Frank which isn't a huge issue until he's put on the to die list. (Just so you know this is a comedy so you can make your oc or you very odd they aren't human soo they can hair to their feet, crazy make up, super bright hair colors and split personalities for ex. Zelda is very childish and naive when not working and when she is she's serial killer crazy)

I need:

Ray's gf

Gerard's gf

Mikey's gf

Bob's gf

Crazy transvestite mentor (If you choose this one can you fill out the demon form too please)


Here's the form:







Eyes(all grim reapers have yellow eyes so like put wide, big, etc):

Glasses(grim reapers are very nearsited. Be as crazy as you like with the design):


Body type:


Death Scythe(traditional, chainsaw, basically any weapon can be a death scythe so be creative. My best friend said if she became a grim reaper hers would be a spork so ya):


How they died:






Anything else:

Good luck. I can't wait to read them :)
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