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Here are the results just so you know I go based off of first come first serve but everyone will be in the story it just may not be a big part.

Gerard's gf: ReturnFromTheAshes

Mikey's gf: Mcrroxursox45 (I need what your death scythe is and how you died)

Ray's gf: PartyPoisen

Bob's gf: atomickilljoy

Crazy Transvestite mentor: DanFrancisco

Demon: DanFrancisco

Other Grim Reapers: AshIsNotOnFire's characters (Love your username btw)



If you're one of the other Grim reapers you can choose to be Zelda's Friend you don't make tons of appearances but you get a important part in the end but if you guys don't want to I can just make up a oc.
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