Review for Auditions :)

Auditions :)

(#) Mcrroxursox45 2012-11-26

Hey, Darlin'. How're you doing today? Here's my form!

Here's the form:

Name:Tiara Lamb

Age(20-29): 23

Gender: Female

Part:Gerard or Mikey's girlfriend? Pretty please with a cherry on top?


Hair:Medium length- curly with red highlights

Eyes(all grim reapers have yellow eyes so like put wide, big, etc): Brown

Glasses(grim reapers are very nearsited. Be as crazy as you like with the design): Only reading glasses, and sunglasses

Complexion:A few bumps here and there, but clear for the most part

Body type: Average/athletic (I dance)


Death Scythe(traditional, chainsaw, basically any weapon can be a death scythe so be creative. My best friend said if she became a grim reaper hers would be a spork so ya):

Clothing:Cute clothes. EX. A big cute sweater with skinny jeans and boots, or a tight-ish sweater dress with legging and flats. :) Matching accessories.

How they died:

Personality:Ok, so I joke around a lot, but I'm nice. I have a kind-of short temper, but I'm a hopeless romantic. I will do anything under the sun for someone I love (If it's above the sun it's out of the question. Sorry.) I'm very giggly, and enjoys having a good time.

Likes: Video games, baking, making people happy, the color pink, glitter, wearing cute things, doing my makeup, dancing, texting/talking on the phone, taking pictures, and having alone time with people and decorating.

Dislikes: Being alone, getting hurt both emotionally and physically, failing at something.

Bio(optional): Tiara comes from a family of 4 other kids, and broke parents, so she knows the value of a dollar. She is 23 and dances for a living, and loves her boyfriend with all of her heart, she can tell him anything.

Flaws: I'm hypoglycemic, Sometimes I get quiet and depressed for no reason,big feet because of my height.

Anything else: I LOVE puppies, and doing social things. If I get the part, than whenever Gerard colors his hair, I do it because I'm really good at it.

Thanks so much for this opportunity, and I hope you enjoyed this. Have a awesome night!

Author's response

I just need to know how u died and what your death scythe is and you can be Mikey's gf :)