Review for Auditions :)

Auditions :)

(#) AshIsNotOnFire 2012-11-26

Name: Jarrod Alex Armstronge. Prefers being called Jay though.

Age(20-29) 21

Gender: Female

Part: Ummm... Put Kenneth Nixon in? From Framing Hanley? He's a cutie ;3 either Kenneth, or Frank's gf.


Hair: Black, with red tips, like Jared Leto's old hair. You know, the black and red one, that one. Goes to her ribs, usually tied into a ponytail, or left in a loose plait down her back.

Eyes(all grim reapers have yellow eyes so like put wide, big, etc): Almond-shaped, slightly slanted due to a bit of Chinaman in her past.

Glasses(grim reapers are very nearsited. Be as crazy as you like with the design): Dumbledore glasses :D

Complexion: Slightly tanned. Not golden, but not white.

Body type: Slightly muscled due to gymnastics.

Height: 5"6.

Death Scythe(traditional, chainsaw, basically any weapon can be a death scythe so be creative. My best friend said if she became a grim reaper hers would be a spork so ya): Axe.

Clothing: Dark red/black skinny jeans, tight-fitting black v-necks and dress shirts, with red ties.

How they died: She shot herself as she fell off a building. Suicide.

Personality: Cold. Snappy. Standoffish. Rude. Doesn't like to socialize. She only really talks to Kenneth/Frank and Vlad and Andy.

Likes: Being alone, darkness, rain, the moon, the stars, the night sky.

Dislikes: People who act tough, people who cry, hugs from anyone else than her friends and her boyfriend.

Flaws: If anyone mentions her dead brother, Ryan, or just the name Ryan, she'll burst into tears and run away. She tends to drink away her sorrows.

Anything else: Nope! Well. She has a NBC sleeve on one arm, and a sleeve with all her favorite album covers on the other. (All the ATL albums, Hot Fuss by The Killers, Pablo Honey by Radiohead, Absolution by Muse, STWOF by BVB, yeah.)