Review for Auditions :)

Auditions :)

(#) xxMikeyxx 2012-11-26

Name: Callie Jones

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Part: Mikey's gf please!!!! =D

Hair: Straight bright blue, with a side fringe

Eyes: Kinda round and big

Glasses: Rectangular framed glasses (Think Mikey Way glasses)

Complexion: Really pale cause she doesn't go out during the day. (I'm making her sound like a vampire when shes not supposed to! =S

Body type: Small and skinny

Death scythe: A small curved blade that she keeps inside her boot

Clothing: Wears black straplesw dresses, black leather jackets and knee high black boots.

How they died: Hung herself in her appartment

Personality: Quiet, doesn't like to talk much

Likes: The darkness, walking by herself, loves stars

Dislikes: Being bossed about, being alone for too long
Flaws: If she gets angry she gets REALLY angry

Anything else: Nope I hope this was good enough =)