Review for Auditions :)

Auditions :)

(#) Shayla_boo 2012-11-27

Name: Shayla Becker

Age(20-29) 20

Gender: female

Part: Ray's girlfriend if you don't mind. C:


Hair: short, choppy, pin-straight emerald green hair in two ponytails with a small fringe

Eyes(all grim reapers have yellow eyes so like put wide, big, etc): wide neon-ish hazel eyes that glow slightly in the dark

Glasses(grim reapers are very nearsited. Be as crazy as you like with the design): Thick hipster-ish black ones but I don't like them so whenever I meet new people I'm always hiding them and then I'm blind haha!

Complexion: a bit of acne but just one or two on my chin

Body type: skinny

Height: tall

Death Scythe(traditional, chainsaw, basically any weapon can be a death scythe so be creative. My best friend said if she became a grim reaper hers would be a spork so ya): A metal pole sharpened at the end

Clothing: ankle-length Uggs, green skinnies, a Domo t-shirt, a Domo keychain, a yellow bandana around my neck, colorful rubber bracelets

How they died: I got in an elevator accident. The elevator malfunctioned and fell.

Personality: energetic, a bit impatient, sweet when I want to be, humorous, snarky, can come off as rude at first, outgoing, a hopeless romantic, the peacekeeper

Likes: sparkly things, dinosaurs, photography, playing the drums, playing with Ray's fro, Sharpie-ing anything in my sight, pulling pranks

Dislikes: Being alone, not being with Ray, heights


Flaws: I'm very impatient and always pulling crazy stunts

Anything else: I have asthma