Review for Leave Britney Alone

Leave Britney Alone

(#) nerds_assemble 2012-12-07

I am so confused right now...but, shouldn't this site be used for stories and not random rants?

Author's response

The 'rant' was not random at the time, also you didn't have to read it if you didn't want to. You made the choice to waste your own time.

1) The description made it fairly obvious that this is a 'rant'.

2) The word count was also an indicator that you could possibly be wasting you ever so valuable time.

3) Also if you'd payed attention this was originally posted AGES ago, just changing the title. As the title annoyed me.

4) Why waste even more time to leave a 'review'? You could have been reading a story, you know, thats what the site is for. :)