Review for Leave Britney Alone

Leave Britney Alone

(#) Sam41 2012-12-07

Um okay then
1) People probablt weren't ganging up on you;thats probably blown way out of proportion
2) COOL, you support a troll, whoop-de-godammed-do; I support BVB even though I get called emo cause of it; it's life
3) If you don't let what people say bother you, you'll be golden

Author's response

1) I posted thia forever ago, i just changed the title because the one before annoyed me. I don't care and I don't remember what this post even is. I just took the title and modifide it.

2) They were ganging up on the so called troll as well as myself. Stories were made in which we were tortured and killed, not blown out of proportion.

3) I was never really cared much about it and I still don't. People can hate all they want. (I love BVB) I really don't give a ratstooth. Like I said this post is old news. Just changed the title.