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Leave Britney Alone

(#) Mirazal 2012-12-08

Hi. I'm gonna comment. Yay.

So I got in this site fairly recently, and apparently I missed out on the infamous TiffanyRose. Who was she? What kind of things did she say?
I kinda just wanna know.

Aww, dude, you totally just need a hug. -hugs you-

My first official opinion: I think if this TiffanyRose character was the troll everyone said she was, then she shouldn't have been on here in the first place, annoying everyone. But I think it's okay for you to back her up. Everyone has opinions. (And people shouldn't have written those torture fics, that's... so wrong.)

I think I'm sleep deprived. Hrrm. Bye.

-gives another hug-

Author's response

Yay comments :) HI

She was just this girl, a misunderstood female with minor issues. The first thing she did that got everyone all riled up was made a list of fics that she thought sucked then called herself the 'Queen of Ficwad'. I agreed with her on a lot of the fics on the list and just supported her for speaking her mind, whereas I didn't. Kind of just played along with that queen part in a joking manor.

Everybody sort of just ganged up on her and I felt the need to be that one person to support her. You know? Then she made more post similar to that and everyone was just hating on her and she was dissing back and it was just a huge shit storm that I wanted nothing apart of. She disappeared shortly after all that.

Then she came back and apologized. So I was like see I said she was a good person. Then she took the apology back literally said 'fuck you' and just went around trolling. Then I really wanted nothing to do with it.

Everyone was still ganging up on her. It was like Tiffany vs the world so I made another sort of joking post voicing my support. Tiffany than made a post out to her supporters which I really didn't agree with at all. Thats about the time everyone started not just making rant posts about her but stories of like torture. To the extent of actual bullying. Then she just disappeared again.

Then some other trolled showed up after that.
Now you are in the know -hugs- I love hugs. Yay :).

She was a troll and I didn't agree with her a lot of the time, but everyone needs someone and as far as ficwad goes, she had no one. I just couldn't watch everyone gang up on her.

Have nice sleep.