Review for Leave Britney Alone

Leave Britney Alone

(#) AshIsNotOnFire 2012-12-08

Tiffany was horrible to everyone, though. She told me on my old account that I can't write and should give up. Recently, I was told I could be a published novelist. She bullied my friend Hozzie into leaving for a while. I've read your author's responses, and yes, everyone needs someone on their side, but in an extreme case, you should've sided with us to show her exactly what she was doing. In conclusion:

1) Ganging up on her wasn't trolling, it was us defending ourselves.

2) "Misunderstood female with minor issues"?! She knew exactly what she was doing, she saw the effects, and she didn't just have minor issues. She had MAJOR issues. And that's coming from the chick with MPD.

3) If Tiffany had made good points, it would've been okay to side with her. I remember some of the titles on her list of shit authors, and now they're some of the best authors here. So, yeah.

Toodle-ooo. Yeah, that's meant to sound sarcastic as fuck.