Review for Auditions for another Christmas story...

Auditions for another Christmas story...

(#) atomickilljoy 2012-12-09

Change Jen's age to 25, please!

Name: Jude Bryar

Nickname: J

Age: 5

Hair- black, short, a bit floppy
Eyes- hazel
Skin- very light brown

What you want for Christmas: a guitar and comics

Fears: his family getting hurt, Ryan Reynolds

Ten facts about yourself:

1. He's half Mexican

2. He's protective over his little sister

3. He rarely ever gets angry

4. He loves being the comedic one

5. He always obeys his mom

6. He hates getting his mom angry

7. He hates seeing his mom or sister cry

8. He's very loving

9. His mom always sang "Dear Prudence" by The Beatles to Prudence, so he learned the song and sings it to Prudence whenever she's upset and his mom isn't around.

10. He loves it when his mom sings "Hey Jude" by The Beatles to him.