Review for The 9 Month After Party

The 9 Month After Party

(#) Poppana 2012-12-12

Uh, Frank? No, that is NOT how it is to have kids. They aren't all cute, they don't just play quietly with dolls. I repeat: THAT IS NOT WHAT IT IS LIKE. Seems like Frank needs someone to bring him back to the ground... :D He's all, oh this is going to be awesome, that he's just gonna play with the kid and they'll be one big happy family, but no, there will be crying, fighting, money problems, and then they'll start arguing about the dishes and BOOM DIVORCE OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE and the kid is going to have to choose which parent s/he wants to live with and only see the other parent once a month because they live across the country, and soon both parents will remarry and have more kids and suddenly s/he won't even matter anymore, so s/he'll become depressed and become a drug addict and DIE A HORRIBLE, PAINFUL DEATH ON SOME DIRTY ALLEY BECAUSE THEY GOT AN INFECTION FROM A DIRTY DRUG NEEDLE. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT FRANK? THAT'S WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN! NOW GO PUT ON A CONDOM AND STAPLE IT TO YOUR DICK SO THERE WILL BE NO MORE ACCIDENTS. True story.

Oh, did I ramble again?

Sorry about that.

I like this story, I really do :) But I do think that Frank is taking it all a bit too lightly. Seems he's more worried about how his girlfriend is going to react rather than about how exactly he's going to be able to afford all those diapers.

Babies are expensive. Trust me.

Author's response

Whoa! A little much maybe? Haha. But, if he staples it to his dick, that will cause pain and holes which will enable the sperm to get through. You're logic is terrible! Haha.

Yeah, but don't worry. I like your rambles. They're entertaining. Haha.

Haha. He's a teenager. Let him have this one. Haha. Don't worry, there will be a heavy talk about money soon. :D xx