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Band Practice

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Sometimes, you just need to lose yourself in the music.

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Frank's P.O.V

The next day at school, I completely ignored everyone. Even Jen. She just thought I was having a bad day. Mikey and Gerard carried on giving my sympathetic looks, Penina wasn’t at school, and everyone else was just confused. But, that night we had band practice after school, and I love it. We go to Ray’s house because it has everything we need there. Even a spare guitar for me. I went there straight away and just started playing. I didn’t care about what the others wanted me to do. I just needed to get lost in the music I was playing. Everything is getting too much.

‘Frank?’ Ray asked. I grunted showing that I was listening, but it was obvious I wasn’t, so he unplugged the guitar.

‘Hey!’ I shouted in anger.

‘Well, we’ve been talking to you for ages, and you haven’t said one word.’ Ray argued.

‘So? I have a lot going on right now. Maybe I just wanted to play. Why is that so bad?’ I asked angrily.

‘Well, we all really want that record deal, so we need to practice as much as we can. We could become successful and have millions listening to us all over the world.’ Ray said. I rolled my eyes causing Ray to sigh. ‘I’m going to get some snacks.’ He said. As soon as he left, Mikey and Gerard started asking me questions.

‘Dude. What the hell happened last night?’ Gerard asked.

‘What do you think happened? Penina’s having my baby. She was going to have an abortion, but I think I convinced her out of it. I want this kid guys. It’s crazy. Her mum only just found out I’m the father yesterday, but apart from that, no one knows. Barely anyone even knows she’s pregnant. I haven’t even told my parents yet. What are they gonna say? They’re gonna hate me. I know it.’ I rambled.

‘So, you want to have the baby?’ Mikey asked trying to confirm the situation.

‘Of course I do. Whatever comes out of there is mine, and I love the baby so much already. I’m just scared. I can’t even imagine how Penina must be feeling.’ I answered.

‘You’re having a baby with Penina?’ Ray asked in shock, spilling some of the juice everywhere. Crap.

‘Okay, yes, I am. But you have to shut up. All of you. You can’t even tell Penina that you know.’ I answered. I then explained everything to all of the guys, except from the kiss with Penina.

‘It’s always been your dream to have her kids though.’ Gerard said.

‘What?’ I asked in confusion. ‘No it hasn’t.’

‘Oh come on Frank. It’s obvious you fancied her since you pinned her down in year one and asked her for her apple. The only reason why she gave it to you is because she didn’t want it. Since then, you’ve been trying to get her to give you the most important thing to her.’ Mikey said.

‘Which is that special place in her heart reserved for the man she’ll love one day.’ Ray concluded.

‘Or woman if that’s what she’s into, but I doubt it is seeing as she’s in this position.’ Gerard said. I groaned.

‘It was a drunken mistake. That’s all. Do I wish it hadn’t happened? No, not really. It was kind of awesome, but I wish it didn’t happen too. I didn’t want to cheat on Jen. I didn’t want to be put in this position, and I definitely didn’t want to ruin the relationship Penina and I have.’ I said.

‘You just want it to progress. We all know why you’re really with Jen.’ Gerard said. I groaned.

‘Can you shut up about it?’ I asked angrily.

‘Fine, but you said that you wanted this kid, so, you’re going to have to have enough money to raise it…’ Mikey said.

‘Not an it. Boy or girl. Human being.’ I told him reflecting Penina’s words from yesterday.

‘Okay then, you’re going to need enough money to raise him or her, so you’re going to need a job, and right now, being in this band is your best bet. We’re almost signed to Eyeball Records Frank, you can’t just throw it away. We’re going to be uncles. I can’t wait.’ Mikey said. I rolled my eyes.

‘Fine, but I’m not in the mood to practice today. Can we do it tomorrow?’ I asked. Everyone agreed and I walked home.

‘Frank, you were home late yesterday.’ Mum said as soon as I walked in the door.

‘I know. I was with Penina. I thought I told you that.’ I told her.

‘Yes, you did, but I also know that it’s a lie. I spoke to Jen yesterday and she asked where you were. She said she wanted to talk to you. Of course I told her where you said you were, but she told me that Penina said she was busy.’ She said. I groaned.

‘Fine, I was with Gerard and Mikey because we’re all worried about Penina. She hasn’t been herself lately. When I’m ready to tell you what it is, I will. I promise mum. It’s nothing to worry about.’ I said. She just shook her head and I walked to my room. I saw my little sister, Mia, in there playing dolls. I smiled. I’m going to have my own kid. I hope the baby turns out to be like Mia. I love her.

‘Hi Mia. What are you doing?’ I asked.

‘Making a family to live in your guitar.’ She answered. Oh god. My acoustic.

‘Mia, no. Don’t put things in my guitar.’ I said. I shook it, and heard loads of plastic things in there. I groaned. I managed to shake most of them out.

‘Frank, mum said you came home at about 10 o’clock yesterday. Why were you out so late?’ She asked.

‘A lot of reasons Mia. You’ll find them out soon though, I promise.’ I answered while trying to get a few more unnecessary bits out of my guitar.

‘Were you drinking lots of wine?’ She asked. Mia seems to think that the only alcohol is wine, therefore, the only thing you can get drunk from. I shook my head.

‘No. I was with Penina. We were hanging out.’ I answered.

‘Was she drinking wine?’ She asked. I giggled.

‘No Mia. There was definitely no alcohol involved.’ I said.

‘I like Penina. Why can’t she come over more? I promise I won’t put water in her shoes.’

‘I’ll invite her round soon okay? But, for now, it’s time for me to go to sleep because I’m exhausted. Night Mia.’ I said giving her a hug.

‘Goodnight Frank.’ She said skipping out of the room. I smiled. If that’s what having a kid is like, then you can sign me up for it any day.

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