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Baby Names

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Deciding what to name a child is the second hardest decision to make.

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Penina's P.O.V

Hayley, no. Sarah, no. Gertrude? Fuck no. I decided to call Frank. He picked up after three rings.

‘Hello?’ He greeted. I checked the time. Crap.

‘Sorry. Did I wake you?’ I asked.

‘Penina. Oh my god! Is the baby coming?’ He asked in shock.

‘No Frank. What’s wrong with you? I’m still in my first trimester.’ I answered.

‘Oh, then what do you need?’ He asked sounding more awake.

‘It’s the names Frank. What the hell am I going to call this kid? There are so many names, and I can’t find one that I like.’ I said.

’Penina, we have ages to figure that out.’ He said yawning.

‘I know, but I want to stop referring to him or her as him or her, or the baby, or anything else. I just want a name already.’ I told him.

’Can’t we do it tomorrow?’ He asked.

‘Fine, but I can’t get over it. Can you come over to my house tomorrow? In fact, can you sleep over? I’m bored and lonely.’ I asked.

‘Sure I will. I need to tell my mum that I will first. Oh, and I need to visit Ai.’ He told me. Aislinne Iero is Frank’s older sister. She lives with her boyfriend, Alex.

‘Tell her hi for me.’ I said.

’Penina, can I tell her about this? I mean, I need to tell her or I’m going to explode.’ He asked.

‘Fine. But make sure she doesn’t tell anyone. Including Alex.’ I warned.

’I won’t. I promise. Goodnight Penina. I love you.’ He said.

‘I love you too.’ I said before hanging up. I checked the time. It was really late. I think I needed some sleep too, so as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was put in a nice, dreamless sleep. I woke up early the next morning because this baby is taking a toll on my gag reflex. I was in the middle of throwing up when someone held my hair out the way and stroked my back soothingly.

‘It’s okay. I’m here.’ Frank said. If I could’ve, I would’ve gasped. Once I was finished, I wiped my mouth and flushed the toilet. Then I turned around to Frank.

‘What the hell are you doing here? You scared me.’ I said. He shrugged.

‘It’s a long story. But, I’m not going to school today, so I thought I could spend some time with you. Your mum let me in, but she gave me loads of dirty looks whenever I breathed.’ He said. I gave him a quick hug before brushing my teeth. When I spat it out, I took Frank’s hand and walked to my room. I then got out my laptop and started searching baby name sites.

‘So, do you think we’ll have a boy or a girl?’ I asked.

‘I think we’ll have a Tyrannosaurus Rex.’ He joked. I just rolled my eyes and made him sit next to me.

‘Seriously though. I can’t find a good name. So just tell me what you think the sex of the baby will be, and we can just name this thing.’ I said. He shrugged.

‘A girl? I don’t know.’ He said taking some chocolate from my bedside table.

‘Okay then. Thanks for that enthusiasm.’ I said sarcastically.

‘No need to get so mean.’ He said, sticking his tongue out at me before eating a minstrel.

‘Stop eating my chocolate.’ I said before sticking my tongue out. He then kissed me, leaving the chocolaty taste on my tongue making me smile. He’s the best person to father my baby, but he still hasn’t broken up with Jen. I hate that. I feel like a home wrecker.

‘How about Shayla? I kinda like that name.’ Frank said. I smiled.

‘I do too. Damn you Frank. How come you can think of a good name, but I can’t and neither can my computer?’ I asked resting my head on his shoulder.

‘Shayla and I can communicate telepathically.’ He joked. I hit his shoulder lightly. We both giggled. He then put my computer on the floor, ran his fingers through my hair, and pulled our heads closer so he could kiss me. He pushed my head to the pillow and straddled me. He leant down and kissed me gently. I moaned into his mouth and wrapped my arms around his neck. There was a knock on the door so we pulled back immediately, but that didn’t stop my mum managing to see the last few seconds.

‘For crying out loud. I’m going out for a few hours. I need to get some things. I swear to god, if I find out you two have been up to anything, I will castrate you.’ She said pointing to Frank.

‘Mum, leave him the hell alone. He’s the father of my baby, and you liked him before you found out about this, so you should just calm down.’ I argued.

‘I don’t care. He had sex with you. He’s ruined your life, so I’ll make it my job to ruin his.’ She said. I began crying.

‘Leave him alone.’ I said firmly. She just scoffed and left the room. Frank hugged me.

‘I love you. Thank you for defending my honour.’ He said kissing my cheek.

‘Thank you for being amazing.’ I said. I then sighed. ‘Frank, mum’s not angry at you, just the situation, and she’s taking it out on you. She says that if by the time Shayla’s one, and you haven’t done anything to pay for her, she’s kicking me out.’ I confessed. He hugged me and stroked my hair.

‘I will though. I promise. In fact, later today I need to go and practice with the band. We think we’re going to get signed to Eyeball Records. We’ll make money for our baby. I promise you. I’ll do whatever it takes to give Shayla the best life. I promise.’ He told me. He kissed me again, but not as roughly. We then went downstairs and he made me breakfast.

‘So, why did you skip school today?’ I asked.

‘To be honest, I’m scared of facing Jen. I told my mum that I just couldn’t face going in, and I finally got her to accept that I wasn’t, so I went to your house straight after. Penina, will you be there when I tell my mum?’ He asked looking over at me from stirring the pancake batter. I smiled at him and kissed his cheek.

‘Of course I will.’ I said giving him a hug from behind. It’s crazy that in a few days, I was actually excited to have the baby. I love Frank. I don’t know why I was terrified before. If he’s going to be there like he says he will, then everything that I thought would go wrong would at least seem better. I just need Jen to find out, and I need her to be okay with it. I love Jen. She’s honestly a wonderful person, but I love Frank so much, and I have for so much longer, and now we’re having a baby together. I need him in my life more than she does. Besides, there’s a guy in the year above that seems to have a crush on her. I think his name is Bob. I think she secretly likes him too. Maybe everything will work out. I hope it does anyway.

Hi guys! Is anyone else terrified about tumblr? It says it's non existent basically. I'm scared. Someone save it. Get David Karp!!! GAHH! Haha. Anyway, I promise the next chapter will be more exciting, but I hope this chapter will suffice. Haha. I hope you liked it. Rate and review and get Frank in my bedroom naked. Haha. :D xx
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